What to look for in a storage facility?

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You may be in the process of moving house or organizing your home. If that is so, you are just realizing how many things you actually have. Over time, we tend to accumulate things. And, suddenly we could realize we are running out of space. Whether you are moving or just want to do some cleaning and organizing, you will need to find a good storage unit for your things. Finding a good storage facility is not difficult when you know what to look for. To help you in your search, we at Spyder Moving Services have created this useful guide on what to look for in a storage facility.

What should you know before getting a storage facility?

First of all, you should know there are different sizes and types of storage units. So, you should start by determining how much storage space you will need. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can ask the Senatobia MS movers for assistance. Professional movers have lots of experience with packing and storing, and they can provide invaluable advice. Also, you should know that you will need to purchase insurance for the whole time your items will be in storage. Also, the storage facilities could differ greatly in terms of cost. So, you should ask for a few estimates before choosing a unit. Here are a few more things to know before renting a storage facility.

Professional movers know what to look for in a storage facility
Professional movers can help you figure out what to look for in a storage facility

Things you can and cannot store in a storage facility

Of course, you can place your old clothes, furniture, and other household items in storage without any issues. However, there are certain things that you are not allowed to store:

  • Volatile or flammable materials
  • Perishable items and food
  • Living things
  • Firearms and explosives
  • High-value items.

You can always ask the best local movers Oxford MS has to help you when you are choosing items for storage.

How is the cost of the storage unit determined?

The cost of renting a storage unit depends on several factors that you should take into consideration. The first one is the size of the unit. Normally, bigger units cost more, so you should choose the size carefully. Also, the cost depends on how long you will be needing the unit. When planning to store your things, you should do it in the most cost-efficient way. Do not let the items sit in storage for longer than they need to. Instead, make a solid moving or organizing plan. This will help you stay on top of things and you will not waste any time or money.

Some tips on what to look for in a storage facility

It can be challenging to know what to look for in a storage facility. As we have mentioned, there are several things to take into account when choosing a storage facility. In addition to what we said above, there are a few important points to consider as well.

Numbered storage units
When choosing a storage unit, make sure it is secure

Safety and security

Before selecting a storage unit, inquire about the security measures that are in place. This is especially important if you will be storing valuable items. When selecting a storage unit, consider investing in a secure one. Things to look for are security cameras, high-quality locks, and gated entrances to the facilities. In addition, ask the storage provider whether you will have to purchase a lock for the unit or if they provide one. If they provide you with the locks, remember to ask if they give you all the copies of the key or if they keep one. Also, find out who will have access to your things if they keep a copy of the key.

Availability and accessibility

The next thing to confirm is that the storage facility offers the type and size of unit you will need. If you already have an idea of the number or volume of things you will be storing, you can roughly guess the size of the unit. Remember, it is always a better idea to go slightly bigger than smaller. If the unit is too small, you will not be able to organize it well. You could be forced to stack things on top of another, and then you will not be able to reach certain items you may need. Also, make sure the storage company offers 24 hr access to your unit. You may never know when you will need something, so this is a very important point to keep in mind.

Location and pricing

If you are moving to Oxford and are strapped for time, then look for a storage facility closer to your home. This will save you valuable time when transporting things back and forth. In addition, the price always plays an important role when choosing a storage unit. Even though the cost does not determine the quality, you should shop around before choosing your unit. Also, check out the company’s website as they may be offering a short-term deal. Recently, companies also offer web-only or mobile-only discounts, so keep that in mind as well.

Man giving four-star review
Always check the middle-of-the-road reviews

Customer reviews

Another thing to check out on the company’s website is the testimonials or reviews. Here, you can find out about the storage facilities and the company straight from the people who have dealt with them in the past. Companies always try to portray themselves in the best possible light, but reviews are honest and unbiased. Here, we should point out that you should be careful when checking the reviews. Be wary of “black-and-white” reviews, or reviews that talk about only positive or negative things because they could be fake. When reading reviews, look for the ones that talk about both the positive and negative sides of the facility and company as they tend to be the most trustworthy.

As we have seen, there are many things to consider when choosing a storage unit. You should know what type of things you can store, how to find out if the unit is safe, and how to make sure the customer reviews are not fake. No matter if you need storage space because you are moving or redecorating your home, make sure you have the right storage unit. Hopefully, you will know what to look for in a storage facility after reading our useful guide.