Top places to visit before moving to Denver

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Denver is a city worth exploring, especially if you’re planning to move here with the help of moving professionals like Spyder Moving and Storage CO. To get a real sense of what Denver has to offer, it’s crucial to visit some key areas. This article will guide you through the top places to visit before moving to Denver. Checking out these places can help you understand the neighborhoods, the lifestyle, and what you can expect to live here. It’s practical to see these spots yourself to decide if Denver suits your needs for work, recreation, and community. 

Downtown Denver is one of the first places to visit before moving to Denver

Downtown Denver is the city’s busy center, where business and leisure meet. It appeals to both those who live here and those just visiting. At the 16th Street Mall, you’ll find a vibrant pedestrian area filled with street performers, local shops, and places to eat. Union Station is another spot you shouldn’t miss. It’s still a working transit hub, but it’s also home to a variety of boutiques and restaurants that highlight the renewed spirit and architecture of Denver. If you’re planning to move, consider exploring this area to see what it’s like to be in the heart of Denver. This is also an area moving companies Denver CO locals recommend checking out, as it gives a good sense of the lively urban lifestyle you can expect. 

Union Station - one of the top places to visit before moving to Denver
Downtown Denver should be first on your list of places to visit before moving to Denver because it shows you both the business and leisure side of living in the city, all in one trip.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is right in the middle of Denver and is full of history. It’s a lively area with lots to see. If you’re looking at places to visit before moving to Denver, make sure to stop by the Colorado State Capitol. It’s easy to spot with its big golden dome. You can tour the building to learn about its design and the history it has seen. Not far from there is the Molly Brown House Museum. This place tells the story of Molly Brown, who survived the Titanic. The museum shows what life was like back then and keeps the memory of Denver’s past alive. Visiting these spots gives you a real feel for Denver’s history and the character of Capitol Hill. It’s a good way to see what this city is about, especially if you’re thinking of moving here.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a top spot for shopping and dining in Denver, boasting more than 160 stores. This area includes upscale boutiques and well-known brands inside the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Right next to it, Cherry Creek North offers a more laid-back vibe with its tree-lined streets that feel like a neighborhood. Here, you can explore art galleries, grab coffee at local cafes, or relax at one of the luxurious spas. It’s a great place for a day of leisure and shopping. If you’re thinking about moving to Denver and need help with your move, consider the apartment movers Denver offers. Cherry Creek is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys shopping and wants to experience one of Denver’s most stylish districts. It gives a glimpse into the comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle that Denver can offer.

People at an art gallery while visiting some of the top places to visit before moving to Denver
If you’re a fan of visiting art galleries, Cherry Creek should definitely be one of the places to visit before moving to Denver on your list.

LoDo (Lower Downtown)

LoDo is Denver’s oldest area and is known for its old Victorian buildings and lively nightlife. It’s one of the places to visit before moving to Denver because it gives you a taste of the city’s history and modern entertainment. Larimer Square is a busy spot in LoDo, lit up with string lights. Here, you can find many restaurants and bars where local chefs serve up great food. Just a short walk away is Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play baseball. Watching a game there is fun and adds to what you can enjoy in LoDo. This neighborhood combines old architecture with fun modern activities, making it a good place to explore if you’re thinking of moving to Denver. You can get a feel for both the city’s past and its vibrant present by visiting LoDo.

RiNo (River North Art District)

RiNo, short for River North Art District, has become a key artistic area in Denver. It’s full of amazing street art and modern art galleries. If you love beer, there are plenty of craft breweries here too. The whole district used to be industrial, but now it’s covered in colorful murals that make the streets pop and draw people in. Whether you’re really into art or just like seeing new and interesting things, you’ll enjoy RiNo. It’s a lively and exciting part of the city. If you’re planning to move here, you might want to look into the local movers Denver CO residents recommend. They can help you settle in quickly so you can start exploring all the cool spots like RiNo right away. This area shows off Denver’s creative side and is worth a visit.

People drinking beer
If you’re a fan of beer, the breweries in RiNo will be a fun visit for you while you explore Denver before moving there.


The Highlands neighborhood in Denver is a great mix of old and new. You’ll find Victorian-era homes next to modern boutiques and restaurants. This area shows how the city’s architecture has changed over time. The Highlands is also known for its variety of food and unique shops, which reflect the area’s rich history and modern vibes. It’s a place where you can enjoy both the past and the present. If you’re moving to Denver and need help with your furniture, check out the furniture movers Denver has to offer. They can make moving into this beautiful area easier. Whether you’re into history or just want to enjoy some good food and shopping, the Highlands is worth visiting. It’s perfect for anyone who likes a neighborhood that has both historic charm and a contemporary feel.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a favorite outdoor area in Denver, known for its two beautiful lakes and well-kept gardens. It’s a peaceful place away from the busy city life. The park has plenty of paths for jogging and biking, along with facilities for sports, making it ideal for those who love being active outdoors and families who want to spend time in nature. It’s one of the places to visit before moving to Denver because it shows you the kind of outdoor activities the city offers right within its urban areas. Whether you’re into running, cycling, playing sports, or just want to relax by the lake, Washington Park has something for everyone. Visiting here can help you see what living in Denver could be like if you enjoy having easy access to beautiful, natural spaces.

