Top MS cities to move to with friends

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There are many things you will need to think about when relocating depending on your personal preferences. From the basic stuff like costs of living and transportation to some other things that include more finesse. When it comes to young people, there are many boxes a certain place needs to tick off in order to fill their needs and expectations. One of the most important things the younger crowd is looking for is a place’s potential for fun, adventure, and good, memorable times. Luckily for them, Mississippi has no shortage of youthful and energetic happenings and spots. So if you have been thinking about moving to a certain place, check out our list of the top MS cities to move to with friends. Once you find the perfect one, you can hire Spyder Moving and Storage MS and relocate with ease and no worries on your mind.

What are the top MS cities to move to with friends?

As we have stated, young people have a different state of mind than other age groups, meaning that different things that matter to them. Of course, apart from fun, they’ll also prioritize being able to afford to live in a certain place. Only then can they hire one of the moving companies in Mississippi and relocate without worrying. This is precisely why we’ve made sure to gather all the necessary info on the top MS places in one place. This way, you’ll be able to deduce exactly the city for you. Here are our top picks:

  1. Gulfport
  2. Biloxi,
  3. Jackson
  4. Starkville
  5. Southaven
  6. Hattiesburg
friends talking about top MS cities to move with friends
Choose a place that will be suitable for everyone.


While not the most well-known, Gulfport is the perfect place for young people living with friends. You will find that the living prices are affordable and that there are plenty of fun activities you’ll have available One of the most important things is that you will be able to find a nice and comfortable place to live with your friends. Sharing the costs of living is something that will make life here easier. Especially if you decide on moving with one of the best moving companies Gulfport MS has to offer. You can even share the costs of the relocation and save up.

When it comes to the best things you can do here, you should check out the places that Gulfport can offer both indoors and outdoors. With so many museums like The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, and Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, you will be able to educate yourself on the latest that the art scene has to offer. And when it comes to activities that will make your night here memorable, you should check out some of the amazing bars and restaurants, which will be a great intro to the best pubs and clubs with modern music.

Biloxi – why is moving here with friends a good idea?

Next to the Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi is a wonderful place to move to with friends. The thing that defines this place is the huge number of restaurants with delicious seafood. Since the restaurant business in Biloxi is thriving, you will find a lot of job offers and opportunities in this field if that’s something that interests you. If you’re into gaming, you’ll be happy to know that the gaming industry here is at its highest level. And this is just when it comes to indoor forms of entertainment.

If you are a nature lover and you like to spend time outdoors with friends, you should know that you can find a lot of great spots for fishing. Sport fishing for snapper, grouper, and mackerel is great here. Hiring movers Biloxi MS has to offer is a great way to start your life here. They’ll be able to advise you not only on your moving process, but settling in and finding your footing as well.

friends at the beach
Biloxi is one of the top MS cities to move to with friends and have fun fishing.

Jackson is one of the top MS cities to move to with friends and here is why

Sports lovers, food lovers, outdoor lovers, you name it, Jackso, Mississippi has it. It is a perfect place for everyone who likes to have a good time. With a great offer for higher education and a lot of places to have fun, Jackson is one of the favorite cities in Mississippi. You will find so many places and things you can do along with your friends. There are activities for those who do not like to spend time at home.

However, introverts, don’t give up on the place just yet. You will also find so many great things you can do indoors. Game nights, karaoke, and watching sports are just some of them If you’re thinking about moving here with friends, make sure you hire one of the best moving companies Jackson MS offers and let professionals help you. You can concentrate on finding a place you can have fun with your best friends.


Lovely place Starkville is a perfect example of the combination of urban life and a quiet place to raise a family. You will find a lot of businessmen walking around, building their careers. And at the same time, you will find a lot of places where you can have fun, spend time with friends, and enjoy your free weekends. Many concerts and games are located here. You can find some happenings almost every month.

