Top-rated spots for expats in TN

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Tennessee, renowned for its rich musical heritage, scenic beauty, and Southern charm, has emerged as a popular choice among expatriates looking for a blend of culture, nature, and affordability. The Volunteer State offers a variety of cities, each with its own unique appeal, catering to the diverse needs and tastes of the global expat community. From the bustling blues-infused streets of Memphis to the serene suburban landscapes of Collierville, there is an assortment of top-rated spots for expats in TN that stand out in their hospitality, attractions, and overall quality of life. Hence, all you need to do is start with careful planning and hiring Spyder Moving and Storage. As for us, this guide will help you explore some of the best spots across certain cities, ensuring that expats get a comprehensive glimpse of what life in Tennessee can offer.

Some of the top-rated spots for expats in TN can be found in Cordova

Cordova, once a farming community on the outskirts of Memphis, has transformed over the years into a bustling suburban enclave boasting a mix of historical charm and modern convenience. For expats looking to settle in a quieter environment without sacrificing urban amenities, Cordova stands out as an excellent choice. Therefore, no wonder some of the best moving companies Cordova TN are that busy.

One of the most popular spots in Cordova for expats and locals alike is the Shelby Farms Greenline, a 10.65-mile-long urban trail connecting Cordova to the heart of Memphis. This scenic route offers both recreational and commuting opportunities, making it an ideal spot for jogging, biking, or just a leisurely stroll.

What else can you reveal in Cordova?

The Cordova International Farmer’s Market is another gem. It caters to the diverse palates of the global community, offering a plethora of international goods. People can find comfort in discovering familiar flavors from home, making the transition to life in Tennessee smoother.

Someone giving fruit to another person at the Farmers market in Cordova, one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN
Find new flavors but still enjoy those quite familiar to you at one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN.

For those who appreciate history, the Cordova Museum is a must-visit. Located in the old Cordova Railroad Station, the museum tells the story of Cordova’s evolution from a rural village to a lively suburb. It’s a great place for everyone to immerse themselves in local culture and history. Lastly, the community events held at Cordova Community Center provide a fantastic avenue for expats to mingle and integrate. With a calendar packed with workshops, classes, and local festivities, it’s a hub of local interaction and a great way to forge new friendships.

Memphis is dynamic

The storied city on the Mississippi River, Memphis is famed for its rich cultural and historical significance. Expatriates are eager to rely on the best local moving companies Memphis in order to experience a dynamic mix of music, cuisine, and heritage. Thus, this amazing place is a top choice for those seeking an authentic American experience.

The neon light sign that says Beale Street as one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN
Music fans will be absolutely delighted to spend time at Beale Street with other locals and tourists.

At the heart of Memphis’ appeal is Beale Street, one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN. It is known as a historic street that beats with the rhythm of the blues. As a matter of fact, it’s more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a rite of passage for anyone new to the city. You can delve into the rich musical history, soak up live performances, and mingle with locals and visitors from around the globe.

Memphis abounds in so many lovely spots you can enjoy

Besides the above-mentioned things, we have decided to present some of the places that will truly delight you. They will surely be the reason to contact affordable movers Memphis TN. After all, the opportunity to witness the best spots in Memphis is unique.

  • The Memphis Riverfront is another hotspot, offering a peaceful escape with beautiful views of the Mississippi River. The parks and recreational areas along the riverfront are perfect for picnics, leisurely strolls, or simply watching the riverboats.
  • For food enthusiasts, Central BBQ is the place you should never miss to visit. Memphis is renowned for its barbeque, and this spot is a favorite among both locals and expats. Dive into mouthwatering ribs and pulled pork while experiencing a true taste of Southern hospitality.
  • Culture seekers are to come to the National Civil Rights Museum located at the former Lorraine Motel. It’s an immersive experience that delves deep into America’s civil rights movement, making it both an educational and emotionally impactful visit.
  • Finally, the Cooper-Young Historic District offers a combination of quaint shops, eclectic restaurants, and historic architecture. It’s a hub for those looking to experience the local arts scene, boutique shopping, and community events.

Arlington is a gem of Shelby County

Make sure to contact movers Arlington TN and grab the opportunity to move to Arlington. Often described as a gem of Shelby County, it elegantly fuses the charm of small-town living with the convenience of nearby urban amenities. For expatriates seeking a quieter, more intimate setting without being isolated from city life, Arlington offers a delightful balance.

A favorite gathering spot is Arlington’s Depot Square. This historic area, reminiscent of classic American town squares, boasts antique shops, eateries, and community events. The square regularly hosts farmer’s markets and festivals, making it a lively hub where expats can immerse themselves in local culture.

In case you like spending time outside, Arlington has what you need

For outdoor enthusiasts, Arlington’s Parks System is a treasure. Thus, don’t miss the chance to contact your local movers Tennessee and have your children enjoy these green spaces. Particularly, Forrest Street Park stands out with its lush green fields, playgrounds, and walking trails. It’s an excellent locale for families, weekend picnics, or just basking in the serenity of nature.

A boy on the slide
Let your children and yourself enjoy extraordinary parks in Arlington. After all, its parks present some of the top-rated sports for expats in TN.

