Top Tennessee weekend getaways to check out

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No matter if you have just arrived in Tennessee or have been living here for some time. After you explore and discover all of the beauty of the city you live in, what can you explore next? There are a lot of Tennessee weekend getaways to check out once you decide to leave your city for a bit. We will show you some of the interesting places you can visit, alone, with friends or with your family. But, there is probably a lot more to discover about this state. You can simply get in your car and wherever you drive, you will find an interesting place to visit and get to know. On the other hand, if this is your preparation before moving to Tennessee, don’t worry. You can also check out some of the best movers in Tennessee that will make this whole relocation a pleasurable experience.

Choosing the best Tennessee weekend getaways to enjoy in

Tennessee is state of the art when it comes to weekend getaways. You can choose between some romantic places to visit with your partner. Or, different kinds of fun experiences to visit if you have your kids with you. And then, last but not least, amazing experiences with your friends that can bond you even more. All you have to do is explore some of our suggestions about great Tennessee weekend getaways and choose. Choose what seems most appealing to you and rest from the work and all the stress it brings. These places can also be a great choice if you are planning a celebration. No matter if it’s a kids’ birthday, girls’ night out, or an anniversary of your marriage, Tennessee can offer a great place for everything. And if you are still looking for Tennessee long distance moving companies, look no more. 

people hiking in nature
Tennessee has so many great options for a weekend getaway

The decision to move to Memphis can be a great one. This city in the southwest part of the state can offer a lot of things to anyone. And especially if you are into the music, blues, soul, and rock n roll are coming from these parts. There is a great choice of the best moving companies in Memphis TN that you can choose from. They will make your move so much easier, and you won’t have any worries. 

Living here, you can visit Chickasaw State Park all you want. It is named by the Chickasaw Tribe that used to live on these lands. A beautiful memorial site has modern campsites, a pool, and picnic sites. It is a perfect choice if you wish to visit with either your family or friends. Everyone can have an amazing time here. The nature you can see here is such an amazing part of this experience, that we are sure you will come back again.

One of the best Tennessee weekend getaways for kids is Tennessee Safari Park

Searching and planning for a Tennessee weekend getaway with your kids can be a different experience. Kids are not usually wowed with the same things as grown-ups. And also, they get bored of the same thing very quickly. So, why not check out the Tennessee Safari Park? Your kids can enjoy 7.5 miles drive-through safari and then a long walk through the zoo part of the park. Get them familiar with all the animals they haven’t seen yet. They can also feed some of the animals on this tour. Your guides will explain everything and make sure you and your kids are safe. And once you need a break, you can head to a petting zoo for a calm time. Kids can get to know little pygmy goats and become friends with these adorable creatures. 

This can be such an amazing experience for them to learn and enjoy. And who knows? You might want to check out the local moving companies Memphis offers. Memphis can turn out to be your new home and the kids can enjoy safari all the time. We are sure they would love that. 

woman and girl at the petting zoo
There is a petting zoo so that kids can get familiar with animals

Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge is a great Tennessee weekend getaways for all animal lovers

And if you are thinking of moving to Brownsville you might want to know what types of Tennessee weekend getaways you can have there. Well, you should visit Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge. It is a perfect choice for all animal lovers, as it can offer some amazing chances to see wildlife. Brownsville is generally a nice little town that you can enjoy if you want a small town feeling. Living in a small town has a lot of benefits, you get to know the people living there and you can have a calm life. In these places, people mostly own their homes as well, and you can also save some money. If this sounds like a good idea, you can ask Brownsville TN movers to help you plan your relocation.

Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge can be a great option for everyone. This land of 11,556 acres in west Tennessee offers amazing trails to walk, birdwatch, ride a bike and enjoy picnics. It has amazing views of Hatchie River and all the lily pads and the stumps on it. If you want to experience more activities, here you can also have some of them. You can go kayaking and fishing, whichever you prefer. You can also simply just enjoy nature and take memorable photographs. 

