Top Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver

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Denver has a lot to offer, but sometimes the fast pace or high cost of living might make you think about moving. If you want to stay close but need a change, there are many nearby towns worth considering. This guide looks at the top Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver, showing the benefits each town brings. Whether it’s the growing comfort of Commerce City or the outdoor fun in Lakewood, there’s a perfect town for everyone. Each place offers a mix of affordability, community, and access to what you need. When planning your move, think about what your family needs. And, for a smooth move, you can consider using Spyder Moving and Storage CO to help you settle into your new home in one of these great Colorado towns.

Commerce City

Commerce City has changed a lot from its industrial past. Now, it’s a growing suburb with many benefits. It’s close to Denver, making it a good choice for those who want to stay near the city but find a more affordable place to live. Recent improvements in roads and community facilities have made it a popular spot for families and young professionals. The lower housing costs are a big draw, letting you get more space for your money compared to Denver. With these advantages, movers from Commerce City CO find it easy to settle in and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Commerce City offers a mix of suburban comfort and city convenience, making it a great option for anyone looking to move out of Denver.

A suburban neighborhood in one of the top Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver
Commerce City is one of the top Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver because it offers a calming suburban feel while still being relatively close to Denver.


Lakewood is a great place for those who want both suburban living and access to nature. There are many parks, lakes, and trails, so residents have plenty of outdoor activities right nearby. It’s a peaceful retreat from the busy life in Denver, but still close enough to enjoy the city’s amenities. This makes Lakewood perfect for people who love nature but don’t want to give up the convenience of city life. The mix of calm, natural settings and easy city access makes it a top choice for movers from Lakewood CO. Living in Lakewood means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the beauty of Colorado’s outdoors and the comforts of suburban life.


Thornton is a great place for families looking for a close-knit community. The schools here are excellent, with high ratings in both academics and sports. There are many parks and recreational areas, offering lots of outdoor activities for everyone. This helps build a strong sense of community among residents. The crime rates in Thornton are lower than in many other places, making it a safe choice for families. The friendly neighborhood vibe is another big plus. All these factors make it an appealing choice for movers from Thornton CO who want a safe, friendly, and active place to live. Thornton offers a great mix of good schools, safe streets, and lots of outdoor fun, making it a top choice for families leaving Denver.

Kids at school in one of the best Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver
Thornton is one of the best Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver for families with kids.


Littleton is a charming town with a historic downtown area. Throughout the year, it hosts many community events like street fairs and historical tours, which help create a strong sense of community. The town has a good economy with a mix of local businesses and larger employers. Littleton is close to Denver, so it’s easy to enjoy the city’s amenities while living in a smaller town. This makes it a great place for people who like being part of a close-knit community but also want to be near a big city. For movers from Littleton CO, the town offers the best of both worlds: a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere and easy access to everything Denver has to offer. Littleton’s unique mix of local charm and city convenience makes it a popular choice for those moving out of Denver.


Parker is a great place for people who want beautiful views and more space. The town has bigger residential lots, so you get more room compared to the city. It’s quieter here, away from the noise of Denver, making it perfect for those who want a peaceful place to live. Parker also has many new housing developments with modern amenities, which are great for families or anyone looking to start fresh. The close connection to nature is a big plus for outdoor lovers. For movers from Parker CO, the town offers a calm, spacious, and modern living environment. Parker’s mix of quiet living, beautiful scenery, and modern homes makes it a popular choice for those looking to leave the busy city life behind. 

A large single-family home
Parker is great if you want to upsize your living space but stay on a smaller budget.


Westminster is a great place to live, located between Denver and Boulder. It’s easy to get to both cities from here. The town has many businesses and industries, so there are plenty of job opportunities. Westminster is also known for its good shopping and dining options, which make life more enjoyable for residents. For movers from Westminster CO, the town offers a convenient location and a strong economy. The mix of job opportunities and fun places to shop and eat makes Westminster a top choice for people looking to move. The easy access to Denver and Boulder, along with a lively local scene, makes Westminster an attractive place to live.


Arvada is a great place to live because it mixes old charm with new development. The town has a strong arts and culture scene with galleries, theaters, and live music. These places add a lot to the community. Arvada is family-friendly with many parks and good schools. This makes it a good choice for both young professionals and families. You get a balanced lifestyle here, with both fun activities and a peaceful environment. Arvada is a place where you can enjoy modern conveniences while still feeling the warmth of a close-knit community. It’s a great spot for anyone looking to move out of a busier city.


