What are the risks of hiring moving brokers

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People move all the time and usually in a hurry. Simply because relocation is incredibly hard to organize without a single moving mishap. Sometimes it is a broken dish while in other situations you can be a victim of a moving scam. That is why people who lack the experience to search for a moving company, hire a 3rd party to do it instead. Moving brokers are highly popular for these kinds of situations. But, before you begin using their services, you must know the risks of hiring moving brokers. And today, we will bring you closer to the subject and point out a few things to look out for when doing business with a broker.

What is the difference and risks of hiring moving brokers?

Before you start looking for either a moving company or a moving broker, you must know the difference between the two. A moving broker is a non-licensed worker whose job is to find the most suitable moving company for you. They do not have the means to relocate you or to provide accurate estimates. Moreover, their advertisement can be misleading, depending of course if you found a legit broker or a fraudulent one. All in all, a moving broker is there to find you a moving company and patch you with them for a small fee. Nothing else. On the other hand, movers are those who will provide moving estimates, pack you, and relocate. Or provide any other moving services you desire. You are signing your moving contract with a moving company and not with the broker.

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A moving broker is a middle man between you and the moving company. You should know this beforehand.

Therefore, to avoid any confusion, you must know if you are speaking with a broker or a moving representative from one of the Memphis moving companies. As soon as you call then umber you have found, ask this crucial question to avoid further stress.

If you can, you should find the moving company by yourself

This kind of business opens plenty of opportunities for a moving scam. Hence, we suggest you find the appropriate residential movers Memphis by yourself. It is not as hard as it seems. If you have an hour to browse online, you can find a legit one. If you have no time, well, you should find some for this occasion because this step is important for the safety of the whole relocation project. Therefore, sit down, go online, and within minutes you’ll find hundreds of moving companies. Then simply narrow your search down by comparing prices, services, and comments left by previous users. Check all the internal and external sources before you call your movers. Once you do, ask them if they are licensed and work your way from there. Nothing too hard as long as you have an hour or two and a bit of patience.

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If possible, you should find a moving company by yourself.

You might end up with a fraudulent moving company

Another one of the risks of hiring moving brokers is the fact that you can easily end up with a sketchy moving company. A moving broker will find a company for you but you never know what you are going to get in the end. And you will once you pay the finders fee. And even if you do, you might have no time or means to confirm and recognize a fraudulent moving company. Therefore, check the following and if anything comes up, it should be an instant red flag:

  • Website – Movers should have an official website with a logo of the company, physical address, and contact info displayed.
  • Moving services – If the services they offer are amazing but at a low cost, it can be a red flag. Keep an eye for discounts and offers, but any service with an unrealistic expectation and incredibly low cost is probably a scam. You’ll just end up paying on the other end.
  • Moving reviews – If you find only positive comments about a company, that is also another thing to look out for. There are no 100% positive reviews in any business.
  • PrerequisitesYour movers should possess permits, licenses, tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicles. If your movers can’t confirm that they can support your moving project legitimately and in its entirety, then you should avoid them.
  • Payment method – Moving companies usually receive payment upon delivery and they charge by the weight of the cargo plus the hours invested. If your movers ask for cash upfront, it is not good. We suggest you stick to the credit card payment just in case.

The final moving cost can be different from your estimated one

No one likes a sudden unpleasant surprise like this one. Just imagine being presented with a bill that is 10% higher than the initial one you agreed upon. It is one of the greater risks of hiring moving brokers and you should double-check the numbers before you agree on anything. More importantly, you should have a moving contract with non-binding estimates. This way you’ll shield yourself from unexpected costs unless you bring something new to the table along the way.

Being a victim of a moving scam is one of the risks of hiring moving brokers
Read your moving contract several times before signing it and ensure your moving costs are all displayed adequately.

We can help here by recommending an honest and trustworthy moving company. Check out Spyder Moving Services Tennessee and you won’t regret it. You’ll end up with a legit and experienced moving company and you will receive the best treatment one can get. Give it a try.

Zero responsibility is one of the greater risks of hiring moving brokers

What does this mean? Because a moving broker is only a connection between you and the moving company, they can’t take responsibility for their actions. They are working as a middle man who will find you a moving company and that is all. Therefore, if your moving company scam you in any way, you will have to make claims and fight a long battle to get reimbursed. Not to mention you might get into trouble for dealing with unlicensed movers. And you will surely need moving insurance to be able to rest assured that you’ll be reimbursed if anything goes wrong. Moreover, you should purchase one from a legit moving insurance company.

But to be fair, as we already stated before, you can do this part yourself. As long as you invest a bit of your precious time and do proper research. Simply browse the internet and when you find a moving company you like, inspect them in detail. Take a look at the US Moving association, Better Business Bureau, or FMCSA. Legit movers should be registered online.

And that is it, now you know the risks of hiring moving brokers and how to avoid unpleasant situations associated with it. But keep in mind that not all brokers are bad. If you find a legit and honest broker, the result will be the same. It can be a good and efficient service for people without time to prepare for moving. Or simply for those who want to write a check and wake up in their new home, relocated safely and successfully. It is entirely your choice in the end. Take care.