Why are people moving from TX

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Most of the statistics say that people are very eagerly moving into Texas. More than 500,000 people have moved to Texas. On the other hand, Census data states that there are still 435,000 to 471,000 people moving from TX to another state. Were you to follow this trend, having a reliable moving company like Spyder Moving and Storage TX by your side will be of big help. So why exactly would you choose to relocate from Texas? Well, luckily, we’re here to answer your question. Let’s dive into some facts about why are people moving from TX.

The extreme heat can be unbearable

It’s not that hard to realize that Texas has seen very high temperatures during summer. The summers in this state are quite muggy and hot. Let’s not even talk about the lowlands and the Gulf Coast, where the temperature tends to be even higher. To be more precise, the temperatures vary from 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during summer (30 to 32.2 degrees Celsius). This means people are not really enjoying their summer vacations most of the time, but rather worrying about how they are going to live through another insanely hot day. This is surely one of the biggest reasons why people are moving from TX.

A Texan desert with cactuses, might be a good argument to why are people moving from TX
The scorching heat of Texas might not be for everyone, but sometimes it truly is just hard to endure.

Although the weather here is perfect for frequent barbeques, you are going to really regret it if you don’t get an AC after moving into Texas. In actuality, Texas is the fourth-hottest state in The United States. This also entails that, if you are a fan of snow, you won’t be seeing much of it in TX. The temperature during winter is an average high below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). If you happen to be one of the people that want to experience snow more often, looking into reliable interstate moving companies Texas and leaving might not be a bad idea.

Job opportunities are another reason why are people moving from TX

One of the biggest reasons why are people moving from Texas is its poor job opportunities. According to a study done by a nonprofit organization, Oxfam America, Texas is one of the worst states in the USA for workers. Interestingly enough, Texas is the state with the most job quitters, rounding up to 439,000 people quitting their jobs in September 2021. This might be your reason for looking into some Texas long distance movers and leaving the state.

An interviewer congratulating the interviewee for getting the job.
Accepting a good job opportunity is always a good idea, so who could blame someone for leaving Texas for a job?

How exactly does this ranking system work, though? Well, the nonprofit organization looked at the wages, worker protections, and the rights to organize. Speaking of which, the worker protections in Texas do offer equal pay to different genders and races, but they don’t really follow the other criteria the studies focused on (no paid leave and no accommodations for pregnant workers f.e.).

Moving on, the minimum wage covers only 20% of the costs that you expect from a family with four members. If you aren’t able to handle the basic expenses, you would probably leave the state yourself too. So seems like there are plenty of good reasons why are people moving from TX. Finally, the organizing rights, in TX are pretty poor in terms of this topic. So seems like even though Texas has a great job market, it is hiding some worrisome problems. You can find more information on this study exploring the official Oxfam study

Bad Transportation System

Imagine if you don’t own a car and the only way you can travel to work is using the buses and trains. Well, next to the fact that that’s pretty tiring in itself, Texas won’t be of help either. The transportation seems to be pretty off, and not really getting better. Word is that after the pandemic, public transportation got even worse. That might be why people are choosing to move from Texas. People say buses are often early (which definitely shouldn’t be happening), so you can’t exactly get from one point to another clearly.

This can be a very big pain, especially if you are forced to travel often. People also mentioned that you can’t, in any way, signal the bus driver that they want to get on the bus from the station. On top of all that, the buses don’t operate 24 hours during the day. Meaning you sometimes just really won’t be able to even consider catching a bus. So if you had a long night out and you want to get home, but it’s too late to think about that, there are no buses at this hour. Pretty annoying, isn’t it?

Why are people moving from Texas? Life changes also play a part

If you’re thinking about moving out of your childhood home or moving in with your significant other to a new place, this can also be reason enough why are people moving from TX. You can never know where life will take you. While this reason is most definitely not a downside to the state, it’s just as viable as all others.

What are the places where people move from Texas?

So we’ve gotten through the reasons why are people moving from Texas, but where are they moving from? Let’s dive right into those statistics:

  • California – no matter where you’re moving from, California is always a popular destination. With a booming 37,063 people moving from Texas to California, it’s evident that Texans agree.
  • Colorado – Just under California, Colorado is the second most common choice for Texans to move to, with 32,295 moving from TX to Colorado in 2019.
  • Oklahoma – Citizens of Texas seem to love Oklahoma since a whopping 26,383 Texans moved there in 2019.
  • Mississippi – Not so high up on the scale, but almost 5,000 people from Texas have decided on moving from Texas to Mississippi without second thoughts.
The Rio De Grande River in Texas
Texas may be full of extravagant views and great opportunities, but sometimes change is inevitable.


Once you’ve seen why are people moving from TX for yourself, you can decide whether this is a step in the right direction for you. From our experience, Texans are rather proud of their state. Meaning that it’s pretty hard to get a true Texan to leave their birthplace. Remember, there are still plenty of people choosing to move to Texas. It is, actually, one of the most moved-into states in the country. So are you a proud Texan or are you thinking about leaving for another place that suits you better? There’s no shame in choosing to live somewhere else. Either way, the best of luck with whichever option you choose.