Golden is a great place to live, right at the gateway to the Rockies. This means you have easy access to mountain sports like hiking and biking. The town is lively with many cultural events like music festivals and art shows that attract people from all over. Golden has a rich history and beautiful landscapes, making it a lovely and exciting place to call home. For movers from Golden CO, the town offers a mix of outdoor fun and cultural activities. Living in Golden means you get the best of both worlds: amazing nature and a vibrant town life. The scenic views and active community make Golden a top choice for those wanting a mix of adventure and culture.

A view of the Rocky Mountains covered in snow
Golden is a wonderful place for nature lovers to move to because it offers constant stunning views of the Rockies.


Englewood is a great place to live because it is more affordable than Denver. This makes it a good choice if you want to save money. Englewood also offers many ways to stay active. There are lots of parks, golf courses, and recreation centers where you can exercise and have fun. These amenities help keep residents healthy and engaged. Englewood is perfect if you want to live an active lifestyle without spending too much. The town has everything you need to stay busy and fit, all at a lower cost than Denver. For anyone looking to move, Englewood offers a good mix of affordability and activities.


Broomfield is a top choice for many because it ranks high in surveys for quality of life. The town is clean and green, with well-kept parks and public spaces. This makes it a pleasant place to live. Broomfield also has a strong local economy, with many businesses and startups choosing to set up here. This means there are plenty of job opportunities for residents. The town is friendly to both families and professionals, offering a great place to live and work. For movers from Denver, Broomfield offers a nice mix of clean living and job opportunities. It’s a great place to enjoy a high quality of life, with lots of parks, clean streets, and good jobs.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a great place to live because it’s growing quickly in terms of business and shopping. The town has beautiful scenery and a strong economy, mixing the best of country and city life. It’s a community-focused place with many local events and activities. This makes it perfect for people who want to advance their careers while still enjoying a friendly, small-town feel. Castle Rock offers many job opportunities and a nice environment. It’s ideal for anyone looking to move to a place that values both work and community. The town’s growth in business and retail, combined with its lovely landscapes, makes it a popular choice for movers from Denver.

A person at a job interview
Recent developments in the business sector and job openings make Castle Rock great for people who want a calm life while still being able to advance their careers.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a great place to live, especially for families. The town is known for its top-rated schools and excellent health services. These are important for families who value good education and healthcare. Highlands Ranch also has many community events and well-planned neighborhoods. This helps residents feel a strong sense of belonging. The town’s focus on education and health makes it very appealing for families. For movers looking for Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver, Highlands Ranch is a top choice. It offers good schools, great healthcare, and a friendly community. If you want a place where your family can thrive, Highlands Ranch has everything you need.


Boulder is a great place to live, even though it’s not a small town. It offers a unique lifestyle focused on education, technology, and outdoor fun. Boulder has a diverse community with liberal values, making it an attractive spot for both individuals and families. People here enjoy a dynamic living environment that encourages personal growth and an active lifestyle. For those looking at Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver, Boulder stands out with its good schools, tech scene, and many outdoor activities. The town is perfect for anyone who wants a lively, engaging place to live. If you’re looking for a mix of learning, work opportunities, and outdoor fun, Boulder is a top choice.


Centennial is known for being safe and having a nice suburban feel. The city has big parks and excellent public schools, making it a top choice for families. The community atmosphere is strong, and people enjoy a high quality of life here. For those looking at Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver, Centennial is a great option. It offers a friendly, family-oriented environment that is perfect for raising kids. The spacious parks give plenty of room for outdoor activities, and the good schools ensure a great education. If you want a safe, welcoming place with all the benefits of suburban living, Centennial should be high on your list.

Parents with a child
The high quality of life and safe feel make Centennial the perfect place to raise kids.

Wheat Ridge is one of the most convenient Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver

Wheat Ridge is a great place to live if you want both city and country life. It’s close to major highways, making it easy to get to Denver. At the same time, it has a strong local farming community. This gives you a quaint but convenient lifestyle. You can enjoy a quieter, more laid-back environment while still being connected to the city. For people looking at Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver, Wheat Ridge is a good option. It offers the best of both worlds with easy city access and a peaceful, rural feel. If you want to stay near Denver but prefer a calmer place to live, Wheat Ridge is a top choice.

Consider these Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver

Moving from Denver to another Colorado town doesn’t mean you have to give up the lifestyle you love. Each of these towns offers unique benefits to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you want a busy community or a quiet place, there is something for everyone. Think about what is most important to you in your new hometown. Are you looking for good schools, job opportunities, or lots of outdoor activities? Each town has its special features that can make your move easier and more enjoyable. These Colorado towns to move to after leaving Denver offer a range of choices that can suit your lifestyle. Take the time to explore these options and find the town that fits you best. Making the move can be a great step towards a new and fulfilling chapter in your life.