Also, people with a penchant for golf will appreciate the Quail Ridge Golf Course. Not only does it offer challenging play, but its well-maintained greens and friendly community make it a popular spot for both novice and experienced golfers.

Arlington offers much more than this, you just need time to explore

A highlight for those interested in history is the Rachel H.K. Burrow Museum. This establishment captures the essence of Arlington’s rich past, providing a window into the area’s evolution and its significance in the broader Tennessee narrative. Lastly, the local eateries, like the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, offer delicious Southern fare in a cozy setting. Such spots will provide you with the chance to indulge in authentic local flavors while mingling with the warm residents of Arlington.

Jackson has a great community spirit

If you want to get familiar with the art, culture, and history of Jackson, the time has come to opt for movers Jackson TN. This exceptional city is located in West Tennessee and is a place where you will feel true community spirit.  To start with, one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN is definitely the Casey Jones Village. This historic attraction celebrates the life of the legendary railroad engineer Casey Jones and offers an insight into Jackson’s rail history. It includes a museum, an old train station, and a quaint village setting that’s both educational and delightful to explore.

On the other hand, for those inclined towards the arts, the Ned R. McWherter West Tennessee Cultural Arts Center is a cornerstone of Jackson’s cultural scene. Hosting a myriad of performances, from plays to concerts, it’s an energetic hub where expats can immerse themselves in local and international artistic expressions.

A bird on the tree at one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN
Your coming to Jackson is the right thing to do if you are a fan of natural beauty, historical spots, and culture.

Cypress Grove Nature Park appeals to nature lovers and bird watchers who are willing to rely on one of the best moving companies in Tennessee to enjoy this natural wonder. With its walking trails, serene ponds, and a striking array of avian residents, it’s a haven of tranquility amidst the city’s hustle. The park’s boardwalk, winding through the cypress forest, offers a unique vantage point to appreciate the area’s natural beauty.

For those with culinary inclinations, Downtown Jackson boasts an array of eateries. Establishments like Rock’n Dough Pizza + Brewery present an opportunity to indulge in local flavors, and for expats, it’s a chance to get a genuine taste of Jackson’s gastronomic delights.

Macon offers opportunities for everyone

Coming to Macon County with the help of the best moving companies in Macon TN will open a variety of opportunities for everyone. For instance, Herb Parsons Lake stands out as a cornerstone of local recreation. This 245-acre lake, managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, is an ideal spot for freshwater fishing, with its waters teeming with largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. Surrounded by pristine forests, the area also offers hiking and mountain biking trails, making it a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts. Birdwatchers will particularly enjoy the diverse avian population that frequents the lake and its surroundings.

Macon’s Country Stores offers a glimpse into traditional Tennessee living. These establishments are more than just shopping venues; they’re a cultural experience. Expats can find locally-made crafts, fresh produce, and delightful Southern snacks and treats. It’s also a great place to strike up a conversation with locals and get to know the community better.

Collierville is a charming town

Hire one of the best moving companies Collierville TN, with the aim of witnessing all the marvels offered by Collierville, a town situated in Shelby County. This is a picturesque town that seamlessly marries its storied past with modern amenities. One thing is certain: it has the charm and array of attractions that make it a delightful destination.

Cars in front of a building where the word Collierville is written
Whether you want old or new, old-fashioned or contemporary, Collierville has it all.

The heart of Collierville is undoubtedly its Historic Town Square, often touted as “the best Main Street in America.” This beautifully preserved square boasts boutique shops, local eateries, and the historic Morton Museum of Collierville History. The square often comes alive with community events and festivals, offering expats an excellent opportunity to socialize with locals. Furthermore, Shelby Farms Greenline also extends to Collierville, providing a scenic pathway for walking, cycling, or jogging.

For those inclined towards arts and culture, the Harrell Performing Arts Theatre is an excellent place to visit. Hosting a wide range of performances, from local plays to concerts, it stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to the arts.

Are you inclined to spend your free time outdoors?

Collierville definitely has it all. Enjoy the fresh air and great spots outside with your family. One thing you shouldn’t forget to visit is W.C. Johnson Park. With its beautiful lakes and extensive walking trails, it provides a tranquil setting for relaxation and recreation. This beautiful park stands out as one of the top-rated spots for expats in TN. It’s a favored spot for family picnics, weekend getaways, or just a quiet evening stroll. Finally, for shopping aficionados, the Carriage Crossing is an open-air shopping center with a plethora of brands, restaurants, and entertainment options, ensuring that expats have access to modern amenities.

A woman and a girl in a park
You can expect to enjoy

A mosaic of experiences awaits

Altogether, Tennessee, with its vast landscapes, amazing culture, and rich history, offers expatriates a diverse range of experiences, from the bustling urban allure of Memphis to the serene beauty of smaller towns like Collierville and Macon. Each city and town has its unique charm, be it through music, nature, culinary delights, or historical landmarks. The Volunteer State’s ability to harmoniously blend traditional Southern hospitality with modern amenities makes it an ideal destination for expats from all walks of life. Whether one is seeking the rhythm of blues, the tranquility of lakeside vistas, or the warmth of community gatherings in historic squares, Tennessee promises a fulfilling and enriching life. In essence, the top-rated spots for expats in TN stand as a testament to its diverse appeal.  Every expatriate can find a piece of Tennessee that resonates with their heart.