When should you delay the moving process?

The moving process, by itself, is rather complicated. There needs to be a plan in order for any move and delaying that plan can be dangerous. However, there are times when it is necessary to delay the moving process. You should not travel while injured or sick, as any Mississippi moving company can tell you. You also need to take note of any important events, bad weather and so on. Yes, there are times when you need to delay your relocation. And thus, we present to you:

Good Reasons To Delay The Moving Process

These are not the only good reasons out there but they cover pretty much all the bases. If you are wondering whether you should delay or not, use this list as a guide:

  • Injuries and Sickness
  • Delay The Moving Process If The Weather Is Bad
  • Important Events
  • Better Offer
  • Unsolved Business

Injuries and Sickness

You really do not want to be going through with your move if you or anyone from your family gets an injury or gets sick. This is a perfectly valid reason not to go through with the relocation plan and to postpone it for later. For example, Hattiesburg movers even advise a full 8 hours of sleep before the move day, not to speak anything about any injuries! Bottom line is if you have an injury, do not start the move process, delay it!

Aid band on fingers
If you are injured, you should delay until you are perfectly fit!

Delay The Moving Process If The Weather Is Bad

Weather can be a critical factor in relocations. If there is a sudden thunderstorm near your area, do you really wish to risk everything just so you can stick to the schedule? Of course not. If weather conditions are way below acceptable, it is fine to delay. While you need not wait for that perfect weather to come around, you do not wish to relocate in hazardous circumstances. When the weather is bad, visibility is often low. And, as any transport truck driver can tell you, there is almost nothing worse than bad visibility. Be careful of fog, for that reason. Never start your relocation if there is a heavy fog around. While it might not look dangerous at the beginning, heavy fog can obscure as much as 95% of your vision.

The same goes for random heavy rainfall or snow. While it is alright to be moving during a rainstorm, it is better to delay if it is unexpected.

If there is lightning whipping the earth, perhaps delay is the best option?

Important Events

Another cause for the delay can be events that are either important on a global scale or important to you. If we are talking about global events that you simply cannot miss, such as a home-team season-deciding game or the brand new episode of your favorite show, then it is perfectly fine to delay the move. The rule of thumb here is: if you will never ever get a chance to witness that event, it is worth delaying your move for. Obviously, the new episode does not really cut it as a move-delaying important event but the game does.

Perhaps your kids have something that they consider important, as well. Make sure to check with everyone if they have something that they absolutely can’t miss. While delaying the move process is stressful and can be a bit costly, missing out on a unique event can be way worse. People can hold grudges for a long time, even family. So try to please everyone and see if there are any events that you absolutely need to delay your move for.

Better Offer

A great reason to delay your moving process can simply be a better offer. Before you start moving and sign all the necessary paperwork, there is still time for you to search for better offers. You have already laid the groundwork so why not search for more offers? If you do end up receiving a better one than you currently have, you might want to consider whether delaying is worth your while. You need to carefully analyze the pros and cons of doing this. Also, you might want to double, or even triple-check any new offers that might seem better. Are they offering the same services? Do I need all of these services? Is there anything else? And so on. Oh, and make sure to get a binding moving estimate, in either way.

Also, give your original movers a chance to match the new offer. While many movers will not be doing price matching, they might be willing to cut down on some services and provide you a better deal. Negotiating with movers, as with anyone, can be seen as a form of art. Why not try your hand in it?

supermarket deals
We all love better deals. If you have a deal worth delaying your move, go for it!

Unsolved Business Can Delay The Moving Process

If you have any business that is yet to be solved, you might want to consider delaying the move. It is really difficult to finish business in one state from another. Even if you are moving locally, you will need to take extra time to finish whatever you need. However, if your business can simply be solved by a few phone calls or the like, then you don’t really need to delay anything. Basically, if relocation makes your business really hard to solve then you need to delay. Simple as that.

How to hire a reliable moving company

Hiring a good and reliable moving company can make all the difference in the world when it comes to delays. While it all depends on the specific case, in most cases the company will do everything in its power to accommodate your wishes. One way you can get to one of these great companies is simply by checking out customer reviews online. Happy and satisfied customer reviews will speak volumes about the capability of the company.

All in all, if you want to delay the moving process then you need to have a good reason. Not to say that any reason that we did not list is not valid but if you have another reason, compare it to the ones listed and see if it measures up.

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