Top Denver suburbs for retirement

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Retirement marks not just the end of a career, but the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in life. This change sometimes also includes a move to a place that offers a comfortable lifestyle, easy access to various amenities, and a welcoming community. The suburbs of Denver, with their unique blend of urban conveniences and picturesque natural beauty, are becoming an increasingly popular destination for retirees. In this comprehensive guide, created by the experienced team at Spyder Moving and Storage CO, we’ll delve into the top Denver suburbs for retirement. Our expertise in helping countless retirees relocate to these charming neighborhoods gives us unique insights into what makes each suburb special. By the end of this guide, we hope to assist you in finding that perfect spot in the Denver suburbs to enjoy your golden years, a place where every day feels like a new adventure waiting to unfold.

Why Denver suburbs are ideal for retirement

Denver’s suburbs stand out as ideal retirement destinations for several reasons. The region’s mild climate is a major draw, offering four distinct seasons with plenty of sunshine and moderate winters. The cultural scene is vibrant, with an array of events, museums, and theaters that cater to diverse interests. More importantly, Denver suburbs boast a strong sense of community, essential for a fulfilling retirement life. You can also find top-notch moving companies Denver area residents recommend. These factors make the top Denver suburbs for retirement a great choice. You have easy access to medical care when you need it and lots of activities to keep you busy and engaged, all in a peaceful suburban setting.

A nurse and a senior citizen at one of the top Denver suburbs for retirement
One of the things that make Denver suburbs for retirement stand out is their amazing healthcare options.

Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village, part of the Denver metropolitan area, is a great spot for retirees. It’s known for its beautiful parks and nice amenities, offering a peaceful place to live. The area has a friendly feel, with both quiet neighborhoods and a range of housing options, from small homes to bigger, more upscale ones. Whatever your budget or preference, you’ll likely find something that suits you in Greenwood Village. Plus, if you’re moving here, local movers Greenwood Village CO has to offer can help make the process smoother. This suburb is a good mix of peaceful living and convenient services, making it a solid choice for retirement.


Centennial is a suburb that strikes a great balance between having urban amenities close by and the comfort of suburban living. It’s ideal for retirees who want the best of both worlds – easy access to city-like facilities but with the quiet and peace of a suburb. This area has lots of community centers and regularly holds events for seniors, making it easy to stay active and connected. Whether you enjoy quiet walks in the park or get involved in local activities, Centennial offers a lifestyle that’s both lively and laid-back for retirees. Plus, if you’re planning a move here, movers Centennial CO locals recommend are available to help with the transition. This makes settling into this friendly and engaging suburb even smoother for those looking to enjoy their retirement years.

Seniors playing cards at the park in one of the best Denver suburbs for retirement
Centennial is one of the top Denver suburbs for retirement for seniors who enjoy getting involved in community events and meeting new people.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a top pick for retirees who want to stay active and involved in their community. It’s famous for its many golf courses, a vast network of hiking trails, and a variety of outdoor activities. These aren’t just great for staying fit; they also provide chances to meet people and feel part of the community. The area regularly hosts community events and social gatherings, so life in Highlands Ranch is always active and fulfilling. Whether it’s joining a local hiking group or participating in a community event, there’s always something to do. Plus, the moving companies Highlands Ranch CO offers can help make the transition to this active community easier. They understand the needs of retirees moving to the area, ensuring a smooth and stress-free move.


Littleton is a suburb that appeals to retirees with its rich history and charming small-town feel. The downtown area is full of historic buildings and unique shops, providing a cultural experience that’s both interesting and fun. This city is also great for retirees who prioritize health and wellness, as it has excellent healthcare facilities and businesses that cater to seniors. Littleton’s focus on community makes it a particularly attractive place for retirees looking for a mix of history, culture, and comfort. Additionally, the city is known for its reliable moving services, with movers Littleton CO residents recommend for their professionalism and efficiency. This means that making the move to Littleton can be a smooth and stress-free process, allowing new retirees to quickly settle in and start enjoying everything this welcoming community has to offer.

A senior couple shopping for sunglasses
Littleton offers seniors access to great unique artisanal shops and an amazing cultural experience.


Lakewood is a great choice for retirees thanks to its closeness to both nature and the amenities of Denver. Living here means you’re never far from the beautiful Rocky Mountains, as well as plenty of parks and lakes. But Lakewood isn’t just about its natural beauty; it also stands out for being easy to get around. The suburb has a well-thought-out transportation system that makes it simple for seniors to move around and take advantage of everything Lakewood has to offer. Additionally, for those moving here, the movers Lakewood CO has to offer are known for their reliability and helpfulness. They can make the transition to this attractive suburb smoother. That way, they ensure that new residents can quickly start enjoying the scenic surroundings and convenient lifestyle that Lakewood provides.