This will be a perfect place for those people moving with friends but looking to expand their business, start a new career, or even build a family. With this combination, you will not have to miss a single aspect of your life. Additionally, the average cost of living is what makes living here extra amazing. So take your chance, hire one of the best moving companies Starkville MS has and start your life in this magical place.

the person taking photos of friends
If you move to any of these cities, you and your friends will have a time of your life.

Southaven – does the name say it all?

Large Snowden Grove Park is one of the favorite places young people like to spend time. With various options for fun, amusing activities and just chilling, this place is a perfect match for all these young people looking for some days of outdoors. The other great thing about this place is some universities are widely open for interstate students. You will be happy to hear that the median age here is around 29. So not only that you will have fun here. But you will also get a chance to meet a new group of friends and expand your own. If you are the type of person who loves to spend time with a lot of people and a group of people with the same interests, there is nothing left for you than to hire one of the best moving companies Southaven MS is offering.

The last one on our list of top MS cities to move to with friends is the place called Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg has a cool nickname – The Hub City. It represents the perfect place for those who love shopping and cultural centers. This makes it one of the most suitable place for influencers. There are many things you can do here as a freelancer also. That is maybe the biggest reason why young people hire moving help Hattiesburg MS is offering and relocate here quite regularly. With tons of activities for young people, such as concerts, theater shows, and festivals, you and your friends are bound to have a blast here.

friends together
You will have a chance to meet so many new people.

Moving with friends is challenging

There are many things you need to take into consideration when moving with friends. You should know that no matter where you choose to move to, you need to set some boundaries and rules. These will help you have a nice and cozy life without too many obstacles and fighting. Unfortunately, many friends tend to end their relationships or grow apart after moving in together. If you want to avoid this when moving with your friends, make sure you have set boundaries.

How to make the rules?

We all have certain habits and routines we cannot live without. No matter how great your friends are, there are some things that you like to do with your doors closed and in your own privacy. That is why you should take the time to talk and discuss your boundaries before moving in together in any of these cities in the state of Mississippi.

Set the rules for the bathroom use

The first rule everyone should have is when it is time to use the bathroom. And since you are all going to use it, make sure that all of you clean it too. If you need, you can make some sort of list that will contain the hours and the cleaning schedule of the bathroom. This will be of huge help once you start living together.

How well do you know your friend?

So, before you move to one of the top MS cities to move to with friends, you should ask yourself: Do I know my friend at all? So, to get an answer to this question, make sure you tell your friend everything there is to know about yourself. You do not want any misunderstanding and unpleasant situations. You will also get to know your friends better this way.

group of friends bowling
Having fun is not the only thing you should be focusing on when living with friends

No matter which of the top MS cities to move to with friends you choose, everyone should keep their home clean

No matter how busy you get, home maintenance should be your priority. To have everything clean and neat, you should have a checklist or a board with home chores that you need to do. You can even divide tasks in making sure that everyone gets to do everything eventually

Finally, talk about the finances

Once you have checked the costs of living in a certain place, you need to sit down and have a serious conversation about the finances. Every house has its own rules. So it is time to make your own. You must know exactly how much money you will all bring to the table. How much money will everyone give for rent is something you should discuss first. And even if you are not paying for rent, you still have some bills and utilities you are all obligated to pay. After dividing and separating the finances for this, the next on the list is the grocery list and the things you need to buy to maintain the house. It should also be divided and everyone should pay for this equality. What will your friend do with the rest of his money, it is not your concern.

friends smiling and hugging at one of the top MS cities to move to with friends
With the same goal, you and your friends will be unstoppable.

Keep in mind that you might have the highest salary than your friends do. So make sure you all respect each other and that you do not expect too much from someone who is giving his best to live on the same level as you do.

Final words

If you approach this life-altering event with the right attitude, relocating to one of these top MS cities to move to with friends can be effortless. Make sure you are prepared for any mishaps that might happen and be ready to brush them off, keeping your mind on what is really important. Once you’ve moved and settled in, try to organize your busy schedule so that you can maintain your friendship while getting to explore the new city.