Top MS spots for foodies

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Mississippi’s cuisine, which is well-known for its fish, shrimp, and grits, as well as a lot of deliciously sticky barbecued pork and beef, has been affected by generations of European immigration and the state’s closeness to the Gulf Coast. The best venues in Mississippi to enjoy the finest American cuisine range from fancy restaurants and food festivals to traditional BBQ joints. This state is like heaven for all travelers, commercial movers, residents, and every type of person who visits or lives here. But what are some of the top MS spots for foodies?

Oxford Mississippi is one of the top MS spots for foodies

We can’t talk about top MS spots for foodies without mentioning Oxford. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or someone who just enjoys a nice meal, Oxford is a gourmet destination like no other. The dining scene in Oxford has received widespread praise. And the essential component is still local flavor, so wherever you choose to eat, you can count on a satisfying dinner. It’s difficult to discuss Oxford dining without bringing up Chef John Currence, the former Top Chef contestant, and James Beard prized chef.

Food on plates
There are many different types of food you can choose from. As well as different tastes you can enjoy.

In Oxford, he has created a delicious “dine-asty” that has attracted foodies from all over the country and helped make this town famous. The food at City Grocery is known for its approachable elegance and is tasty without ever being pretentious. Currence’s shrimp and grits recipe has even become a legend in Oxford. With all these delicious options around, it’s no wonder many decide to relocate to Oxford and live in the center of it all. If you happen to be one of them, contact Oxford movers and packers and move into the city in no time.

You will not be disappointed with the crab cakes and Bouré burger at Bouré, which is located across the Square. It offers a Southern twist on traditional American fare. Chef Vishwesh Bhatt & Currence, 2019 James Beard Award winners, add their unique flair to the menu at Snackbar. Fusing Indian and Southern cuisines. It also features a raw oyster bar.

More options in Oxford?

Speaking of brunch, it’s a tradition at Oxford that people take very seriously. They have what you need. Whether you want a steaming hot cup of locally roasted coffee first thing in the morning or a relaxing late-morning meal, you’ll get it here. A safe bet would be the famous BBB and Saint Leo morning fare. As well as Bottletree Bakery, among the most adored locations on The Square. Freshly made pastries, bread, biscuits, and more. They are available Thursday through Sunday early in the morning for the crowds that will definitely fill the bakery’s mismatched chairs and enjoy its renowned Bowl of Soul.

Bakery windows
If you are interested in one of the more popular places, try to make a reservation on time.

Top MS spots for foodies for lone travelers are the low-top bar and Cabin 82. A little café tucked away in the Graduate Oxford hotel lobby are enjoyable places to grab a bite, browse the local newspaper, and people-watch. Do you feel like anything sweet? Try High Rise Doughnuts, one of Oxford’s hottest new eateries. In this place, the artisan croissant-dough treats are thoughtfully made with a blend of delectable and distinctive flavors. Like banana pudding and the family-favorite milk and cookies.

Hattiesburg – a bang for your buck

For foodies, Hattiesburg, a city in Mississippi, is a fantastic vacation spot. There are countless meals to eat there, with 200+ local restaurants. So it’s no wonder it made its way on our Top MS spots for foodies checkboard. If you’ve just used one of the moving companies Hattiesburg MS has to offer and moved here, you don’t want to cook on the first day after the move. So here is our list of things to eat and drink in Hattiesburg.

The Cheddar biscuit base of a Bru’s Breakfast Bowl is topped with bacon, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese. Breakfast bowls were never as inviting. It’s a full meal that’s worth only $11. The Depot Kitchen and Market is a neighborhood eatery close to the Hattiesburg Train Depot, making it an excellent spot to get a bite for history buffs, Amtrak travelers, and anybody else looking for delicious meals. The crew is trained in Southern hospitality, and the restaurant has a friendly atmosphere.

Food on a tray in one of Top MS spots for foodies
If you want an experience worthy of the top MS spots for foodies, try to book everything in advance.

The Skinny Elvis is an $8 breakfast item that includes whole-wheat toast, peanut butter, bananas, honey, fresh berries, and granola. The amount of food is genuinely surprising. And for once in your life, your spouse might finish the bowl before you do. With this recipe, you’ll be able to eat something healthy and still feel thoroughly satisfied.

Starkville – treat yourself

The “college town” of Mississippi, Starkville, has something for everyone. This town offers many entertainment and adventure opportunities, including rodeos, historical attractions, and outdoor activities. This town also has a wide variety of restaurants to suit every taste, like any other forthcoming tourism destination. Moving here would mean being in one of the best spots to try some delicious meals every day. So while movers Starkville MS are taking care of your items, you can embark on a memorable gourmet adventure and see why this is one of the top MS spots for foodies.

Without a doubt, Harveys is among the top restaurants in Starkville. This restaurant serves various delectable and enticing American dishes, such as cajun spaghetti and Philly cheesesteaks. Additionally, it offers a beautiful atmosphere created by calming music and exquisite old-brick woodwork. The restaurant’s 10-ounce prime rib is an excellent option for dinner in Starkville. This meat piece is luscious, rich, mesmerizingly tender, and overflowing with meaty tastes after being cooked to perfection.

If you’re looking for one of Starkville’s most well-liked restaurants, Bulldog Burger Company seems to be the place to go. It serves amazing local beers in addition to its expensive gourmet burgers. Did we also explain that it boasts a superb old-style rural atmosphere? Take advantage of the chance to try their freshmen 15 burgers. Bibb lettuce, bacon, panko-fried mozzarella, and other fresh ingredients are all packed into this mouthwatering, hearty burger.

