What are the key steps for moving a piano

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Moving house was never easy. Especially when you must deal with robust items and furniture. One such item is a piano and it was always the one that will make all the trouble while moving. Next to the piano, you still must organize everything else, prepare for packing, and find movers in Memphis TN area that can cover all moving stages. It won’t be easy for sure. But we will help you out with a small guide on essential steps for moving a piano. Let’s ensure your precious instrument is relocated safely

Create a safe moving plan

Your piano is not the only item in your home. You must cover everything else as well. Hence, start inspecting the environment to make sure you can get all your furniture and the piano out of your home safely. There shouldn’t be any obstacles along the way and all doors and floors should be in impeccable condition. And you should remove all the carpets and area rugs out of the way to avoid slippery situations. Then, you should inspect all other household items, note them all down on your inventory list so you’ll have an easier time packing.

Create a plan and include steps for moving a piano
Sit down and create the safest possible plan to relocate a piano.

Next is to create a moving checklist with all the moving responsibilities, errands, chores, tasks, and of course, costs. At this point, you can begin calculating and preparing a moving budget but you can’t get to the final price before you contact your Tennessee long distance movers. With the info, you gathered and with your personal preferences and wishes, they will assemble the safest and most affordable moving plan.

Find a reliable piano moving team

One huge step among steps for moving a piano is to find the right moving company. Only licensed and experienced moving teams can move a piano. Each serious moving company should have a piano moving team with all the knowledge about the instrument and the way it should be handled. Of course, they should have all the tools for it as well. But the question is – how to find such a team? But of course, the answer lies in internet browsing.

Online you will find your furniture movers Memphis with a specialized piano moving crew. So, go online, compare movers, and narrow your search down to only those that have such a team. Then compare other services and prices until you find a match. Once you find them, give them a call and confirm they are licensed and ready for this huge task. Hopefully, you won’t spend too much time searching for the right team.

Having all the tools for the job is one of the steps for moving a piano

Once you find the right Mississippi moving company you must confirm they are ready for the job. This means you will inspect your movers further and confirm they are legit. Once you do that, check if they possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Enough knowledgeable manpower
  • Moving insurance
A guy moving a sofa
Ensure you find a team with all the knowledge and the tools required for such a move.

You should always check if your moving company is legit and ready for the job. The risk is simply too great. You do not want to hire a fraudulent moving company for this job. Hence, Check Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau, and US Movers Association. Your movers should be registered online aside from having a website with contact info and the physical address displayed.

Prepare your precious instrument is another among the steps for moving a piano

Now, let’s prepare your piano for the road ahead. Firstly, you should clean it thoroughly. We will assume you already know how to maintain your piano. Then, close the lid to protect the keys and secure them with laches from opening while being moved. So, lock it down and you are ready to go. But before you do, wrap the whole piano in some kind of cushion. You should use soft materials to avoid damaging the furnishing. Use blister packs, blankets, or sheets. Once it is nicely wrapped up, you are ready to place it on a dolly or carry it over manually. Actually, your movers will while you supervise the process.

Calculate budget and obtain insurance

Ok, you must know that this service won’t be cheap. Yes, you may find special offers and discounts but you shouldn’t count on them. When the time comes for your move, you must have a budget ready. Therefore, calculate your moving budget on time and ensure you can cover all moving steps and fees. Besides that, you must seek moving insurance as well. Ask your movers first which one they offer. If it is only basic insurance coverage you shouldn’t risk with it. Find your moving insurance at the real insurance company and be sure you will be adequately reimbursed in case of damages.

Two people playing music
A piano is an expensive instrument. Ensure you have proper insurance for it.

Pianos are expensive and some pieces rare and unique. Therefore, purchase insurance and at least get back the monetary value if nothing else. Hopefully, you won’t have to think about it and your piano will arrive safely. So, calculate your budget and get the insurance. Those two are steps for moving a piano safely for sure.

Are you ready to load a moving truck?

Ok, now when you inspected your home, took all the measurements, and assigned a moving team to it, you can load the moving truck. Your movers will use a 4-wheel dolly and simply roll your piano slowly through the home and up to the ramp straight into the moving truck. Of course, if there are sets of stairs, they will carry it over probably using 4 men for the job and one as a lookout. And as we said before, you can supervise the process and shout out if anything seems out of the order. But worry not, your movers completed this task a thousand times over. They will do it again, safely.

Now you know all the mandatory steps for moving a piano. It is a hard task to perform for sure. But if you find a specialized and reliable moving team, you won’t have to fear a thing. Your piano will be safe and sound in capable hands. Now pack your things and let’s get moving. Good luck!