Week-by-week moving plan for beginners

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If you are moving for the first time, the upcoming relocation can look terrifying. That is probably because moving is difficult, complicated, and stressful for anyone, especially for newbies.  And there are many things to prepare before your professional commercial movers arrive. Therefore, it is crucial to start dealing with your relocation on time. If you prepare a good week-by-week moving plan at least two months in advance, it will help you to go through this process as an experienced pro.

Start preparing your week-by-week moving plan 8 weeks before the move

8 weeks before your scheduled date is the best time to start creating your week-by-week moving plan. During your moving process, you will have to deal with lots of papers and information. So, start by preparing a folder in which you will keep all moving-related notes, documents, and paperwork. And prepare a notebook which you will use only for this purpose. After you are set, you can start dealing with things that require more effort and time. Before you make a plan you can also ask Senatobia MS movers for some tips and things you need to pay attention to.

A man writting a week-to-week moving plan
When you write your week-to-week moving plan make sure you ask other family members for opinions and advice as well.

Start searching for movers

Also, this is a good time to start searching for reliable moving companies. You will need time to find perfect movers, so give yourself a few weeks to do it. Or you can simply hire movers Hattiesburg MS. They are reliable professionals with years of experience in all kinds of difficult relocations. And hiring them will greatly ease your moving process. What are some ways you will know that you found a reliable moving company?

  • Read online forums and recommendations
  • Ask friends and family with prior moving experience for advice and company recommendations as well as their personal thoughts.
  • Look for certificates and paperwork that ensure the company is real

Contact at least three companies. This way you can compare services as well as prices and pick the best for yourself. Finding everything you need in Spyder Moving Services is a good thing. This way you can hire one company to do more things and save up money, as well as time.

Remove the clutter

One of the things that you should start dealing with as soon as possible is removing your excess items. Your goal is to remove all items that you are not using and could create clutter in your new place. This is a challenging task as you will have to make hard decisions about which items to remove, and you will have to think of a way to get rid of them. If you have many items that you want to get rid of, maybe you could organize a yard sale. And to organize a successful yard sale you will need time to organize and advertise it.

Three women talking in an office
When you find a company you are satisfied with, it’s time to arrange the moving date and services.

You could also donate, recycle or give away. No matter what you decide to do, the benefits of removing excess items before the move are huge. You will have fewer items to pack, carry, and unpack. Also, you will save money on packing materials. Some companies determine their moving prices based on the weight of the items moving. So having a lighter load saves money. Also if you have some old furniture that no longer fits your tastes or can’t fit in your new home, donating it to Furniture Bank is helping others.

Start thinking about packing 7 weeks before the move

The packing process is something that is making relocations look so difficult. So, the 7th week in your week-by-week moving plan should be reserved for acquiring packing materials.  But, did you know that you can hire packing and unpacking services for your move? This will not only relieve you from the burden of packing, but you also won’t have to search and prepare packing materials. Of course, this service costs. And if you would rather invest effort than money, start acquiring packing supplies. Here is what you will need:

  • Preparing cardboard boxes of all sizes should be on top of your week-by-week moving plan
  • Plastic bags
  • Packing tapes
  • Plastic wraps
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Labels and permanent markers
Packing matterials
It’s best to get your packing materials in bulk, as this way it will cost less.

Think about the schools and your medical records 6 weeks before the move

If you have kids, it is time to notify the school about your move. Get your kid’s records and prepare them for the enrollment process at the new school. We assume that you have been looking at new schools and kindergartens long before you contacted local movers Oxford MS. So by now, you should have already decided on which ones you like. So the only thing that’s left is notifying the schools and getting the paperwork ready.

Also, go to your medical facility and check how to transfer your family’s medical records. Pick a reliable doctor in your new town on time. He will need all of your and your family’s medical history. So go to a check-up to your current one and ask for medical records. Also, it’s best to ask for doctors’ recommendations when picking a new one. 


5 weeks before the move is a good time to reconfirm your move. Call your local movers MS and check all the details of the move again. After you checked it’s time to take your family pet to the vet. They should catch up and get all the vaccines they missed. This is also a good time to take their medical history as well. Check the laws of your new state or town and see if your pet will need any documents in order to enter.

4 weeks before the move you should think about notifying your landlord

A month before the move you can notify utility companies about your move. Start the termination process at your old place. And start setting them up at your new residence. Also if you have a landlord, you are obliged to notify him about your move a month in advance. If you are late, he could decide to keep your deposit.

Furthermore, you should slowly start packing. It is smart to start packing non-essentials a few weeks before the move. The essentials should always be packed last. And while you leave everything to your movers, while moving to Oxford the essential box should be with you. This way if you need anything it’s right there.

Three dogs sitting in the back of the car
Don’t forget to give your pets the attention they deserve during the moving process.

3 weeks into your week-by-week moving plan, you should start using your home food supplies

As your moving date approaches, you should start planning your food. Start strategizing about the food supplies that you have in your home, and plan to use them in the upcoming weeks. Its a shame to throw away food and not all of it can be moved. Most food supplies will go bad due to the weather. Check the expiration dates on the food items that can be packed and make sure you pack them in plastic containers and seal them well.  This way you will prevent pests as well as spilling.

If you have a pet, prepare a suitable pet carrier for the road. If you give your pet enough time to get accustomed to the carrier, the moving process will be much easier. Also, it is time to notify the USPS about your change of address. Use their website to do it. If your old home has coverage talk to your agent about how to transfer it to your new home.

2 weeks before the move, it is time to pack

Now it is finally time to start packing.  If you are packing for the first time, there are several things to pay attention to.

  • Don’t overload your cardboard boxes. They are strong, but they have limits. You can strengthen them with packing tape.
  • Pack your items tightly. Don’t let your items move while inside the box. So fill the gaps with packing paper or bubble plastic.
  • Wrap your fragile items and label the boxes clearly.
  • Disassemble the furniture and wrap individual parts with bubble plastic.
  • If you have valuable jewelry, pack it carefully and move it separately. Preferably with you.

    Three food containers
    Not all food is safe to move. It’s best to pack only canned food. But you can make some meals and bring them to eat during the move.

It’s best to start packing room-room as well as labeling all the boxes. With labels, you make unpacking and storing easier. One thing you need to pay attention to is making sure all the items that are fragile are packed well and labeled as such. Some items can also be stored till the time you need them.

The final piece of your week-by-week moving plan

If you manage to follow this week-by-week moving plan then all you have to do is to confirm with your moving company about the time, parking spot, and other specifics. Make sure that you clearly understand each other. If you have some additional requirements or ideas, now it’s time to tell them to your movers. If you have arranged everything then all you have to do is to pack your essentials that are not going to a moving truck.

Don’t forget to decide on the tipping method for your workers. This will make them more motivated for work as well as help them a lot. It doesn’t always need to be money. You can arrange food and refreshments. But money is maybe the better option. This you decide yourself, but don’t forget it.