Ways to keep your kids entertained on moving day

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Change of the address is a huge life event. Some experts would even say that it is on the same level as marriage or the arrival of children. Needless to say, moving can be quite stressful for many different reasons. First of all, moving is difficult to organize. Transferring an entire household from point A to point B requires a lot of preparation and hard work. Furthermore, most people will have to balance between organizing a move and resume with everyday obligations like work and children. Secondly, moving is not over when we arrive at a new place. We still have to unpack and adapt to our surroundings. But that’s another story for another time. So, today we will help you to prepare for the move and to show you how to keep your kids entertained on moving day. For everything else, you can contact moving companies Memphis TN. Stay tuned.

Advantages of keeping your kids entertained on a moving day

Depending on the age of your kids there are several advantages of keeping them busy on moving day. For example, if your kids are old enough you can include them in the packing process and thus get another pair of helping hands. Hiring movers in Collierville, TN is a good idea, but you can also transfer some of the duties to your kids. On the other hand, if they are too young, they will probably just make things more difficult. Therefore, the obvious advantage of keeping them entertained is that you could concentrate on organizing the move. So, let’s see how to actually do it.

Picture of a kid hiding in the box
If your kids are too small to help you out you should keep them away from the action, dust, and noise

Keep your kids entertained on moving day by including them in the proceedings

Like we already pointed out, moving brings many changes to our lives, and this change affects kids the most. One of the best ways to help your kids survive this difficult period is to include them in the proceedings. Experts say that if you delegate some of the packing duties to your kids you will help them feel like they are a part of the team. That’s if you have older kids that could actually contribute to the whole process. If you make a plan as a family, they could really help you pull off this move. If you have to move in a hurry, you can hire a reliable moving crew to help you out.

Picture of a girl using tablet. Keep your kids entertained on moving day by offering them to help you prepare for the move
There are many different moving-related tasks that you could transfer to your kids

Some of the duties that you could delegate to your kids

  • Box labeling. Give your kids marker pens and an inventory list and let them pack at least their own rooms.
  • Cleaning process. Cleaning is not difficult and your kids could help you clean the home before you depart. Or do the same thing as soon as you arrive. This is probably the first thing you should do when you arrive at your new place. Remember that it is easier to clean an empty apartment. And your kids could help you with this.
  • Let them pack their own stuff and clean their rooms. Their rooms are their own kingdoms. Therefore, you should let them pack everything the way they believe is right. You can, of course, give them suggestions.

Let them watch cartoons or play video games if they are too young

If your kids are too small to help you out, you can set up a safe room for them. Your kids should have a safe spot in the house because your home will be full of unknown people during the moving day. Help them escape the noise, dust, and tension, and ensure that they have a place to rest and watch their favorite TV shows.

The same applies when you arrive at your new place. Speaking of kids, they will find this change even more stressful. It is not easy to get adjusted to a new home, let alone a new school. They will also have to make new friends and it’s certainly not easy. The adaptation process could last for several months if you are moving long distance. Equip this safe room with a TV, toys, video games. Let your kids watch their favorite cartoons, read books, or take a nap. Additional tip: If you have pets, leave them in the same room to keep your kids’ company.

Picture of kids watching TV
Play their favorite cartoons to keep your kids entertained on moving day

Ask your friends and relatives for help

If you don’t have enough space to make a safe room for your kids, you could ask your friends and relatives for help. Remember that you are not alone in these turbulent times and your friends and family members will be glad to help you out. Leave your kids at grandparent’s or aunt’s and uncle’s for a day until you finish the preparations for the move. After all, this might be their last chance to spend some quality time with you and your kids, especially if you are moving to another state. It is difficult to organize the move so don’t be shy and accept help wherever you can find it. Therefore, if all your relatives and friends are busy, you can even ask neighbors to help you out.

Let your kids go outside and play

If you have already hired professional packers to help you out, and there is nothing that your kids do to help you out, you can let them go outside and play. If your kids are small let them play in the backyard. However, if you have older kids you can let them take a walk down their old neighborhood for one last time. They will probably want to say goodbye to their close friends, so let them so. This is probably the best way to relax from all the tensions that surround every move, especially if it’s a beautiful day outside.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to keep your kids entertained on moving day. Follow the advice we have presented above and your mind will be at peace. We wish you a safe relocation.