What should you pack first when moving?

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Moving won’t be so hard if you don’t have to pack. Packing takes so much time and energy. For this reason, you should seek help from Memphis moving service to help you with packing. However, if you can’t afford it, that’s still is not the problem. You can have a relatively smooth packing if you know where to begin and how to proceed. For this reason, you shouldn’t just one day decide to start packing your belongings without any order. You will only get lost in the process and end up in a mess. For this reason, you should first make a packing plan and then proceed to start packing your belongings. Also, it might not seem like it, but it’s important what room you should pack first when moving. For this reason, here is what you need to pack first when moving.  

You should do house inventory before you decide what to pack first when moving  

You probably have a ton of belongings, some you even might not remember. It’s not very hard to accumulate a large number of items with so many alluring ads that pop up in almost every corner. The advertising these days are on the other level that you can’t even resist buying something you don’t actually need. For this reason, you should do the inventory of all your belongings before packing. This way, you will know how many belongings you own so moving companies in Tennessee can give you a better estimate.  

person writing down things to pack first when moving
You should make an inventory of your items

After you do inventory, the next step is to declutter. You should declutter items that you don’t use, items that are damaged or broken, or simply old. Inventory and declutter are important steps before your Tennessee long distance moving companies do the estimate.  

Which room should be packed first?  

After you have done inventory and declutter, it’s time for packing. You should start packing the room that you barely use. These rooms are usually storage and unoccupied rooms. This way, you won’t have to trip over packing supplies while you do your daily chores. Additionally, you will finish more quickly and have more energy to continue packing the rest of your belongings. It’s the same case if you hire packing services Memphis. After these rooms, you should continue with the following

  • Out-of-season clothes  
  • Chine  
  • Decorations  
  • Books  

    green walls
    Start packing from the least used rooms

However, if you are the type who does the hardest things first, then you should start packing the room that considers hardest to pack. The bathroom and kitchen are usually rooms that are hardest to pack. However, if you pack kitchen at the beginning of your move then you won’t have where to cook until you come to the new place.  

What should you leave for the last to pack?  

Non-essential items are the ones you should pack first when moving. Non-essential items are books, decoration, artwork, extra linens, towels, etc. On the other hand, items like kitchenware, bathroom items, clothes in season should be last to pack. In conclusion, you should pack the first items that you don’t need for daily life.