Top Denver spots for college students to hang out

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Denver is a great city for college students to hang out and enjoy themselves. This article explores the top Denver spots for college students to spend their free time. Whether it’s catching a game or a concert at Ball Arena, watching baseball at Coors Field, shopping or dining at 16th Street Mall, or experiencing culture at the Denver Art Museum, there’s a lot to do. Elitch Gardens Amusement Park offers fun rides close to campus. For those who like being outdoors, there are bike trails like Cherry Creek Trail. Comedy Works is perfect for a laugh, and there are plenty of coffee shops and bars for students. Denver also hosts cultural events and has outdoor activities nearby. If you’ve recently moved to the area with the help of Spyder Moving and Storage CO, this is your guide to finding the best places to spend your free time.

Why students choose Denver

Students choose to move to Denver for its blend of educational opportunities and vibrant city life. The city is home to several well-known universities, including the University of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver. These institutions offer a wide range of academic programs and are known for their research opportunities, diverse student bodies, and dynamic campus environments.

In addition to academic excellence, Denver’s amenities make it an attractive destination for students. The city boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene, with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains, offering year-round activities like hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. The city also has a diverse culinary scene, from food trucks to fine dining, catering to all tastes and budgets. For students, Denver provides a unique combination of urban living and outdoor adventure. Its mix of educational institutions and student-friendly amenities makes it an ideal place for those seeking a well-rounded college experience.

Movers packing boxes into a van
Aside from the amazing educational opportunities, students choose Denver because of its great amenities.

Where to spend time as a Denver student?

Ball Arena

Ball Arena, once known as the Pepsi Center, stands as a prime destination in Denver, Colorado. Especially for sports enthusiasts and music lovers. This arena is host to an array of events throughout the year. That includes thrilling basketball games by the Denver Nuggets and fast-paced Colorado Avalanche hockey matches. There are also captivating concerts featuring renowned artists. The venue is particularly popular among the college demographic. They often offer special deals and events tailored for students. Its appeal is increased for those relocating to Denver for college or other purposes. There are various moving services Denver residents recommend that are available to help with a smooth transition. These services can help newcomers quickly settle in, enabling them to fully enjoy all that Ball Arena and Denver have to offer. Whether for sports, music, or cultural events, Ball Arena is a hub of excitement and activity.

Coors Field

Coors Field is a well-known baseball stadium in Denver and the home of the Colorado Rockies. It’s a favorite spot for baseball fans, especially college students. This is because it’s near several college campuses and offers special ticket discounts for students. One cool thing about the stadium is its purple row of seats. This row marks Denver’s mile-high elevation, which is pretty unique.

A baseball player
Coors Field is one of the top Denver spots for college students who love baseball.

If you’re a student who’s moving to Denver, you might want to check out Coors Field. To make your move easier, there are residential movers Denver locals usually work with that can help you. They’ll take care of moving your stuff, so you can settle in quickly and start enjoying baseball games at Coors Field. Plus, once you’re settled, you’ll have more time to explore all the other fun things Denver has to offer. Whether you’re a big baseball fan or just looking to experience local attractions, Coors Field is a great place to start.

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park is very conveniently located for students in Denver. It offers an exciting break from schoolwork. This park is packed with thrilling rides, water slides, and various attractions, making it a great place for fun and relaxation. It’s especially appealing for college students because of the special discounts available, allowing for an affordable day out. For students moving to Denver and looking for easy access to places like Elitch Gardens, furniture movers Denver can help with the transition, ensuring more time is spent enjoying these local attractions.

16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver is a fun and busy place with lots of shops, restaurants, and things to do. It’s a great spot for students to hang out because it has a lively vibe with street performers and cool events. If you like shopping, eating out, or just walking around, this mall has something for everyone. If you’re moving to Denver and want to live near fun places like the 16th Street Mall, there are local movers Denver CO residents recommend, who can help you move. They’ll make your move easy and quick, so you can start exploring and enjoying all the cool things in the city right away. The 16th Street Mall is a good place to start if you want to see what Denver has to offer, whether you’re into shopping, food, or just having a good time.

The interior of a clothes store
Students can enjoy the best shopping experience in Denver at 16th Street Mall.

Bike trails and walking paths

Denver boasts an impressive network of 80 miles of off-street trails, including the popular Cherry Creek Trail, making it an ideal city for college students who love staying active. These trails are perfect for a variety of activities like biking, running, or just taking a peaceful walk. They not only offer a great way to keep fit but also provide a chance to unwind and appreciate Denver’s natural beauty. For students, these trails are more than just paths. They’re a blend of urban exploration and outdoor adventure right in the city. They’re especially valuable for those wanting to balance their studies with physical health and outdoor enjoyment. Places like Cherry Creek Trail give students a unique way to explore Denver, see different parts of the city, and stay connected with nature.

