Top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024

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Mississippi’s real estate market is full of opportunities in 2024 for those looking to invest. The state has a variety of cities, each with its benefits for investors. Choosing the right city is an important part of getting a good return on your investment. And professionals like our team at Spyder Moving and Storage MS can help make your move to one of these cities smooth and hassle-free. This guide will take you through the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024, giving you the straightforward facts you need to make a decision. Whether you’re looking to buy your first property or add to your portfolio, we’ve got the information to help you pick the right location.

Key factors to consider when choosing between Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024

Before diving into specific cities, it’s important to understand the key factors that make a real estate investment successful. These factors include the location’s economic growth, current trends in the rental market, and ongoing community development initiatives. Understanding these elements helps investors assess the long-term value of their investments. You also have to look at the employment rates, local amenities, and infrastructure improvements in each area. This information can indicate the potential for property value increases and stable rental income. Knowing what drives demand in these locations will guide you to make more informed decisions, ensuring that your investment aligns with markets that have strong growth potential and economic health.

A person using their laptop to research the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024
Before you settle on one of these Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024, make sure to research them thoroughly.


Pontotoc is a small city that’s growing fast and has a good market for real estate. Investing here is a smart move because the property prices are affordable and the local economy is getting stronger. When you’re looking at neighborhoods, think about the historic downtown area and the new suburbs. These places have modern features but are cheaper than what you’d find in bigger cities. Plus, if you ever need to move, you can rely on movers Pontotoc MS residents recommend. They know the area well and can make your move easier. This city is a great choice if you want to get more for your money, especially if you’re starting out in real estate investment or looking to expand your portfolio without spending too much.


In Senatobia, the economy is strong and the population is growing steadily. This makes it a great place for real estate investment. The city has good schools and plenty of manufacturing jobs, which helps keep the real estate market healthy. If you’re looking to invest in rental properties or places for businesses, Senatobia is a smart pick. There are also new homes being built close to where people work. These are perfect for families or anyone who wants to live near their job. And when it comes to moving, you can count on Senatobia MS movers to help. They’re known for being reliable and can make settling into your new investment much easier. With all these benefits, Senatobia stands out as a promising location for investors.

A man working at a factory
Senatobia is one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024 when it comes to both commercial and residential real estate.

Horn Lake

Horn Lake is near Memphis, which gives it good transport links that attract real estate investors. The city is seeing more people wanting both houses and places for businesses. This demand is because of its handy location and reasonable property prices. Whether you want to buy a home to live in or rent out, or you’re looking for a space for your business, Horn Lake has options. The city’s growth isn’t just about being close to Memphis; it’s also about offering great value. Plus, if you’re planning to move, the movers in Horn Lake MS are reliable and can help you settle in quickly. They understand the area well and can make your transition smooth. Investing in Horn Lake means taking advantage of both its location and its growing market.


Hernando has a friendly community feel and a stable growing market. People like living here because of the great schools and parks that are perfect for families. These features make Hernando a good place to invest in homes. The city is also becoming even more attractive because of new shops and businesses opening up. If you’re thinking about buying property to rent out, or even to live in, Hernando offers a lot of value. The neighborhood is safe, welcoming, and has everything you need close by. Plus, if you need help moving, you can rely on movers Hernando MS locals recommend. They’re trusted in the community and can make moving much easier. Investing in Hernando means becoming part of a growing community with lots of potential.

A family at the park with a child
The fact that there are so many great local parks and schools for kids is one of the main things that makes Hernando a great place to invest in residential properties.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch is growing fast economically, which has helped increase the value of properties here. When you compare it with nearby places like Memphis, you’ll see that Olive Branch offers a similar way of life but it’s cheaper to invest here. This makes it a great choice for people looking to invest in real estate. Whether you’re buying your first property or adding to your portfolio, Olive Branch provides good opportunities at a lower cost. The city has all the conveniences you need and is a welcoming place for new residents and businesses alike. If you’re planning to move, consider using the movers Olive Branch MS has to offer. They are known for their reliable service and can help make your move to this city smoother. Investing here could be a smart move due to its growing market and lower costs.


Gulfport is important for the local economy because of its port activities. These activities help both the industrial and residential real estate markets. The city is a key spot for logistics, which makes it a good place for investors to buy properties. Especially if they are looking for high commercial value. This strategic location helps Gulfport attract businesses and residents alike, creating a steady demand for property. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, Gulfport offers a lot of opportunities. Its role as a hub for shipping and trade means continuous growth and development, which can lead to higher property values over time. Investing here could be smart if you’re interested in properties that will attract businesses or offer good rental potential. This makes Gulfport a solid choice for real estate investment.


