Top hiking trails in Tennessee worth venturing

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Keeping an active lifestyle is very important and praiseworthy. It’s not easy staying healthy while working, raising family, and especially during relocation and post-move. There are many great outdoor activities that help to stay in good shape both physically and mentally. Hiking is also one of those outdoor activities where you can combine physical activity and sightseeing. You don’t have to worry about giving up on hiking after your move to Tennessee. There are many good hiking trails in Tennessee that you will certainly like. For this reason, you can with easy heart plan your move with moving companies in Tennessee. Your main concern during the move should be finding reliable movers and ensuring everything goes as plan. After you successfully finish your relocation, you can enjoy these top hiking trails in Tennessee.  

What should you do for your move before you get to enjoy in top hiking trails in Tennessee?  

Every move is usually made of a couple of stages. The first one is to set your moving date and budget, and then to find and use Memphis moving services. Additionally, it’s important if you are planning your move in summer or winter. Summer is often called peak season for movers and you shouldn’t be surprised to have trouble finding free movers. For this reason, you should book your movers in advance when they have a more free date.  

Top hiking trails in Tennessee during the day
Hiking is a good way to relieve stress after relocation

After you book one of the moving companies Cordova TN, it’s time to prepare your belongings for relocation. The next step is to declutter your household and also do an inventory in the process. These are very useful steps that will help both you and your movers.  

Which hiking trails you must go to?  

Now that you completed your move and settled in your new home, it’s time to explore your new city. You will be able to enjoy many different types of hiking trails going from easy ones to really hard and challenging ones. Also, while hiking and exploring nature, you might get ideas for landscaping your new Tennessee house. For this reason, here are a few hiking trails that you should visit  

  • Chickasaw State Park  
  • Henry Hollow and Ridgetop  
  • South Loop  
  • Abrams Falls  
  • The Angel Falls Overlook to Grand Gap Loop  

Chickasaw Park Loops is a hiking trail located at Chickasaw State Park. Chickasaw State Park is a beautiful small park located on some of the highest terrains in West Tennessee. Hiking trails in this park are 3.3-miles long and it’s mostly an easy trail with some moderate harder parts.  

person sitting on the cliff
Chickasaw State Park is a perfect place for hiking

You should go to Abrams Falls   

Abrams Falls is also one of the top hiking trails in Tennesse that you should visit. This hiking trail is located at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in eastern Tennessee. It has intermediate difficulty with no dogs allowed. If you crave a more challenging hiking trail then you should go to Virgin Falls State Natural Area and try Virgin Falls Lollipop. The best thing about hiking is you also get to enjoy the stunning views of surrounding nature.