People having a picnic at the park
Visiting Washington Park will give you a chance to experience one of the ways Denver’s residents can get away from city life and relax for a day.

Golden Triangle Creative District

This area is the cultural center of Denver, home to the Denver Art Museum and many other important cultural sites. Civic Center Park, right in the middle of the neighborhood, is ringed by government and cultural buildings. This makes it a key spot for both artistic activities and community involvement. If you’re moving here and need help with your belongings, consider using a packing service Denver locals recommend. They can help make your transition smoother, allowing you more time to explore places like this. The neighborhood is perfect for anyone interested in arts and culture. Visiting these sites can give you a feel for Denver’s rich cultural scene, making it an essential stop if you’re thinking about living in this vibrant city.

Five Points

Five Points is one of Denver’s historic neighborhoods and a great place to learn about the city’s jazz history. It’s known for its lively music scene and cultural festivals, such as the Juneteenth celebration. This area has a long history as a center for African-American culture in Denver, which you can feel in its vibrant streets and community events. If you’re considering moving to Denver, Five Points should be on your list of places to visit before moving to Denver. It gives you a taste of the city’s rich cultural diversity and its strong community vibes. Whether you’re interested in history, or music, or just looking to experience some of Denver’s unique culture, Five Points offers a glimpse into what makes this city special and how it celebrates its heritage.

A saxophone player
One of the best aspects of visiting the Five Points neighborhood before moving to Denver is finding a nice place to sit down, have a drink, and listen to some jazz music.

City Park

City Park is a great place in Denver, especially for families and anyone who loves nature. It’s home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, two popular spots where you can learn a lot and have fun. The park itself is big, with lots of trails for walking or biking, several lakes, and places to have a picnic. It’s perfect for spending a day outdoors, whether you want to be active or just relax. The variety of things to do makes it a standout destination in Denver’s busy city life. If you enjoy being outside and are thinking about moving to Denver, City Park should be on your list of places to visit. It shows how the city blends natural spaces with urban living, giving residents and visitors the best of both worlds.

South Pearl Street

South Pearl Street is a popular spot in Denver that mixes old buildings with a modern way of living. This street is famous for its lively farmers market, where you can find fresh local produce and handmade goods. There are also many different restaurants and small shops that give the street a warm, neighborhood feel. It’s a great place to experience the friendly atmosphere Denver is known for. If you’re planning a move to Denver from a different city, you might want to check out the long distance moving companies Denver offers. They can help you settle into places like South Pearl Street smoothly. Visiting South Pearl Street can give you a real sense of what living in Denver might be like, especially if you enjoy community-centered areas with lots of things to do and see.

A person buying something at the farmers market
South Pearl Street can give you a feel for what your day-to-day life in Denver might be like.

The Denver Botanic Gardens

Located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood, the Denver Botanic Gardens are a peaceful place filled with beauty. Here, you can see a wide variety of plants and flowers from all over the world. The gardens are designed with different themes, creating beautiful landscapes that make it a great spot for a relaxing walk or just to enjoy nature. If you’re moving to Denver and looking for moving help in Denver, visiting places like the Denver Botanic Gardens can be a refreshing break from the stress of relocation. It’s also a chance to get to know one of the city’s lovely natural spots. Whether you’re a plant lover or just looking for a calm place to unwind, the Denver Botanic Gardens offer a unique experience that showcases the natural diversity and beauty of Denver.

Sloan’s Lake Park

Sloan’s Lake Park is a big favorite in Denver because of its large lake and great views of the city skyline. It’s a perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking, water sports, and picnics. Many locals love this park for its beautiful scenery and the variety of things you can do there. Whether you’re looking to stay active or just want to relax outdoors, Sloan’s Lake Park has something for everyone. It’s especially good for anyone who enjoys being near the water or likes to stay active with things like walking or paddle boating. This park shows off Denver’s ability to combine natural beauty with fun outdoor activities, making it a great place to spend a day whether you’re already living in Denver or just thinking about moving here.

The Denver skyline
One of the things people like most about visiting Sloan’s Lake Park is the great view of the city skyline.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks is a famous concert venue and park, just a short drive from Denver, that people from all over the world come to see. It’s known for its large red rock formations that make a great backdrop for concerts and other events. Besides the music, the park also has hiking trails where you can enjoy beautiful views and learn about the area’s natural history. Whether you’re there for a show or to hike, Red Rocks offers a unique experience because of its impressive landscape and the outdoor activities it provides. This makes it a must-visit place, especially if you enjoy nature and live music. It’s one of those places that combine natural beauty with entertainment. It gives visitors a chance to see why it’s so well-loved not just in Denver, but globally.

Remember to check out these places to visit before moving to Denver

Denver is a diverse city with a lot to offer, from beautiful parks and historic areas to lively downtown and cultural spots. If you’re thinking about moving to Denver, visiting these places can help you understand what the city is like. Seeing these areas for yourself is one of the best ways to learn about Denver’s culture and way of life. It can also help you decide if Denver is the right place for you to move. There are many places to visit before moving to Denver that will show you the different sides of the city. Whether you’re interested in nature, history, or art, or just want to feel the energy of the city center, Denver has something for everyone. Exploring these spots can make you more excited about your potential new home and help you see where you might fit in best.