Tupelo’s real estate market has been strong for many years and it looks like it will keep growing. A big part of this growth is because of its manufacturing jobs and its fame as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. These factors make Tupelo a good place for investing in property for the long haul. It’s not just about being a famous city. It’s also about how steady and promising the market is here. You can find a variety of homes that fit different budgets, which makes it easier for more people to invest. If you’re moving here or buying a property to rent out, you’ll want to use the moving companies Tupelo MS residents recommend. They know the area well and can help you get settled without any hassle. Investing in Tupelo means you’re putting your money in a place that has both a rich history and a strong future.

A person counting money for investing in one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors
One of the biggest benefits of investing in Tupelo real estate is the fact that it offers properties at a lot of different price ranges which makes it easier for new investors to get their foot in the door.


Southaven is right below Memphis, which makes it a great place to invest in property. The city’s economy is doing well, helping to keep the housing and rental markets strong. A lot of people work in Memphis but choose to live in Southaven because it’s close and often less expensive. This makes homes in Southaven in high demand, especially for those looking for a good deal on an investment. Whether you’re buying a property to rent out or to live in, Southaven offers solid opportunities for good returns. Plus, getting moved into your new place is easy with the reliable moving companies Southaven MS offers. These movers are known for their good service and can help you settle into your new home without any trouble. Investing here is smart because of its location, strong market, and community appeal.


Biloxi is a coastal city that attracts a lot of tourists, which makes it a great place for real estate investment. The city’s tourism helps boost the market for seasonal homes and long-term property investments. Properties near the beach are especially popular and can be a good source of income for those looking to rent them out. Biloxi’s beautiful beachfront and its appeal to visitors mean that there’s always a demand for places to stay. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, Biloxi offers solid opportunities that take advantage of its tourism industry. This makes it one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024. Whether you’re looking to buy a vacation home or a permanent rental property, Biloxi has options that can meet your needs and help grow your investment.


Oxford is home to the University of Mississippi, which has a big impact on the local real estate market. Because so many students and university staff need places to live, rental properties are always in demand here. This means that investors who own rental properties in Oxford can count on a steady flow of income. The city’s constant stream of new and returning students each year keeps this demand high, making it a reliable place to invest. If you’re looking to buy or rent out property here, you’ll find that Oxford has a lot to offer. Additionally, if you ever need to move, you can get great moving help Oxford MS locals recommend. These movers know the area well and can make the moving process smooth and stress-free. Investing in Oxford is a smart choice due to its stable and active housing market.

University students walking to class
Because Oxford is the home of the University of Mississippi, the best choice in this city is to invest in rental real estate.


Ridgeland is known for being good to businesses and offers high-quality homes that appeal to professionals. The city is growing in both its business areas and its housing options. This makes it a great place for buying property, especially if you want a nice house near city conveniences. Ridgeland’s development is creating more opportunities for people who want to invest in a property that will attract renters or buyers looking for a higher standard of living. The expansion in the commercial sector means more jobs and more people moving to the area, which increases the demand for homes. If you’re considering investing in real estate, Ridgeland should be on your list. It’s one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024, with its mix of business growth and upscale residential developments.


Madison is popular because it offers a high-quality life with great schools and places to have fun, like parks and sports facilities. It’s a family-friendly city, which means many people want to live there. Especially in the suburbs. This growing demand makes Madison a good choice for those looking to invest in houses. If you’re thinking about buying a property to rent out or sell later, Madison has a lot of potential. The city’s focus on creating a welcoming environment for families keeps it in demand. This is why Madison is one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024. Buying a home here is considered a safe investment because the area continues to attract new residents looking for a safe, community-oriented place to raise their families.

A suburban neighborhood
If you’re considering investing in property in Madison, focus on the suburbs in the area. Homes in those neighborhoods tend to hold the most value.


Starkville is a busy university town with a lot of students from Mississippi State University needing places to live. This keeps the demand for housing strong and steady. Many students rent homes, so the rental market here is always active. Landlords usually don’t have to worry about empty properties because new students are always looking for somewhere to stay. This makes Starkville a good place for investing in rental properties. If you’re thinking about buying a house to rent out, Starkville could be a smart choice. It’s one of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024 because of its ongoing need for student housing. Investing here could mean a steady income from rent, thanks to the constant flow of students each year.

Consider each of these Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024

This list of the top Mississippi cities for real estate investors in 2024 shows there are many different places where you can invest, depending on what you’re looking for. Each city has its advantages, so picking the right one is important for your investment success. For example, some cities are great for renting to students while others are better for families or businesses. By looking at what each city offers, you can make a smart choice that fits your goals. Investing in the right place can help you make the most of your money. Mississippi’s real estate market is doing well, so now is a good time to think about where you want to invest. Use this guide to help you decide and get the best return on your investment.