What to pack last on moving day

Are you starting to get ready for your relocation? Regardless of how far away you are moving, there are challenges to every relocation process that will take a lot of your time and effort. And packing is the number one time-consuming task that comes with moving. Packing can go on for days or even weeks, and most likely you’ll be feeling like you are never going to finish it. But you won’t have a reason to worry about it with our packing and unpacking services. All you need is to rely on us and you won’t need a better moving plan. Perhaps we can even help you with some packing guidelines like what you should pack last on moving day. Or for any of your valuables that you’d like to pack yourself. So what should you save for last on moving day? Read on to find out.

A box in an empty room
Once you clear out your way by doing the pre-packing, you’ll find the rest of the chores much easier to handle.

Do everything you can to avoid last-minute packing

Before we move on to the list of household goods you should pack last on moving day, you first take this advice. Even paying a little extra and hiring one of the reliable moving companies in Mississippi might save your entire move. Packing is a serious project that takes a lot of preparation and valuable time. Therefore, you should start making a moving checklist and plan to start packing well in advance. If you consider our advice, you will be confident and relaxed during your moving day. You won’t rush, feeling pressured, running around in panic and all stressed-out. There are plenty of items in every household that you can store or prepare for moving many weeks in advance.

These will, of course, be all the items you don’t use on an everyday basis:

  • Seasonal clothes – but feel free to include here all of the clothes you won’t be using until you move
  • Most of your kids’ toys – they won’t miss them anyway
  • Any items that you have been keeping in your garage or basement
  • Your passport is one of the things you should pack last on moving day, especially during an interstate relocation

There are also items you shouldn’t pack last on moving day

When it comes to packing, the essential step is to keep the process efficient. Try to avoid last-minute packing at all costs. The better you perform at packing, the higher your chances for a seamless relocation. Surely, hiring reputable movers helps a lot, especially if you start feeling overwhelmed looking at the piles of your belongings. So, if you want to keep things running smoothly and safely during the relocation, leave anything heavy, bulky or hefty to your movers to pack last on moving day. Also, never pack your fragile and delicate items such as glassware or moving artwork last. Breakables require complete focus and time and you shouldn’t pack them last on moving day. You must try to avoid packing them in a hurry.

Items to pack last on moving day

Of course there will be some items that you are not going to need until the very last moment of the moving day to Tennessee. These are your everyday goods. Because these are the simple things that you need and use every day, packing them before moving day would create a mess for you. So, what are those essential items you should pack last on moving day?

Use this cardboard box full of styrophoam balls for items you'll pack last on moving day
Professionals are trained to do a perfectly safe job of transferring your items to your new address.

1. Your moving day clothes

You’ll need an outfit to put on during and more importantly after the moving day. Once your professionals at Spyder Moving have finished transporting and unloading your belongings to your next destination, you’ll need to unpack and unwind. Not to mention you have some serious work of setting up your new home. Having a set of clothes to change into will definitely be refreshing. So remember to set aside a change of outfit to pack last on your moving day

2. Personal essentials you use on a daily basis

These items include your phone, its charger, and your personal laptop or tablet, whatever of the electronics you often use. Save these until the last minute of your relocation. So, these will be the essentials you want to pack last on moving day. And even then, don’t put them in the moving truck, but take them with you in your car or on the airplane. This list would not be complete without your wallet and personal documents. These should be on you at all times as you might need them at any time throughout the relocation. We advise you to also keep your birth certificate and passport in a special case, especially if you are moving interstate.

3. Cleaning kit

After all the boxes are on the moving truck, if you want or need to clean your old home keep a cleaning kit on hand. It’s just good karma to leave a clean home for the people who’ll be moving in. So leaving a cleaning kit to pack last on moving day will make things easier for you and the next residents. After cleaning, stuff the rugs and brushes in a plastic bag and you’ll be ready to go. You can even set aside two kits if you need to do some initial cleaning in your new home to make your first days more pleasant.

Man sitting in an epmty room after packing
Packing is a complicated process that takes a lot of careful planning

As you can see, there is a variety of household items that you can pack last on moving day. Also relying on professional help means you don’t have to rush things during the moving process. Call Spyder Moving experts to perform swift and safe services, and take your time to think about what belongings you want to pack last and which can be packed well in advance. We can work together on your smooth relocation!

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