What room to unpack first after moving?

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Moving is such an exhausting process. You need to prepare everything, organize, pack everything, and unpack and it takes time and energy. But that is not all. When you arrive at your new home you need to unpack everything and place all the furniture where you need it. If you can’t do it all yourself because of lack of the skills or lack of time you can contact some of the movers Memphis TN has to offer and let them handle the work. If you prefer to do it yourself here is what you should unpack first after moving.

Clean everything first

This is really important. You should not start unpacking your belongings before you clean the house. Moving is exhausting and you only want to get over with that but do the little effort and clean it. At least you can clean the places where your massive furniture items or kitchen appliances are going to be placed. You can use some paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, and a broom. You don’t want dirt in your new home. If you really do not have time you can find some professional cleaning help. It will be an extra expense but you will have a clean home and you can start with unpacking as soon as you arrive at your destination.

cleaning before unpacking first after moving
Make sure you clean everything before unpacking your belongings.

What room to unpack first after moving

When you have your house cleaned it is time to unpack your belongings. Maybe it would not be bad to make a list of tasks, what you should do first:

  • check the inventory list that you have made while packing your belongings, and if all the boxes have arrived
  • place each box in the room where it belongs
  •  to make a plan of a room that you are going to unpack first after moving

After the moving truck arrives with your belongings it is crucial to check an inventory list. Go through the list and check if everything has arrived. Then you can start unloading the truck. Or the team of the moving company Germantown TN you decided to choose will do it for you. It all depends on your agreement with the moving company.

the room you should unpack first after moving is the kitchen
Unpack your kitchen first and plug in your appliances.

Be strategic when placing the boxes. Place all the boxes in the room where do you need them. Make sure that when you start unpacking, you finish one room and then start with another. You will just make a confusion if you randomly unpack the boxes. You should start by unpacking the kitchen first. Plug in all the appliances, make sure that they work properly. You will surely be hungry and exhausted when you arrive. So after unpacking the kitchen you can start unpacking the bedroom. After all of this, you will need to rest first.

Here are some tips and suggestions for what room to unpack first after moving. It is your choice but you should think about what is your priority after the relocation and what you will be needing first, that will help you decide for sure. The moving company you choose can help you with the entire moving process, packing, and unpacking. Good luck with the unpacking!