Golden is a suburb that shows off Colorado’s beautiful scenery. It’s a great place for retirees who enjoy the outdoors, with its great views and a friendly downtown area. In Golden, there’s always something to do, from outdoor activities like hiking to cultural events and get-togethers that are perfect for retirees. The people here are welcoming and always up to something fun. This makes it easy to make friends and get involved in the community. For those looking to move to Golden, there are several moving companies Golden residents recommend that can help. These companies know the community well and can make moving here a smooth process. So new residents can quickly start enjoying all the activities and natural beauty that Golden has to offer.

A couple of seniors on a hike
After moving to Golden for your retirement, you’ll be able to spend much of your time outdoors on hikes and nature walks.


Arvada is one of the top Denver suburbs for retirement that offers a small-town feel while still being close to all the amenities of a big city. In Arvada, you’ll find friendly neighborhoods where everyone knows each other and regular community events that bring people together. This suburb’s charm is in its quiet, community-centered way of life, with the bonus of being just a short drive from Denver’s cultural and recreational activities. It’s a great place for retirees who want a calm, balanced lifestyle. You can enjoy the peace of Arvada and still have easy access to the entertainment and resources of the city. For retirees looking for a place that offers both community warmth and city convenience, Arvada is an ideal choice among Denver’s suburbs.

Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge perfectly captures the essence of quaint suburban living, offering the best of both worlds — a peaceful community and easy access to a major city. In this suburb, you’ll find a unique combination of community gardens, charming local shops, and important healthcare services, all contributing to a fulfilling lifestyle for retirees. The location of Wheat Ridge is ideal for those who prefer a quieter life but still want the option to easily venture into Denver for urban amenities. Its friendly atmosphere and focus on community make it a great place for retirement. Plus, the convenience of moving here is enhanced by the professional movers Wheat Ridge CO has to offer. These movers are known for their reliability and understanding of the needs of retirees, making the transition to Wheat Ridge smooth and worry-free.


Aurora is a suburb that stands out for its affordability and diversity. This makes it a smart choice for retirees who are watching their budget. This area is known for its diverse communities and offers a variety of housing options to fit different needs and budgets. In terms of amenities, Aurora has a lot to offer retirees. There are several medical facilities, parks, and senior centers that are focused on both the health and social needs of older residents. The cost of living in Aurora is generally lower than in other Denver suburbs. This makes it a financially wise choice for retirement. Plus, for those planning to move here, there are reliable movers Aurora CO locals recommend who are experienced in helping seniors relocate. This makes the process of moving to Aurora easier and less stressful.

A calculator, money, and notebook used for budgeting
Aurora is the best choice for retirees who want to stick to a budget since the cost of living here is lower than other Denver suburbs.


Broomfield is quickly becoming a favorite for retirees. It’s got new housing, good healthcare choices, and special programs for seniors. This suburb is in a great spot, making it easy to get to both Denver and Boulder. What makes Broomfield stand out is its modern amenities and the attention it pays to the needs of older people. It’s a great choice for retirees who want a place that’s up-to-date and welcoming. For those moving to Broomfield, the local movers Broomfield CO offers are always helpful and understanding. Especially for seniors. They can make moving to this friendly and modern suburb a lot easier and less stressful. That way, they let new residents start enjoying their retirement in Broomfield right away.

Choosing the right suburb for you

Finding the right suburb for retirement in the Denver area means thinking about what you want and need. You have to consider your budget, what kind of lifestyle you prefer, and how close you want to be to family and friends. Ask yourself if you like the quiet of a small town or if you prefer a place with more activities and people around. Also, think about how important it is to have good healthcare and easy access to public transportation. We suggest taking the time to visit different Denver suburbs for retirement and talk to the people who live there. This can give you a real sense of what each place is like. Remember, retirement is supposed to be a happy and comfortable time in your life. So it’s important to pick a place that fits your style and needs.

Tips for a smooth relocation to Denver suburbs for retirement

As a professional moving team, we’ve helped a lot of retirees move to their new homes in the Denver suburbs for retirement. The secret to a smooth move is good organization, downsizing, and planning. Begin by getting rid of stuff you don’t need and figuring out what you want to take to your new home. Think about how much space you’ll have and how you want to set it up. It’s really important to find trustworthy movers who know how to handle moves for seniors. They can make the whole process easier and less stressful. You should start planning your move early.

A mover smiling and carrying items
Working with a professional moving team is the best way to make sure your move to one of these suburbs in Denver goes smoothly.

Take your time when choosing between Denver suburbs for retirement

Each suburb around Denver has its special charm and amenities, perfect for different kinds of lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax, a lively community full of activities, or a spot that’s easy on your wallet, the top Denver suburbs for retirement have it all. It’s a great chance to find a place that matches what you want out of your retirement years. As you start this new chapter in your life, go into it with excitement and an open mind. The perfect place for your retirement is out there in one of Denver’s suburbs. It’s just waiting for you to discover it.