Southaven – variety is all around

Why is Southaven on our top MS spots for foodies? Southaven provides various options, making it the perfect starting point for a Mississippi cuisine trip. Despite being less well-known than Memphis, which is nearby, this location is no less unique. There are plenty of things to try here, whether you prefer meat or vegetables. Many restaurants use foreign flare as inspiration to create something distinctive. During your relocation here, you can ask the employees from the reliable moving companies Southaven MS offers for opinions, as locals always know some hidden gems.

handburger and fries
Tray ant explores a couple of restaurants. This is the best way to find your favorite.

Maria’s Cantina, which opened in 2010, serves customers looking for distinctive Mexican cuisine. It’s no secret how well-liked Mexican cuisine has become over time. To add something fresh, Maria’s Cantina gives those classic dishes a distinctive twist. With its strategy, this restaurant ascended to become one of the top dining establishments in Southaven. The lively atmosphere of this cafe, which welcomes everyone, is also appreciated by many customers.

Start with some battered & fried jalapeno chips to evaluate your spice tolerance level. The sirloin rice bowl containing vegetables, salsa, slaw, & chipotle sauce will fill you up. Make sure to order the chimichurri shrimp and cilantro-lime rice among the entrees.

Tupelo – the perfect balance of healthy and hearty

The dining scene in Mississippi is incredibly diversified, and Tupelo’s eateries are no exception. Restaurants serve Mexican food, Southern comfort food, Creole food, traditional American food, and everything else in between. Whether you’re craving tacos, pizza, sushi, nutritious comfort cuisine, or a sumptuous brunch, there will surely be a Tupelo eatery that you will undoubtedly adore.

If you just moved in with some help from moving companies Tupelo MS, you should visit more restaurants until you find your favorite. And being one of the top MS spots for foodies, we are sure you will find it quickly. While Denver’s is not exactly a fast food establishment. it is also not a formal sit-down restaurant either. Instead, you can anticipate a relaxed setting and a decent menu. Locals frequent this restaurant since they know they’ll get a tasty dinner quickly. Although the structure may appear a bit old, this is part of its laid-back and welcoming appeal.

The enormous salad bar at this Tupelo eatery is its biggest feature. You can choose from several toppings, vegetables, dressings, and different salad kinds. Sandwiches, hamburgers, and chicken tenders are also available on the menu. Try their Catfish Dinner, the 8-ounce NY Strip Steak, or a basket of fried shrimp if you’re looking for something a little more substantial. Every day they also serve breakfast, which includes traditional fare. In Tupelo, Danver’s is a fantastic choice for fast yet delectable dining.

food stalls are some of the top MS spots for foodies
Food stalls are also an excellent way to get your food while you are on the go.

Laurel – just like grandma used to make it

The filming location for the HGTV program Home Town is Laurel, Mississippi. Because of the endearing hosts and endearing community, this is the people’s favorite of the house improvement series. If you ever come here for a visit, you will discover many things to do. So it comes as no surprise that movers Laurel MS help a big number of people move in regularly. This town is also one of the top MS spots for foodies. So you know there is no way you will go hungry next to all of the Laurel, Mississippi fantastic eateries!

The preferred dining establishment in Laurel, MS, may have been Pearl’s Diner. On Saturdays at Pearl’s, there is a line to place the order.  But if you want lovely southern home cooking, it will be worth the wait! Everything is mouthwatering. It reminds people of having their country granny cook for them.

Miss Pearl, who has been highlighted in Home Town, is sometimes present when people visit her eatery. Undoubtedly, she keeps things going! The food at Pearl’s Diner is excellent throughout… But the mac and cheese, everyone. Definitely give this staple a try!

The Loft near Central is bustling and welcoming.  Their bar area includes a dark wood décor, a brick floor, and a pleasant, vintage ambiance. While you wait for your table, you can indulge in a delectable peach drink. The restaurant serves seafood and steak, with ribeye as the most popular cut. Even though sometimes it is chilly and rainy, there is still outdoor seating, which would be pleasant in nice weather. On Friday nights, live music also is present.

Brandon – the best pizza in town is just around the corner

Foodies frequently rate Brandon as one of the best locations to live in the state. Additionally, Brandon has some incredibly delicious cuisine. Movers Brandon MS help people move in, and they, in turn, help the local cuisine by opening eateries. Let’s begin with The Cleaners by Pizza Shack, one of our favorite restaurants in Brandon.

In addition to serving the best pizza in town, this establishment also offers gyros, salads, and wings. It is housed in a classic two-story building with a fantastic outside patio on the second floor.   Do you need any recommendations for good pizza? We recommend The Diamond, which comes with two types of bacon, two types of sausage, and a drizzle of barbecue sauce. Select from conventional, cauliflower, or thin & crispy crusts.

Meat on the grill
Meat on the grill is one way to have a pleasant dinner with friends! So find a place that marches your vibe as well.

One of the landmarks in Mississippi is Newk’s Eatery. They are dedicated to giving their customers great culinary experiences.  It’s clearly one of the most well-liked restaurants in town. Freshly tossed salads, handmade pizzas, desserts, and so on are all available on Newk’s quick service menu. After placing your order, proceed to the Round Table, where you may grab free condiments for your meals or just snacks like breadsticks and high-quality olive oil.

Burgers, Blues, Barbecue serves Brandon’s top burgers. This kid-friendly fast-service restaurant provides delicious food in a lively setting. Burgers, sandwiches, wrap, salads, nachos, exceptionally outstanding French fries & blue plate specials are available during the week at B3 (as the eatery is widely referred to as).

Although the burgers are quite good, there is also the pulled pork, which is diced very finely and served with an acidic sauce that isn’t too sweet. The fries at BBB are incredible! What makes this one of the top MS spots for foodies is that you can listen to live music during your dining experience Thursday through Saturday at Burgers, Blues, Barbecue.