Being outdoors, especially in a scenic city like Denver, can be a great stress reliever. Whether you’re looking for a rigorous workout or a quiet place to clear your mind, Denver’s trail system is a fantastic resource. It’s a key part of what makes Denver such a student-friendly city, offering a mix of urban life and natural retreats.

Denver spots for college students to have a laugh

Comedy Works in Denver is widely recognized as one of the leading comedy clubs in the United States, and it’s a major draw for the city’s college students. It hosts a roster of well-known comedians, providing an excellent option for students looking for a night filled with laughter and relaxation. Catering to the student budget, the club offers deals like free admission or buy-one-get-one-free tickets on select days. This affordability, combined with the quality of entertainment, makes Comedy Works a standout among Denver spots for college students. It’s a place where students can unwind, laugh, and enjoy top-tier comedy without straining their finances. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, it’s a must-visit venue for an enjoyable evening.

Local coffee shops

Denver is filled with cozy coffee shops, making it a favorite spot for students to study, socialize, or just enjoy a good cup of coffee. These shops offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, complete with free Wi-Fi and occasionally live music, providing a perfect environment for both work and leisure. They represent a key part of Denver’s charm, especially for students looking for a comfortable place to relax outside of the classroom. For new students relocating to Denver and seeking these quaint spots, getting moving help in Denver can ease the transition, allowing more time to discover and enjoy the city’s vibrant coffee culture and student-friendly amenities. These coffee shops are not just places for caffeine; they are community hubs where friendships are made, ideas are born, and the unique Denver vibe is fully embraced.

People using their laptops to research the best Denver spots for college students at a coffee shop
Local coffee shops are the best Denver spots for college students to study and relax off campus.

Student-friendly bars and clubs

Denver’s nightlife scene is vibrant and particularly appealing to college students. The city boasts an array of bars and clubs that specifically cater to the college crowd, offering an ideal environment for socializing and unwinding. These venues frequently host student nights, featuring special deals and promotions that make them attractive and affordable options for a night out. As key Denver spots for college students, these nightlife destinations provide a mix of lively atmospheres, diverse music, and a chance to meet fellow students from various colleges. They play a significant role in the social life of Denver’s student population, offering a fun and relaxed setting that’s perfect for taking a break from academic pressures and making new connections.

Local bookstores and study spots

For students seeking a quiet place in Denver, the city’s bookstores and cafes are perfect. These spots offer a serene environment ideal for reading or focusing on coursework. They provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of college life. With comfortable seating, a calm ambiance, and usually a good cup of coffee or tea on hand, these locations are cherished by students who need a focused or relaxing space. Whether it’s for intense study sessions or just a quiet afternoon with a book, Denver’s bookstores, and cafes are beloved retreats. They cater to the needs of students looking for rest in their busy academic schedules.

Two people discussing a book they're reading
The bookstores in the area are great for students to study in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Cultural festivals and events

Denver’s cultural scene is alive with various festivals and events year-round. This is especially appealing to students who want to immerse themselves in music, food, and art. These festivals are perfect opportunities for students to experience Denver’s rich local culture and make new connections. This is particularly important if you’re moving to Denver from another city or town like Mountain View, Colorado for example. In that case, the movers Mountain View CO has to offer can assist with your relocation. They’ll ensure a smooth transition so you can quickly start exploring the vibrant festivals and events that Denver has to offer. These events are a significant part of Denver’s identity. Because they provide a dynamic and engaging environment for students to enjoy and learn about different cultures and arts.

Outdoor activities for students in Denver

Denver’s location near mountains and parks offers great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or skiing. It’s ideal for students who want to stay active and explore nature. These activities provide a welcome break from academic life and a chance to enjoy Colorado’s scenic beauty. For students moving to Denver to take advantage of these outdoor activities, a packing service Denver has to offer can assist with the move. They can ensure a seamless transition. This way, students can quickly settle in and start exploring the various trails, slopes, and parks near the city. Denver’s natural surroundings are a big draw for students seeking both adventure and relaxation in the great outdoors.

Students in Denver on a hike
One of the most fun outdoor activities for those in the Denver area is a Rocky Mountain hike.

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a great place for art lovers, offering a wide variety of art and cultural exhibits. Its collections include everything from modern art to Japanese ceramics, appealing to different tastes. The museum is also a good spot for students to relax and discuss art, with its outdoor patio and restaurants. It’s one of the many Denver spots for college students to explore and enjoy a break from their studies.

Visit these Denver spots for college students

Denver is a city that offers a wide range of activities and spots perfect for college students. With its cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and vibrant city life, there’s always something to do. Whether it’s exploring local museums, enjoying the nightlife, or taking advantage of the natural landscapes for hiking and skiing, Denver caters to all interests. These Denver spots for college students provide a balance of educational experiences and fun. That makes it an ideal city for those in their college years. Students can immerse themselves in the diverse offerings of Denver, creating memories and experiences that go beyond the classroom.