Top restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee

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When planning a relocation to a certain country, having a diverse food scene is one of the best add-on attractions that you should consider. Every state in the US has its unique food culture and in each state, you can find some tasty dishes that will live up to your digestive expectations. Before hiring Spyder Moving and Storage, it would be wise to do research on the Tennessee cities and the dining options they offer. The culinary scene in TN has gotten a lot of attention for decades, and for good reason. Its residents and everyday visitor say that there are plenty of mouthwatering dishes that are must-try. Many interesting ingredients and traditional recipes make the unique food history of the country. Therefore, discover in this article 7 restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee and enjoy this food paradise.

Get to know Tennessee

The state of Tennessee, which is located in the upper southeastern United States, stretches from the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the Mississippi River. With a population of around 7 million people, this is the 15th most populous state in the US. It has a very rich history and a Native American Heritage. When you plan to hire movers in Tennessee, you will move to one of the countries that played a vital role in the American Civil War. This state has a diverse economy and culture. Nashville is the capital, where 83 people move in every day. In addition, the country is popular for its natural beauty, country music, and diverse food scene. Young professionals, families, and retirees choose to call this country their home. There is no income tax, and the country provides ample job opportunities. The country boasts numerous fun activities throughout the whole year.

a bbird eye view of the city streets
Get to know Tennesee before moving here

Diverse food scene

If you are considering relocating to Tennessee, then you can count on experiencing some of the most diverse food scenes in the nation. First of all, there are plenty of must-visit restaurants. From hotel restaurants and food halls to eating al fresco, there are plenty of dining options on every corner. When one of the Tennessee long distance companies brings you here, there will be various breweries and distilleries as well. The definition of the famous Southern charm is present in every bite. Just like the people on the streets, in the dining hubs, you will meet plenty of welcoming faces. There are plenty of dietary and sustainable food stops all around Tennessee. The main spice to outdoor eating is a famous Tennessee whiskey trail. Finally, in various cities, you will be a guest in a number of photogenic restaurants, which are real artworks.

Somerville has some of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee

This small town in the county of Fayette has one of the greatest livability scores in the country. This town is full of young adults and families, with an average age of 41 of its residents. No matter if there are only 3,139 residents, it has some of the must-visit restaurants in TN. There are plenty of dining options. In addition, you can try here from some tasty Mexican food, hot wings, barbeque, and chicken. Book a moving date with movers Somersville TN, and you will have a chance to eat at Crumpy’s Hot Wings. This place is among the most popular in the country thanks to its mouthwatering hot wings. Also, prepare to spend more time in the restaurant since they prepare the food on the spot. You can try tasty American chicken and barbeque in this restaurant every day from 11 am – 9 pm.

a man decorating food on wood in one of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee
Somerville has many popular dining places

Other popular dining places in Somerville

This little town is famous for its Memphis metro area hot wings. Crows Chicken Coop is another restaurant with freshly cooked food and a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Mexcian food lovers can experience authentic Mexican taste in El Cancun. This is a nice family restaurant with good drinks and a cozy vibe. In addition, if you are into shrimps and the Surf and Turf burger, then Big Fish is a great seafood restaurant in the heart of Somerville. If you are into drive-through places, you can taste a cheddar popper snack in Sommerville’s Sonic Drive-In. Finally, both travelers and locals like to taste the famous sandwiches at Subway that the friendly staff makes for you.

Jackson has a popular food scene as well

The Hub City, which got its nickname after the central rail hub, finds itself between Memphis and Nashville. This city has a very rich tradition and is home to Rockabilly music. This is a mid-size city that provides both an urban cities feel in a combination of a quiet residential area with living near a rural environment. When moving companies Jackson TN help you with relocation, you will be on the verge of the impressive food scene. Offering everything from Mexican cuisine to southern comfort food, you can taste a variety of stuff in Jackson. One of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee is Exit 87 BBQ. For 15 years, this family-run restaurant has been serving tasty barbeque to its customers. This is a favorite local dining that works 24/7. It has charming picnic tables in front, where you can have a nice breakfast with your family.

What else can you taste in Jackson

Apart from having one of the dining spots you need to visit in Tennessee, Jackson’s diverse food scene has a lot more to offer. First, if you are into Italian cuisine, Old Town Spaghetti Store serves rustic Italian food and draft beer. Since 1982, this Italian eatery has been serving famous Italian dishes. The nice, rustic decor adds to the charming atmosphere of the place. Secondly, in the cheery ambiance of the Blacksmith restaurant, you can taste some of the best steaks and burgers in Jackson. Tulum Fresh Mexican Grill offers Tex-Mex, which is served in a festive dining room with sea motives. In this casual atmosphere, you can taste fresh salsas. For those looking for quality buffet food, eating at Brooksie’s Barn will provide a southern grub of Tennessee. This gem is in a barn-like building with some of the best catfish filets and chicken.

