What to do a week before moving day

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With only one week left before moving day, you’re probably feeling a little stressed, a little excited, or very impatient. It’s possible that you’re running on very little sleep, so don’t pack the coffee maker just yet. It’s always one of the essentials that long distance movers recommend you take with you in your car. Don’t worry we have a full guide, so make sure you follow it step-by-step and you will have a smooth relocation!

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Make sure you take care of all your banking before you relocate. In particular, if you’re moving to another state or a new country and you’re moving banks.

Remember to pack an essentials box

  • Firstly, pack a box with clothes and toiletries you’ll need for the first few nights in your new home. Everyone in your family should have their own essentials box with all the basic necessities.
  • Secondly, now that everyone in your family has their own essentials box, pack a separate box or two with stuff for your whole family. Clearly label this box or put it in your car to ensure the movers don’t pack it with the rest of your stuff. You should include some of the items on this list in it. Such as toilet paper, contact lenses, pet food, medication, and your bed sheets and pajamas.

A week before moving day, pay the bills and close the accounts

If you’re moving over a longer distance, you should cancel your utilities or transfer them to your new address one week before moving day. If you’re closing accounts, make sure that you have paid everything, and the service cut off dates are confirmed. You don’t want to be charged for utilities after your move out date.

Prepare items in your garage and shed

One week before moving day is the time to get your tools and gardening supplies ready to move. Which means you will be draining your lawnmower, power tools, and anything else motorized of fuel. Most moving companies won’t move or store anything flammable. That is why it is your duty to ensure you’ve properly disposed of anything that isn’t safe to move. Make sure you cover all the steps: get tools ready to move by covering any sharp blades.

Confirm the movers one week prior to moving day

Call the moving company you’ve hired to confirm their arrival times and parking strategies one week prior to your relocation. Remember that you should go over all arrangements to ensure everything is on track. This is also the best way to prevent being surprised by extra moving fees.

Three meals
At the beginning of the week, figure out a simple meal plan. Decide what or where you’ll eat the night before your move and each night in between.

Time to finish the packing!

Whatever you have left to pack, make sure you do it by the end of this week. Don’t leave too much packing for the last day because you’ll be busy enough with last-minute chores and tasks, such as cleaning up and streamlining the moving process. Clearly label all boxes and make sure you’ve designated a place for each one.