Why do people move from Tennessee to Texas?

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Maybe you are wondering: “Why do people move from Tennessee to Texas a lot these days?” The answer is somewhat simple. Texas is gaining a lot of attention nowadays. People from all around the state, especially Tennessee, are relocating to Texas more than ever. Considering all the beauty and benefits Texas offers, it is not surprising that people hire Spyder Moving and Storage to relocate them to Lone Star State. From its beautiful weather, growing economy, and exciting lifestyle, Texas attracts more than 15 000 new residents each year. If you are planning a move from TN to TX, maybe you should first educate yourself about the most important aspects of your relocation and then start organizing your journey.

Moving from Tennessee to Texas- is it a good idea?

Living in Texas can be an exciting and rewarding experience, with a diverse range of communities and vibrant cities to explore. However, in 2019, more people considered moving from Texas to Tennessee, mostly because of the low costs of living, safe communities, and plenty of sports and activities to do. Things changed, though. So, in recent years, Texas has continued to attract people with its unique city life and the wonderful urban landscape of Dallas, Houston, and Austin. The Lone Star State is not only one of the fastest-growing states in the country but also the second-largest state in terms of population and land area. Therefore, the saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is almost completely accurate.

A couple packing their boxes and thinking: "Why do people move from Tennessee to Texas"
Moving to Texas is always an exciting experience, but leaving Tennessee is not an easy decision to make

Tennessee is becoming more expensive

Although Texas is much bigger than Tennessee, it is interesting that prices have gone up in TN recently. This is especially obvious in terms of rent. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is much higher in Tennessee than in Texas, and the same goes for houses and apartments in and outside the city. On the other hand, a 3-bedroom apartment is much more pricey in Texas. Moreover, consumer prices are 9.6 % lower in Dallas, TX, than in Nashville, TN. You need $ 4,520.20 to maintain a decent standard of living in Texas, while the number is higher in Tennessee, and it is $ 4,800.00. Considering this, it would be wise to do thorough research about the cost in both places before actually hiring some of Texas long distance movers to relocate you there.

Why do people move from Tennessee to Texas? Because taxes are low!

Another significant factor that is driving more people from Tennessee to Texas is the tax issue. Unlike Tennessee, where a tax rate is 9.95 %, Texas has the fifth-lowest tax burden of 6.25 %. Moreover, Texas is the only state that doesn’t have an income tax. As a result, residents can spend more time shopping around, supporting local businesses, or even opening their own. The only drawback of moving to Texas regarding finances is that the property tax is higher than in Tennessee. However, this doesn’t stop new residents from leaving all the moving tasks to state to state movers Texas offers and enjoying their shopping tours in big cities around TX instead.

Papers for paying taxes
Why do people move from Tennessee to Texas? Because it is the only state that doesn’t charge an income tax

People are drawn to Texas’ unique culture and hospitality

Both states offer great culture and value traditional customs and beliefs. However, Texas has made a strong mark in the history of the United States, which draws a lot of potential new residents who want to live it up and feel it. With its unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures and a variety of unique neighborhoods to choose from, Texas is ranked as one of the best places to live and work. Whether you want to live in a big city or experience the beauty of wildflowers, mountain ranges, and uncharted desert land, Texas has it all. And while movers in Texas relocate plenty of people to Lone Star State, Tennessee is welcoming new residents too. With its diverse culture and a mixture of English, Irish, and African-American people, Tennessee is definitely worth exploring.

Texas and Tennessee are safe countries

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. The good news is that both Texas and Tennessee offer an abundance of peaceful and secure locations to enjoy life. When we compare the two states, Texas comes out on top. It is ranked 37th in the nation for overall safety and has a lower property crime and violent crime rate than Tennessee, which is ranked 45th. Some of the safest cities in Texas are Frisco, Fairview, Bellaire, Highland Village, Fair Oaks Ranch, and many others. Tennessee also provides families with plenty of safe communities for a living, some of which are Spring Hill, Brentwood, Oakland, and Atoka.

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Texas is a safe state. People are not as worried about their safety as before due to new laws and regulations

Living in Texas surely has its pros and cons

People are moving to Texas from Tennessee for many reasons. Texas is a unique place, and living there surely has its pros and cons. People are drawn to the state’s vibrant communities, beautiful parks, and great barbecues. The state experienced the highest increase in population in 2020 when plenty of residents in Tennessee flocked to Texas because of the low costs of living. Even though people complained about the country’s intensifying traffic, low wages, and extremely hot summer, the state of Texas is still gaining popularity. The numerous cultural events and outdoor activities will keep you active and engaged in the community. Whether you move for work or looking for a fresh start, Texas is the right choice.

Moving from Tennessee to Texas can be an exciting experience!

Each move is unique and brings plenty of excitement and challenges. But why do people move from Tennessee to Texas? Although both Tennessee and Texas offer a lot of benefits, Lone Star State is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you leave Tennessee because of higher costs of living and taxes or higher crime rates, you will not regret it. Texas is a unique blend of cultures and traditions. Therefore, you will never get bored there. Choose one place in the state and hop on a journey toward a brighter future.