What are potential legal issues when moving

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If you need to relocate soon, make sure to pay attention to the potential legal issues when moving. Knowing them in advance will save you quite a lot of trouble. Even tho you most likely won’t have problems if you hire any of the Tenessee movers, it is always better to be prepared. You never know what can happen during a hectic time that is a relocation. Even the best preparation won’t surely save you from problems. This guide will show you some troubles that you could run into when moving, and how to avoid/fix these problems.

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A license is a sure sign that the movers aren’t trying to scam you

Make sure that your mover is licensed

Whatever Memphis moving helpers you plan to hire, make sure that they are licensed. You should check this before you even consider hiring them. This is one of the few ways that you can verify that particular movers aren’t just a scam attempt. Real movers will always have a license on their official website. This is overseen by the Transportation Division of the Mass. Dept. of Public Utilities and is checked every year. Doing this will not just save you from legal issues when moving, but also from a certain bad moving experience.

A mover should also be registered

Every packing and unpacking service needs to be registered in order to do business by the law. If there is no registration number available, that should be a red flag. Hiring movers like this is never secure, so we recommend staying away from them. The agency that controls this is the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and you can check a movers registration by calling them directly.

Movers are required to give you helpful resources when moving

Before a long-distance move, the company you hired to help you move is supposed to give you two booklets called “Ready to MoveTips for a Successful Interstate Move” and “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” They also have the obligation to give you all the information about moving that you require from them.

Person signing a contract
The bill of lading serves as a contract in order to prevent legal issues when moving

Pay attention to the bill of lading to avoid legal issues when moving

The bill of lading serves as a contract during a move. It contains information about all the items that need to be moved from point A to point B. Both parties need to sign it and your movers need to also give you a copy of it. Information that the bill of lading has to have is:

  • Name of the moving company
  • Address
  • License number
  • Telephone number
  • Customers contact information
  • Loading and delivery date
  • Value of the goods
  • Storage instructions if there are any

There is a bigger chance that a mover who gives you this document will take good care of your things. Even if something happens to your belonging, there won’t be any legal issues, since everything is done by the law on both sides.

What are potential legal issues when moving – conclusion

The potential legal issues when moving can all be avoided by doing thorough research of your movers before hiring them. A little time invested can save you a lot of trouble. We wish you good luck!