Sometimes smaller lakes like Horseshoe Lake can be a better option

Sometimes smaller lakes can be a better option than the big ones that are filled with tourists. You can have your privacy and nature is usually better preserved. And Horseshoe Lake is an example of those lakes. This small ideal lake can be a great outing for a day with kids, a family gathering, or a friends’ day out. It has space where you can have a picnic, with tables you can prepare your food on. There are also some smaller towns nearby you can spend your weekends at, like Somerville and Mason. You can even contact movers Somerville TN has and ask them a bit about the town and people deciding to move there. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you are thinking about going up to the mountains, Tennessee has amazing chances for that as well. Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park is one of the national parks you can visit in this state. It offers such a nice getaway from the city, work, and all the worries. The best times of year to visit this national park would probably be the summer and the fall. This way you can experience great weather and some amazing views. It has different sites you can visit and enjoy and some of the most popular ones are probably Clingmans Dome, Mt. LeConte and Alum Cave, Andrews Bald, and Grotto Falls. There are so many more that you can explore and plan your trip to. We are sure you won’t regret any of the choices. Or, you can visit multiple times so that you can see most of this amazing national park. 

man walking his dog on a Tennessee weekend getaway
National parks offer so many opportunity for different activities such as walking your dog

Take a weekend getaway to Memphis and romantic The River Inn of Harbor Town

Living in Germantown can be a great opportunity to visit Memphis often. Getting help from the movers Germantown TN has with your relocation is a smart choice. Professionals can efficiently move you so that you don’t have to stress. And, as said before, living here, you can be visiting Memphis all the time but living in a smaller city. Smaller cities have a lot of benefits, and one of them is probably the option to have multiple weekend getaways. One of the great ones you can have that are close to home if you are moving to Germantown is The River Inn of Harbor Town. It is a small romantic getaway great celebrating a special time with your partner.

The rooms that you can rent in this place are beautiful and luxurious, making it perfect for a romantic night. The decorative style is a combination of elegant Southern style and contemporary sophistication. The hotel is also located close to important places in Memphis, and you can have a lot of fun without going too far away. Enjoy the river walks at sunset and amazing dinners in romantic restaurants. Once you visit here, you will surely come back again. 

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel is one of the historic Tennessee weekend getaways you can visit

If you are looking for a cute little romantic getaway with your partner, look no further. You can visit the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and you won’t be disappointed. This hotel offers such a unique experience that you probably never had before. It is situated in the historic train station in the heart of Chattanooga. The train station was opened in 1909 as the first Southern railway station. So, if you want some amazing history from your weekend getaway, you will get it here. Later on, the station was closed and the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel was born. You can decide to have your amazing stay here and enjoy beautiful food from the restaurant. You can take a walk in Chattanooga next to the river and get to know this small town as well. 

Chattanooga is not that far away from both bigger and smaller cities in Tennessee. You can visit this charming little town whether you are in Nashville, Memphis, or Jackson. Jackson is a cute little city that has a lot of musical background. It has been ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in the US in the past. You can hear it from local movers Jackson TN about how many people and why they are choosing to live here. The good location of the city and the affordable prices are a great fit for a lot of people. 

Chattanooga is one of the Tennessee weekend getaways
Chattanooga has a lot to offer as one of Tennessee weekend getaways

Planning a getaway to a small city in Tennessee

And since we mentioned options of living in smaller cities and visiting the big ones around, what about the other side? What if you are living in a big city and you want to take a small getaway to a calm little place? Tennessee has so many little town options that are beautiful and can turn into a great surprise. Lexington, Camden, Smithville, and Cordova can be amazing to explore. Little streets and familiar people that make such a tight-knit community might be perfect for you. And maybe you change your mind and decide it is finally time to call the movers Cordova TN has. You never know in which direction your life can go, and this might be the necessary change. Then you can enjoy a peaceful life alone or with a family.

Get familiar with some tips about packing for a Tennessee weekend getaways

So, now that you have decided on your ideal Tennessee weekend getaways, learn how to pack in the best way for them. Most people pack too much of clothes when they are traveling. If you are going by car, it probably won’t be the biggest problem, as you can just leave everything there. If you are traveling by plane, it would be a better idea to make a plan about what to bring. You should know your activities day by day so you can have an idea about what type of clothes to bring. And once you start choosing, it is good to choose things you can combine for more options and more outfits. This way you will make your luggage smaller. And when it comes to cosmetics, you only really need basic stuff. There is no need to overpack for a three days travel.