When should you confront your movers?

Moving companies exist to help people move more easily. However, everyone has heard stories about problems caused by movers.  So, one of your main concerns when preparing for a move is to find a professional and reliable moving company. Like movers Jackson MS, for example. That is the best way to avoid getting in a situation where you have to confront your movers. However, sometimes you could have problems even with the best movers. Of course, a moving company will also want to avoid a dispute. But if the damage has been made, you will probably need to confront them. Here are some of the situations when you should step up.

Make sure that you do your part of the deal correctly

When there is a relocation going on, both sides have certain obligations and responsibilities. You just need to make sure that you do your part of the deal correctly. That way you will be in a better position to ask for justice. If your movers do not fill out their part of the job properly. Talk to your residential movers before the process begins and make sure that you gather all the information regarding your responsibilities.

reading moving contract
Make sure that you know all about your moving responsibilities.

Movers’ responsibilities

As far as your moving company’s responsibilities, it depends on the services you required. But generally, they are obliged to:

  • Arrive at your home with an appropriate vehicle at the scheduled time.
  • If you hired packing and unpacking services, they need to pack your items safely and quickly. In quality packing materials.
  • Load your items properly into a moving truck.
  • Deliver your items undamaged and on time.
  • Unpack and place them to their position
  • Clean the leftovers

Confront your movers if they are late

One of the most common problems that people have with irresponsible moving companies is when the moving crew is late for the loading. That happens all the time. And it has become some sort of unwritten rule. But even though, people usually disregard this, it can cause many problems that will finally increase the cost of the entire process. That is why it is always advisable to confront your movers when they are late. And to ask that they acknowledge this when they calculate your price. Also, it can happen that they arrive with an unsuitable vehicle. That is also a big problem and it is up to your movers to fix it.

Wrist watch
It is common for the movers to be late. Confront them if they are

Make sure that the packing crew is doing their job properly

Packing is the most difficult part of the moving process. That is why more and more people are hiring professional packing and unpacking services. If you decided to skip the packing process, and hired professionals to do it, you would expect them to meet certain standards.

The packing crew should pack your items quickly. They should give special care to the fragile, sensitive and valuable items. Of course, they have to use quality packing materials. And they have to label everything. If you think that some of these things are not being done properly, confront your movers. And try to fix things while there is still time.

Make sure that the truck is loaded securely

Be present while they are loading the moving truck. There are a few rules that they have to follow in order to avoid damage to your items while in transport. First, you do not want the truck that is too big for your moving inventory. It would be ideal to hire a truck that would be full when you load it.

If the truck is too big, your items could move while on the road. And that is how they will get damaged. Second, you need to make sure where you put the boxes with fragile items. And not to put anything heavy on top of them. Watch how your movers do it and intervene if necessary.

Confront your movers if they are late on the delivery

Sometimes, your movers could be late on the delivery. That is also a common situation. Of course, sometimes they could have a proper reason for being late. And it is civilized to forgive it those situations. Especially if they are only a few hours late.

On the other hand, more extreme situations are when they are unexplainably late. Or even just do not show up. Of course, that will require a certain action on your side. To confront them and ask for an explanation.

Be present when they start unpacking your items

When they deliver your items, your first task is to check if everything is there and in good shape. Use your moving inventory list to count the number of boxes and individual items. If you notice that some boxes are damaged, open them and check their contents.

Also, be present while they are unpacking your items. You will have to give them directions on where to place your stuff. But also to pay attention to the condition of your items as they start coming out of the boxes. If you notice that some items are missing or damaged, confront your movers and ask to make a report about it immediately.

Pile of boxes
Be present when the unpacking process starts

If they do not clean after unpacking, confront your movers

Finally, after the unpacking process, your movers will have to pick up all the leftovers. There will be many papers, plastic wraps, packing tapes. If you hire them to unpack your stuff, they need to clean after themselves. Confront them politely if they try to skip this. And ask them to finish the job.

As you can see there are many situations in which you could confront your movers. If you want to avoid those situations, make sure that you hire reliable professionals.  Tennessee long distance movers have no history of complaints. And are your best choice if you are moving to Tennessee. Call and schedule your move today.

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