tables in a restaurant
There are at least restaurants you need to visit in TN

One of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee is in Jackson

One of the most famous Mexican food restaurants in Tennessee is near the area of Shelby Farms Park. Las Palmitas has been on the list of must-visit places in Jackson. Beautiful ambiance and authentic Mexican dishes make this restaurant worth even a day trip. Among the most popular dishes are the chimichangas. The chicken chimichangas in a fresco sauce are the reason why people from the rest of TN come to dine here. If you want to taste something unusual, you certainly need to give a try to a fried cheesecake they make. The staff is here very attentive. As a result, this has become one of the top family-friendly dining spots where you can let your kids play freely. Among the most popular sushi bars is Oec Japanese Express. Also, taste mouth-watering California rolls here. Give a try to French dip and pork loins in Firebirds Wood Fired Grill.

a person holding two white plates with food
Jackson offers different popular cuisines

Collierville also has one of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee

If you are trying to imagine a suburb from Hallmark movies, Collierville is such a place. This is another charming suburb of Memphis with around 50,000 residents. Year-round, Collierville is a place worth visiting, particularly for its famous dining options. Nice local boutiques, green parks, and a town square are some of the places you will see when moving companies Collierville TN relocate you here. After you pay a visit to the Morton Museum of Collierville History, various local restaurants will tackle your senses. If you are yearning for down-home Southern meat, pop up at Silver Caboose Restaurant & Soda Fountain. In this family restaurant, the menu changes on a daily basis. Meatloaf, turnip greens, and fried okra, together with cherry cobbler, contribute to the unique southern taste. Highlander Restaurant & Pub is a Scottish pub fare with Highlander burgers and a famous steak pie.

Raven & Lily Restaurant is a top dining choice in Collierville

Visitors and residents of Collierville say that this is a legendary restaurant that you should not skip by any chance. Raven & Lily Restaurant is one of the restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee. If you opt for tasty lunch or dinner, book your table on time and try some Southern favorites. For example, biscuits and Gravy, Shrimp, and Grits, Benedict got the highest digestive rank from the locals. In addition, you will have a chance to try Bananas Foster Pain Perdu- which is Collierville’s best. Also, this restaurant serves incredible types of pastry. Afterward, Brioche cinnamon rolls and lemon Kouign-Amann should be the top Tennessee desserts that you have to taste. Finally, do not miss a weekend brunch with your friends here, which the restaurant serves every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. After all, pay a visit to Square Beans Coffee for a cuppa.

two women dining in one of the 7 restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee
In Memphis, you can find some of the best restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee

Memphis is home to great restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee

When speaking about food in Tennessee, its barbeque is unique. Thanks to the city of Memphis, this way of preparing barbeque is one of the four in the US. “Home of the Blues” is one of the best places to live in the country. Memphis is most famous for being home to Elvis Presley and fantastic barbeque. Hire movers in Memphis TN area, and come to be part of the great entertainment that the city offers. Correspondingly, at Acre, its chef Wally Joe creates the magic of tasteful dishes with an unusual combination of tastes. Make sure not to miss fried quail salad with some pickled strawberries on the side. Following, duck confit with red rice from the Mississippi Delta is a favorite main course of many Memphis residents. Finally, the platter of whole red crispy snapper with chile-ponzu sauce is one of the most delicious things.


There are plenty of beautiful suburbs near Memphis. On the northeast side, there is Bartlett, a place with green landscapes and a fantastic local community. The new school district and fun things to do recently brought new residents to this exciting place. Once having less than 100 residents, Barlett now has a population of 60,000 people. Contact moving companies in Barlett, and become one of the happy residents of this welcoming community. You should definitely visit Shelby Farms Park, which is one of the biggest in the country. Spending your day in such a fun place will certainly spark your appetite. Luckily, there are plenty of dining options nearby. Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken is definitely the image of how the best-fried chicken should taste. In a cozy, rustic atmosphere, you can also get some beans, fresh veggies, and a famous potato salad.


At Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe, the chefs created a unique menu with green pizza, fried ribs, or peach cobbler nachos. A modern French Creole Restaurant, Restaurant Iris, gives a chance to taste chicken with herbs and shrimp pasta on top. Hire movers Germantown TN, and pop up at Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill. Here you can taste everything from steaks, prime rib, filet mignon, seafood, and burgers in a friendly atmosphere.

a set table in a restaurant
Try different exotic flavors in Germantown

Germantown is full of local and exotic flavors. For example, Forst Hill Grill has award-winning burgers and steaks. Moving a bit further, pay a visit to Petra Cafe, one of the smallest yet great food in the area. Here you can try traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Traditional American tastes are also on the menu, such as Philly cheese steak and club sandwiches.

Conclusion on the restaurants you need to visit in TN

The food scene in Tennessee is one of the four most popular in the nation. Apart from these restaurants you need to visit in Tennessee, there are plenty of other dining options at every corner. You certainly won’t be hungry in TN, and you will provide your senses with some of the best digestive experiences that you can imagine.