When is the best time to move to Texas?

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Moving is something that everyone does at least once in their lifetime. If you are an average American, you will likely move more than 10 times in total. Those will be a lot of plans made, boxes packed and homes changed. With so many people moving every day, the moving industry is a very well-developed one in the USA. But would you believe that this industry has a seasonal character? 80% of all the moves in the USA happen during summer, but is this the best time to hire Spyder Moving and Storage? Let’s see when is the best time to move to Texas.

What should you pay attention to when planning the time of your move?

Timing is important, even during a move. Choosing a certain season will bring benefits and bad sides to it, and you just need to pick one that suits your situation. Most people follow the trend and choose summer, but it is sometimes good to venture off the beaten path. Our state to state movers Texas are busy all the time, so you need to make your decisions as early as a few months in advance. Some things you should pay attention to when deciding when is the best time to move to Texas are the:

  • Prices
  • Temperatures
  • Unique schedules
Picture of a woman investigating when is the best time to move to Texas
You need to keep many things in mind when deciding when to move

Prices are an important consideration

High demand results in high prices, and this is the case in the moving industry during summer. Everyone wants to use both their and their kid’s free time, so they naturally choose the warmest months to move. Movers take advantage of this, and they increase their prices by 20-30% during summer. But even with high prices, reputable long distance moving companies in Texas are always fully booked from June to September. If summer is your choice, book your move well in advance to secure your date and possibly get an early booking discount.

If you are thinking about when is the best time to move to Texas – think about the temperatures

Summer in Texas can get brutal, with average temperatures at 81 degrees Fahrenheit, worthy of being called the warmest US state. Whatever places that you are moving between, pay attention to the daily temperatures. Extreme heat and cold and both uncomfortable to work in – especially the heavy labor that is required when moving. All of the best movers in Texas can work in heat and cold, but even for them, it is more enjoyable to work in less extreme temperatures.

Unique schedules

Sometimes you cannot decide when you will move. But if you can, then you should try to do it when you have free time, but this shouldn’t be the deciding factor. If you have the chance to have a relaxing summer break with your family then you shouldn’t waste it on moving when there are movers who can help you do this. They will do everything for you while you spend well-deserved quality time with your loved ones.

Picture of a person making a schedule
When deciding when is the best time to move to Texas, keep your schedule in mind

So, when is the best time to move to Texas?

Taking everything into consideration when choosing when is the best time to move to Texas, our answer would be winter time. Compared to other states, Texas has mild winter temperatures with an average of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is also the least popular time to move due to the holiday season, so you might get a moving estimate for an even lower price than expected. All in all, aside from needing thick clothes and gloves, you will be good to go!