What are the most expensive items to relocate

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Moving is generally quite expensive. Of course, the price depends on several aspects. These would include the distance, the size of your household, moving services used, and your location. However, there are some items that are more expensive to move. These items can also affect your final price. This might be the reason why so many people get surprised once they receive their final bill. They do not realize that some items are more expensive. In order to be completely prepared when you hire Spyder Moving Services MS, here is a list of all the most expensive items to relocate. 

The most expensive items to relocate would be pianos and expensive pictures and mirrors 

First of all, if you plan to move your piano, you should hire movers Gulfport MS. You can probably tell why moving your piano is expensive. First of all, pianos are usually extremely heavy and big. This means you need to use proper and special moving equipment in order to protect and safely transport your piano. Since it requires a special type of moving equipment, and your piano costs more than moving ordinary items. In addition to this, valuable paintings and mirrors are also expensive to move. The reason is quite different from your piano. Valuable paintings or mirrors are extremely fragile and expensive. This means, they also need a special type of packaging. Since they also require a special type of packing supplies, you will need to pay more for them. Furthermore, you should also have movers deal with your valuable paintings or mirrors. 

woman playing a piano with a child
Due to their size and weight, pianos are expensive to move

Flat-screen TV and mattresses 

The list continues with a flat-screen TV. Just like mirrors or paintings, flat-screen TVs are quite delicate. In addition to this, your flat-screen TV is also quite expensive. This means you need to protect it properly in order to safely reach your new address. You will need to hire movers Oxford MS, get proper packing supplies, and pack your flat-screen TV. It would be best, again, to let movers do this task. Unless your TV is properly protected, it can easily break under the smallest pressure. In addition to this, mattresses are also quite complicated to move. This is mostly due to their size and shape. You will need to get special bags or plastic mattress covers in order to keep them clean and safe. Getting the special bags is not exactly cheap. For this reason, moving mattresses is can be more expensive. 

The most expensive items to relocate are rugs and heirlooms 

Rugs can be also quite expensive to move. First of all, you should clean them properly before packing them. Since it is quite challenging to clean your carpets, you should get them professionally cleaned. Then, you need to find bags that are big enough to accommodate your carpets. Again, you can get these bags from your moving company. This is why moving carpets can be expensive. Additionally, heirlooms are expensive to relocate. Depending on the size of your heirloom, they might need specialized packing supplies. On the other hand, their sentimental value is unmeasurable. For this reason, if something happens to airlines, for example, they get damaged or lost during transport, you cannot easily replace them. This is why you should get moving insurance for your expensive or valuable heirlooms. Do not forget to hire professional movers since they will know how to handle these valuable items. 

a collection of jewelry
If you have jewelry as your heirloom, you need to protect it well

Aquariums and large couches 

If you have a huge aquarium in your house, then you need to move it as well. It is quite complicated to move your aquarium. You need to take care of your fish first. There are several steps to take when you are moving your fish to a new place. Then, you need to take care of the aquarium as well. It is like moving mirrors, extremely fragile. For this reason, you need to properly protect it with adequate packing supplies. Again, these supplies are not cheap. In addition to this, large couches are also quite expensive. The reason would be their size and weight. You will need more manpower to transport large coaches. If a moving company needs to send more employees to your house, it is going to be expensive. 

The most expensive items to relocate are safes, sculptures, and large home appliances 

Safes are also large and heavy. Movers will need special moving equipment in order to safely transport your safe your new house. In addition to this, sculptures are also expensive to move. They are both fragile, large, and heavy. For this reason, movers have to be careful when relocating sculptures. If your sculptures are also oddly shaped, it is going to be difficult to pack them and prepare them for relocation. Lastly, large home appliances are also large and heavy. Due to their size, they require special moving equipment and packing supplies. Since movers will spend more time packing and carrying large home appliances, their fee will also be higher. In addition to this, you also need to prepare your large household appliances for relocation. This requires skills and time. 

female sculpure
You need to protect your sculptures

Should you move these items? 

In short, these would be the most expensive items to relocate. 

  • Pianos 
  • TV 
  • Paintings and mirrors 
  • Mattresses and carpets 
  • Heirlooms 
  • Aquariums 
  • Safes and sculptures 
  • Large household appliances 

As you can see, they are expensive because they require either special moving supplies, packing supplies, or additional skills. Should you move these items? Of course, you should. Some of these items are irreplaceable. For this reason, you should move them to your new house. In order to prepare well, contact the moving company in advance and get their moving estimate. Once you see the amount you will have to pay, you can prepare your moving budget on time. Therefore, there is no reason to leave any of these items behind. You can also ask for a discount from your moving company in order to save a little bit of money.