When should you tip your movers?

If you hired a moving company for your relocation, maybe you are wondering should you tip your movers. Moving is a very complicated process. The kind of process that you cannot go through without professional help. Your movers will pack your belongings, load them carefully into a moving truck, transport, unload and unpack. And all of that will happen without you lifting a finger. But, not all movers are the same. Some might damage your belongings, or they could be late. Some might even try to charge you more. And those situations have become so common that just have to show some appreciation if you avoid those problems. Of course, you are not obliged to tip your movers Tupelo MS, even if they deliver your items in perfect condition and on time.

However, if after your move you feel satisfied, then a sensible thing would be to show some gratitude. Especially because you know how many reckless and irresponsible movers there are on the market.

Money prepared to tip your movers
You do not have to tip your movers

Tipping your movers is not mandatory

As mentioned above, you don’t have to tip your movers. On the other hand, you also do not have to tip a waiter at the restaurant or a bartender, but you still do it without much thought. Of course, you will not tip if the service was bad. And, it is the same with movers. If you feel satisfied with their overall service than you should definitely tip your residential movers. If you feel that they weren’t trying hard enough, or they were sloppy, one of the ways to show your displeasure is to ignore the tip at the farewell. Even though the tipping is not mandatory, it is certainly expected. And when someone doesn’t tip it usually means he wasn’t satisfied with the service.

There are many factors deciding whether to tip your movers and how much

There are many factors that you should consider when you are thinking about whether to tip your local movers MS and how much. It is not the same if you are moving just down the street and moving across the state. If you are moving to Mississippi from Florida for example, you are probably into a several thousand worths a move. And local moves are worth a couple of hundred, depending on the required services. Of course, no one is expecting that movers will have the same tip for both of those moves. But still, you have to have some calculations. On the other hand, you may hire your movers only for transportation, or you could hire a full-service relocation. Besides those obvious factors, there are more things to consider. What to do if your movers were late, but after performed a perfect job?

Tipping a mover
Learn how much to tip your movers

How much to tip your movers

When deciding how much to tip your local movers TN, there are many things to consider but there are some general guidelines regarding tipping movers. While the tip of 15-20% is a standard in some other trades, it is not the case in the moving industry. Here you can show your gratitude with many reasonable amounts. For example, if you are just hiring movers to come and pick up your already packed items, a tip of $20 per mover will be considered a fair deal. For long-distance moves, you can stretch a little bit more, considering the length of your move, invested effort, and overall satisfaction. But depending on your budget a tip of $30-$50 per mover is usually enough.

What to consider when you are thinking whether to tip your movers

Unfortunately, things are so straightforward with relocations. The job of a moving company is partitioned in a few different segments. And maybe you will have a complaint only to one segment of their work. If they were a few hours late, for example, but besides did a very good job. You can decide to tip them anyway but you can choose a smaller amount. On the other hand, maybe your movers showed outstandingly. Especially if there were some difficulties along the way, like bad weather or difficult maneuvering. In that case, you should definitely tip more than you would in normal circumstances.

Factors that you should take into consideration when you are thinking about whether to tip and how much

Truck on the road
Length of your move is a significant factor
  • Length of your move. You will not tip you, movers, the same when you are moving locally or across the state.
  • Complications during the move. Every relocation is different, and if your mover had to carry your heavy furniture up or down five flights of stairs, just because you do not have an elevator in your building. Or they had to carry your items an extra mile on foot because they couldn’t park a truck near your building.
  • Weather conditions are sometimes the only problem that your movers have to face. It is not an easy task to carry heavy furniture while you are slowly cooking. Or during snowy and icy conditions.
  • Overall satisfaction with their provided service is, in the end, the only factor that should be decisive.

When not to tip your movers

Of course, sometimes it is ok not to tip your movers. And it is very easy to know when not to tip. First, think about how you feel. If you feel unsatisfied, even if there is nothing concrete that you can complain about, it is ok not to tip.

On the other hand, one of the most annoying things that your movers could do is to be late without a good explanation. Of course, you should accept their apologies in the case of bad weather conditions or a traffic jam, for example.

Maybe your movers arrived on time, but they were sloppy, rude and disrespectful. You will know what to do in that case.

One of the worst things that your movers could do is damage your belongings. In that case, you should ask them to tip you. Of course, that is a joke, but damaging your belongings is the best way for movers to leave your new home without a tip in their pockets.

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