What to do while movers are working?

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Moving from one place to another is a stressful event. Everyone does it at some point, while others do it more than once. It is well known that hiring professionals like some Mississippi movers will make the process significantly easier. They will do all the packing and lifting for you. Since they will do all the important (and difficult) parts of moving for you, should you be doing something? While it’s not mandatory, you can also do something while movers are working. We will give you some options in the article below.

What can you do while movers are working?

Even though you can sit back and relax while movers are working, you could use that time to do something useful. Truth be told, even if you try to relax you won’t be able to because you know that you will have things to do. While some residential movers work, you could:

  • Offer refreshments and snacks
  • Take care of your kids and pets
  • Clean
  • Avoid telling them what to do

    Picture of cookies on a plate
    Don’t forget to offer snacks

Offer refreshments and snacks

You can show your movers that you appreciate them by offering something to drink and eat. Moving is heavy work and they will probably get hungry and thirsty. You don’t have to offer anything luxurious and fancy, cold drinks and sandwiches are usually enough. The beverages should depend on the weather though since you will most likely offer a hot drink instead of a cold one in the winter. If you hire some packing and unpacking services you can even move in the winter, believe it or not.

Take care of your kids and pets

As much as you can, keep your kids and pets away from where the movers are working. Both are curious beings, and curiosity can harm the cat in this case. Your best option would be to have someone else take care of your kids during moving day. When it comes to pets, you can put them in a separate room while some long distance movers take care of your move. Just done forget to leave them food, water, and some toys to keep them entertained. Moving is stressful for your kids and pets, so try to understand their point of view.


Why would you come back more times to your old home when you can finish everything on the go? While your movers are doing their part, you can clean the rooms that they finished. You can also do this before they arrive, but depending on the weather, you might need to do it again. This also needs to be done in your new home, so you have plenty of options to choose from if you want to clean.

Man carrying a green sofa through the door
Avoid telling your movers what to do

Avoid telling them what to do

Imagine that you are a professional at doing something and someone that hired you for your skills and knowledge tells you what to do. Pretty annoying isn’t it? Don’t be this person. Let them do what they do best, move your belongings to a new home. You can tell them what goes where, but avoid telling them something that they know.

While movers are working, you will have plenty of things to do, only if you have the motivation to do it. Get a good night’s rest to feel productive and be ready for the big moving day. We wish you a smooth relocation!