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Why Spyder?

When there is a professional service available for just about every task under the sun, it’s easy to see why people aren’t always leaping at the opportunity to hire experts for a job they could do themselves. Everyone knows professionals make things easier, but there just isn’t enough money to hire them for every little thing.

The Difficulties of DIY Moving

The term “residential moving” is a tricky one, because it varies so much in size and scope. A residential move could ostensibly be as simple as a bachelor moving from one small apartment to the other — or it could be a large family moving from one mansion to another, along with their sizable collection of furniture and possessions. In residential moving, there are big jobs, small jobs, and everything in between.

With that being said, there are a few struggles that are generally consistent among residential moves. Here are some of the challenges you’re likely to face if you attempt a residential moving job by yourself.

Organization and Packing

One of the biggest frustrations of a move is the endless packing and sorting that happens beforehand. You not only have to move all of your things to your new home, you need to make sure that they’re all stowed away — and in a way where they won’t break. It can take forever!

Unfortunately, for some folks, there’s only so much they can do by themselves. Some people struggle with health and mobility, and aren’t able to pack a lot of their things without assistance. Some people just aren’t physically able to do it — many items, after all, are much heavier than the average person can lift alone.

For a lot of people, packing and unpacking is the worst part of a move. We can sympathize with this — it’s a job that can feel absolutely endless!

How Spyder Moving Company Can Help

  • We Can Help Pack Loose Items: There are almost no moves where there aren’t at least some items that still haven’t properly been packed. We usually improvise in these situations, finding storage solutions on the fly. If you have a lot of loose items, we’ll help to pack them into appropriate containers. All you have to do is ask!
  • We Know How to Pack Things Securely: The world champions of Tetris have nothing on us. We’ve done so many moving jobs that we know exactly how to pack things in a way where they’re tight, secure, and ready for the ride ahead. In DIY moving jobs, items often break because people don’t know the nature of how items will shift around in the truck relative to each other. There’s a lot of minutia in packing things securely and efficiently, and we’ve learned it all through years of experience.

Moving Furniture

When people consider the prospect of hiring moving companies, this is often the first and foremost reason that comes to mind. And it’s easy to see why — furniture is often the most difficult part of a moving job, and in most occasions, it’s something that you cannot do by yourself.

The problem with furniture, though, is that it goes beyond just you. Many people elect to recruit friends and family for moving jobs, but if they’re inexperienced in moving large objects, they could be in danger of major accidents. People often overestimate their strength, and if one person’s finger slips in the wrong context, it could cause a fatality at worst, and a major injury at best.

Let’s just say, if you’re moving a heavy armoire down a flight of stairs, you don’t want to be relying on the strength of your fifteen-year-old nephew.

How Spyder Moving Company Can Help

  • An Able-Bodied Team: Moving is what we do for a living. While this is a job that’s extremely taxing for most, our team members have adapted from years of experience, and their bodies are prepared for the heavy lifting. This is not an attempt to brag or boast — just a simple acknowledgment that moving jobs require strength, and we make sure to hire people who are physically fit for the job.
  • Adequate Equipment: DIY movers often get themselves into trouble by trying to do certain tasks by hand instead of relying on equipment that’s much better suited for the job. Large, wooden, heavy objects are an example of this. A large shelf or an armoire is much more easily moved when you have a reliable hand truck or dolly, along with straps you can trust. There’s working hard and then there’s working smart — we like to do both at Spyder.


Even if the rest of the moving job goes off perfectly without a hitch, there’s still a problem that many DIY movers run into — not having enough space. You can bet that, unless you’ve rented a moving truck, you’ll be deliberating over whose SUVs and trucks to load, and which Sedans can fit the most junk in their trunk. In many occasions, it won’t even be enough and you’ll find yourself coordinating plans for multiple trips.

It’s easy to fit a lot of junk into an apartment or house, but it’s not quite as easy getting it all onto the road. That’s where we come in.

How Spyder Moving Services Can Help

  • Full-Size Moving Truck: When you call Spyder Moving Company, you’re not only getting our qualified team of movers, you’re also getting our massive, 26-foot long moving truck. This beast can fit the entire load of most moving jobs, and to make things even easier, we’ll be driving it, so you don’t have to stress about wrecking a behemoth vehicle with all your stuff inside.
  • Efficient Packers: As we mentioned above, we have years of experience packing, so in addition to providing a lot of space with our truck, we also know the best ways to arrange boxes in relation to furniture in order to create a combination that makes the most efficient use of the limited space that’s available.


One of the biggest letdowns of a DIY moving job is that it just takes forever. This is a bummer for a few reasons — first off, most people don’t want to be doing manual labor all day. Secondly, the longer the job takes, the more likely it is for support from friends or family to drop off. Most people’s hearts are in the right place, but sometimes people can’t commit to the entire duration of a lengthy move.

It’s only natural to want the move to go as quickly as possible, especially because you’ll be spending hours, days, or weeks afterward unpacking everything and setting up your new home.

How Spyder Moving Services Can Help

  • Quick and Efficient: Our team has handled so many moving jobs in the Mississippi and Tennessee area that we know how to get things done as quickly as possible. You won’t find us sitting and twiddling our thumbs when you hire us for a commercial or residential moving job. We’re there to make your experience as streamlined as it can be.
  • Punctuality: When you call Spyder Moving Services, the only person who can delay the process is yourself, because we sure won’t. We will arrive at the time agreed upon in our initial consultations, and not a second later. If you’ve ever had a moving job where your helpers show up late and throw everything off, you probably already know how important punctuality is in this kind of job.

Commercial Moving Solutions

Residential moving jobs aren’t the only thing that our professional movers help with. We also assist in larger scale commercial moves, which can be much more daunting in nature.

The good news is, just like with residential moving, there is a host of benefits you gain from calling the professionals. Here are some common problems associated with commercial moves, and what you stand to gain by calling our moving company.

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly: One of the biggest challenges of commercial moves is that they typically involve moving large pieces of furniture en masse. From chairs to desks, everything must go to the new location. We provide furniture disassembly services — and we also help to put everything back together at the new location.
  • Custom Packing For Precious Cargo: Every business has its own unique collection of assets, some of which are highly valuable and/or fragile. We provide custom packing for said items, to ensure that they’re handled securely and delicately. And by that, we don’t just mean “we’ll put it in a fancy box.” For every precious item, we will create a custom storage solution that’s uniquely tailored to its needs.
  • Setting Up the Office: One thing that a commercial moving job desperately needs is manpower. It’s one thing to move a family and their belongings, but it’s another entirely to move an entire office where hundreds of people could work. You’re going to need all the help you can get, and that’s why we offer the service of sticking around and helping you to put all your furniture into place at your new office. Commercial moves need to be resolved as quickly as possible so that business can continue, so don’t be afraid to ask for our help!

Areas We Serve

If you’re convinced by now that you absolutely need the assistance of moving services, you’re going to want to make sure you fall within our area of service. Ultimately, we’re fairly flexible with this, and if you don’t see your location in the following list, we urge you to contact us and ask if we’d be able to travel to your area.

Although most of our business occurs within Hattiesburg and Oxford, we quite often move people to other states and have even made our way into Memphis and other areas of southern Tennessee, Colorado and Texas! Find below a complete list of areas we serve.

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In addition to residential and commercial moving, we also provide specialized services if you’re a student, or if you’re moving out of state. No matter what your situation is, we’re sure we’ll have a solution. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!