Top Memphis outdoor activities

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Are you planning to move to Memphis, but you’re not sure what outdoor activities Memphis offers? Don’t worry! Spyder Moving Services Tennessee will help you find the top Memphis outdoor activities regardless of your lifestyle. Moving to a new city is both exciting, life-changing, but can be terrifying as well. That’s why keeping some of the old routines will help you feel more at home. If you liked to go jogging or walk through the forest to clear the mind, the good news is that you’ll be able to do the same, or similar, activities at Memphis. Let’s dive deeper into some of the best Memphis outdoor activities!

people in the forest
Hike through the forest with family or friends!

What can you expect of Memphis?

When you first hire some of the local movers Memphis TN offers, you won’t be thinking about outdoor activities, but about all the obligations that you need to do, but rest assured, if you’re an outdoor freak, you’re going to love everything that Memphis has to offer! From the everyday leisure activities, to outdoor nature sports, Memphis always delivers. You can even sit in the cafe and have a nice view if you need a morning or an afternoon only for yourself. While that’s not exactly what we would classify as a strictly outdoor activity, it’s sometimes what we need. When you want to rewind from other top outdoor activities, you can visit some of those places:

  • Huey’s downtown – If you enjoy the funky interior, give it a try!
  • Jenny’s Sno Cones – Since Memphis can get very hot, this is a perfect place where you can chill down and rewind.
  • Flight restaurant and wine bar
  • Cafe Eclectic
  • The Arcade restaurant

Start with sightseeing!

To start light, you can spend the day around the city doing various things and light activities. Some of the places that you can give a chance to are:

  • Visit the Memphis ZooEnjoy numerous animals and nice sights. It’s a perfect way to spend your day outside with family members and kids.
  • Check out the Peabody ducks – visit the luxurious hotel where you can see the ducks taking a stroll over the red carpet. It’s not something that you can witness everyday, nor something you’ll need a lot of time for – so why not?
  • Visit the local museums and galleries. There are numerous places like that in Memphis where you can satisfy your inner culture-freak while you take the rest day from your great Memphis outdoor activities! Memphis offers a lot of music-related exhibitions and museums, especially when it comes to soul and rock ‘n’ roll. If you’re into that kind of music, you’ll love it here!

Camping is one of the top Memphis outdoor activities

When you first start planning your Memphis relocation, it’s possible that you’ve booked your professional movers Memphis TN even before you’ve researched all the possibilities for Memphis outdoor activities. That’s okay – because you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Memphis is a great place for camping. To start,  you can go to numerous state parks or even Shelby Farms Park. If you have a backyard and it feels comfortable, but hot inside, simply spread the tent and enjoy the night sky (but don’t forget the bug spray!).

Top Memphis outdoor activities
One of the top Memphis outdoor activities is camping!

Get to exercising!

If you enjoy exercising, or it’s part of your daily routine that you very carefully plan, Memphis won’t disappoint you! It offers numerous opportunities for exercise, be it inside or outside. When it comes to outdoor places where you can exercise, since Memphis is located next to the river, you can go to the morning run and enjoy the nice view. The same goes for the numerous forests and parks that are close to the city, where you’ll see other people exercising as well. If you want to discover other places, try this:

  • Go biking! The sights through the city and nature are amazing. Over time Memphis has been transforming into a city where everyone uses bikes, so the biking culture is very present and flourishing. Go to the Hampline to start your biking journey!
  • Go to a hiking trail. If you like to walk through nature and like being challenged, then this is the right choice of activity for you. One exciting derivation of this activity is trail running. It will allow you to develop your cardiovascular system, while enjoying the smells, sounds, and sights of the beautiful nature and forests. 

Take a walk next to the river

Since Memphis is located next to the river, you can easily enjoy the beautiful, serene views while you walk or run every morning. That’s the palace where people gather in the evening to chill and enjoy the view and leisure time. It’s also the place that goes far in both directions so you have a lot of space and sights to explore. The biking is also very pleasant, and there are hundreds of miles of biking lanes that can take you downtown, midtown, and even next to the river. Enjoy your Memphis experience to the maximum and explore!

What are other great Memphis outdoor activities?

This is not the end of what Memphis offers! You can also:

  • Enjoy Memphis Parks 
  • Go fishing to various places
  • Get enrolled into one of the numerous fitness and yoga programs
  • Visit the Memphis Botanical Garden
  • If you have pets, go to the pet parks!
bike in a forest
Go biking on numerous bike roads and meet other bike-lovers!

Are you moving to Memphis yet?

As you can see, one of the Top Memphis outdoor activities is definitely biking. It’s a culture and the activity through which the people there connect. If you’re looking for a place that will welcome you, you’ve chosen the right one. To start your life on the right foot, you’ll need reliable movers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send a free quote or give us a call – we’ll gladly tell you more about our moving services, reasonable prices, and the way that we conduct relocations. Why wait any longer? Book a stress-free move to your dream city today!