Top moving tips for senior couples

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People move every day. Some more than others but one thing is certain – we all move at some point. After a while, we get used to it but even if we are experienced, it gets harder with age. Therefore, we assembled a proper guide with moving tips for senior couples. Let us help you organize a successful and stress-free relocation.

Moving plan and moving tips for senior couples

You can’t do it all at once, which means you’ll need a moving checklist. It will help you break down a huge project into smaller tasks easier to handle. So, your moving checklist should look like this:

  • Moving date – Check your schedule and pick a date that suits you best.
  • Budget – After evaluating all the steps you must take, calculate the moving costs, and set aside a moving budget.
  • Moving company – Contact your moving companies in Mississippi and hire the professional moving assistance you deserve. Affordable and safe way to relocate.
  • Decluttering – Clean, downsize, and recycle.
  • Packing – Obtain enough packing materials to pack and relocate everything you possess.
  • Legalities and utilities – Gather all your essential documents, valuable papers, moving documents, and leftover bills. Also, update all relevant parties with your new contact info and the change of address.

On top of it, you should add the moving inventory list to make sure that all your belongings are there. Also, it will make everything easier when you began unpacking and settling in. Simply follow your list and unpack gradually. It is good to know where your items are.

Set aside a moving budget and contact movers on time

Probably the most important stage in the whole process is to find a reliable moving company and calculate your real moving costs. Before you decide on purchasing anything you must inspect your movers. This way you’ll be sure that they possess all the means to relocate you safely. You want to check if they have a license and permits to operate. Moreover, they should have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and a proper vehicle. Once you are sure that your choice is a legit one, contact your movers and communicate the details further. Evaluate and inspect moving services Hattiesburg MS and you will realize many ways on how to make your relocation cheaper and time-efficient. Movers will provide onsite estimates which will help immensely. You will have the opportunity to calculate the exact cost and work on the improvements.

Elderly man talking over phone and using laptop
Contact your movers on time, calculate your moving budget, and start packing.

And do not worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Movers will work closely with you and with a unique approach to each customer, they’ll find the best way to relocate your home.  Furthermore, movers are aware of how everything can be emotional for senior citizens. It is why they have special services and offers for senior customers.

Prepare for a thorough decluttering

One of the most valuable moving tips for senior couples is to declutter as much as possible. Whether you are moving into a new house, apartment, or into assisted living, you must get rid of the old stuff. Especially because you have a lot accumulated over a lifetime. It might not look at first, but you certainly have a few dust-gatherers. Therefore, ask one of your children, grandchildren, or a friend to help you shuffle through your belongings. Yes, it will be an emotional hardship but it should be done.

The best way to do it is to go from room to room and inspect everything you have. You can take some time and inspect everything closely. After a few days, you’ll have a pile accumulated and ready to go. Then, you can sell your antiques and valuable or useful pieces. Do it online or via a garage sale. Or simply gift them to your friends and neighbors. Another great way to dispose of it is to donate to a shelter or a charity organization. But if you can’t be bothered, simply throw away or recycle.


Moving is hard and time-consuming. You will stretch, bend, and hurl boxes most of the time so keep that in mind before you attempt anything. Maybe it is best to seek additional help with this part. You can ask your friends and family to help you pack or enlist professional packing services. But if you as a senior couple decide on doing it by yourselves, let us show you how to do it. Firstly, you must obtain enough moving and packing materials. Visit your local hardware store and purchase enough cardboard moving boxes. You’ll need 30-40 depending on the size of your move.

Purchasing enough moving boxes is one among the moving tips for senior couples
Moving boxes are essential packing material. Make sure you obtain enough of it.

Then, you must buy some packing tape, wrapping paper, blister packs, and labels. Simply place blister packs inside the box to create a cushion. Or you can use anything you already have at home. A good replacement is old shirts, blankets, sheets, etc. And after you made a nest inside the box, place individually wrapped items inside. Fill gaps with crumpled packing paper or old newspaper, close your box, and apply a few layers of tape. Finally, label everything. Create a labeling system of your choice. You can use colors, numbers, names, or something similar. Make sure that each label matches the box from your inventory list and you will always know where your items are. Also, each box holding the fragile content should be clearly marked so everyone can see and take special care.

Utilize moving tips for senior couples and get ready for moving day

Now you know most of the moving tips for senior couples but one crucial step is left. To pack an essential bag and get ready for your moving day. Firstly, you must take care of yourself at least a week before the move. Take a good night’s sleep and eat well. The goal is to be well-rested and in a good mood to endure this emotional hardship ahead. So, you should dedicate a bag that will hold all the essentials for both you and your spouse. You should have a set of toiletries, a change of clothes, your hygiene set, and medicines. Also, if you have a homemade first-aid kit, you should bring that one as well.

But your essential bag should hold all your valuables and personal belongings as well. Your IDs, credit cards, wallets, jewelry, valuable papers, etc. Gather everything together and pack nicely in one bag. You can call it an overnight bag, essential bag, survival kit, or however you like. Just make sure to have one and transport it personally. Do not let anyone carry this instead because you can’t afford to lose it.

Settle in

With help from your loved ones, you will be able to organize your new home and settle in straight away. As a senior, you probably got used to knowing the environment. Everything should be organized accordingly to avoid hazards and unpleasantries. Not to mention that disabled elders need assistance and a certain home layout. Therefore, accommodate everything as soon as you arrive and unpack gradually. In a matter of days, your home will be operational and you’ll feel more comfortable. The goal is to make everything functional in a record amount of time. But worry not, your family members and your movers will assist as much as possible and make it all happen.

Room with furniture and a fireplace
Get cozy as soon as possible. Unpack the room you spent the most time in first.

And this was it, a few essential moving tips for senior couples. Surely, it will be emotionally hard for everyone involved. Especially if you are moving out from a home you spent your life in. But stay positive because new chapters await. At least now you know how to pack and relocate without any troubles and make this part easy as it can be. Good luck and stay safe.