What is life like in Cordova?

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When moving, there will be a lot of decisions to make. Whether or not to hire movers, when to start packing, etc. But one of the decisions that will impact your future the most is the place that you will choose to move to. Even if you plan to stay within the borders of the USA, you will have numerous places to choose from. Even staying within Tennessee will give you 346 municipalities to choose from, and it won’t be an easy decision to make. But taking into consideration this state’s population growth which placed it as the 7th highest, you can see that there are reasons to move to Tennessee. If you are looking for a small, quiet suburb, you’re in the right place. In the following article, Spyder Moving and Storage will give you info on what is life like in Cordova.

Why choose Cordova?

Cordova is categorized as a community in Shelby County, Tennessee. But thanks to its proximity to the center of Memphis, some people refer to it as a suburb of this city. Its relaxed vibe dates back to Cordova’s beginnings, as a farming community with the motto of farms, flowers, and fellowship. Today, Cordova is still the spacious, green place that it once was, but with many more fun and entertainment opportunities than back in the day. Many people decide to become part of this community, even more now thanks to the new migration trends that the pandemic introduced – small towns and villages over big cities. Our movers in Tennessee have been very busy, so book your date early! If that is the trend you follow, then you should learn what is life like in Cordova.

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Cordova has a relaxed vibe thanks to its mixed, friendly community

The people of Cordova are diverse and friendly

Close to 69,000 people call Cordova home, and the population is quite the mix of nationalities and races:

  1. 50% Caucasians
  2. 37% African Americans
  3. 7% Hispanic
  4. 3% Asian

You can see people from all over the world hire residential movers in favor of this community. Wherever you come from, you will feel at home in no time. The hospitality and friendliness of the people will also speed up this process, as you will make friends in no time.

Cordova has a good work-to-life balance

This community has evolved far from its farming era, and nowadays you can find some big companies in the area. If you are worried about finding a job, keep in mind that there are always vacant job positions in Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Hilton hotel, the University of Memphis, and Nike. Taking this into consideration, you can see that the main industries in the area are healthcare, tourism, hospitality, education, and retail. As numerous as the opportunities are, always try to find a job before hiring Cordova movers to relocate here. The housing and living costs might be below the national average, but so is the median household income. And the nationwide price increase of 6.4% ain’t making the situation any easier.

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If you are wondering about what is life like in Cordova, just imagine a peaceful place outside of the big city crowds

So, what is life like in Cordova?

To conclude the answer to the question of what is life like in Cordova – its motto describes it to a tee – farms, flowers, and fellowship. It is a community of people who appreciate life outside of big urban areas, the same as in Cordova’s beginnings. Many people here go back to gardening and dedicate their time to nature, especially after realizing how fragile the chain of supply is. If you decide to move, we wish you good luck and easy relocation to this great community.