Top Colorado places for first time buyers

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Everyone wants to be a homeowner. And over time many people get enough money to actually realize it. But then they are faced with a new obstacle. Where to buy a home? Buying a home is an investment in bout your future and your family. And as such many people decide to buy homes in areas they believe are growing. For people living in Colorado, it is no different. So before you pick any of the moving companies Colorado residents talk highly about you should do your research! And lucky you, but we are here to help you as well. How will we help you? Well, we made a list of the top Colorado places for first time buyers!

Welcome to Colorado

Why do people pick Colorado for buying their first home? Well if you take some time and look at the number of advantages that this state presents to its citizens everything becomes clear. Over the years many moving companies like Spyder Moving and Storage CO have expanded their business in this state. All due to the influx of people moving here from all over the US. Mesmerized by many of the top Colorado places for first-time buyers, as well as good health policies, a low unemployment rate, good wages, a big job market and so much more!

A woman and her child wearing "Colorado" hats
Many young families come to Colorado in order to raise their children. Providing them with good education and a nice environment.

Cost of living in Colorado

Colorado offers valid fees for people who live there. The general expense of living here is 31% higher than the nationwide norm. As of the previous year, Colorado’s price of living was ranked 121.1 as compared to the nationwide 100. However, the leading role in this contrast is played by the costs for residences. They are nearly twice higher than the national average. Food and transport are a little bit more costly, while utilities and healthcare are actually lower. Rental costs are also quite reasonable. You need roughly $1,000 to rent a 1-bedroom apartment. But dont be discouraged! As we said the jobs are many and the wages are good.


The reason why some of the top Colorado places for first time buyers are among the best in the US is also due to taxes! Colorado has one of the lower taxes in the US. Revenue tax is 4.63%; parcel tax is 0.55% average effective rate. However, if a general sales tax is calculated at the rate of 2.9%. Every city and area can set further sales taxes that can reach up to 11% in some cities.

A man looking at the mountains in Colorado
Colorado is a wonder of nature. Having many different sceneries worth capturing in many photos and memories.


One of the top CO places for first time buyers is actually Arvada. The city of Arvada is a Denver suburb. It is located just northwest of the major city. It is home to about 124,402 citizens. Arvada is actually the seventh most populated city in Colorado. This lovely community is also famous by the nickname the “Celery Capital of the World”. Why? Well, because of its active farming district. Family-friendly niceties, beautiful parks, and high quality of life have influenced many people to contact movers Arvada CO. Helping it become a prominent place to live! It’s a fast-growing city because of its thrilling attractions and outstanding schools.

Jobs and economy

The individuals that live in Arvada are relatively wealthy.  The average household revenue at around $80,000. The city can also brag about a very low unemployment rate of only about 6%! Regardless, a portion of that is due to many commuters that live in Arvada but go to Denver and Boulder for work. For those desiring to find employment in Arvada, there is an abundance of career possibilities without the need to commute.

The outdoors

The reason why Avada is among the top Colorado cities for first time buyers is also due to the nature surrounding it. Arvada’s gardens, paths, and sights of the Rocky Mountains present stunning & comforting outdoor activities to the citizens that live there. The area has a bunch of green spaces with around 90 parks open for public use! Wherever you decide to buy a home, there will probably be at least one park within your walking or biking distance. Located within the wilderness refuge, Two Ponds Trails is a go-to route, a circle perfect for an afternoon stroll or run. It has around 72 acres of uplands, marshes, and small ponds.

Wooden houses in one of the top Colorado places for first time buyers
There are different kinds of areas among the many top Colorado places for first time buyers! And one of the will suit your taste.


When talking about the top Colorado places for first time buyers one must mention Boulder. Actually, this is one of the most growing cities in the US! It is highly rated and thought to be one of the finest areas to live in. Individuals who live in Boulder value it because of its great health system, flourishing career options, safety, and strong economy. Boulder is rated as the number one metro region in the U.S. The movers Boulder CO area are skilled and dedicated to their work. Helping many new residents settle in their new homes.

An active lifestyle and straightforward entrance to the outdoors persist to draw in people interested in a fresh place to live. The city is located at a place the Great Plains encounter the eastern sides of the Rocky Mountains. Western Boulder is up against the renowned Rocky Mountain foothills (Flatirons). The foremost thing you’ll see about Boulder is the astonishing sights! Even if you are driving west from the city of Denver or driving through Boulder, you’ll see the gorgeous snowy mountains. Boulder is a modern city. And at the same time, it exudes the feel of a cozy town and a close-knit community.

The Rocky Mountains
There are many activities available in the Rocky Mountains! They are easy to find and open for anyone willing to try.


Over the years movers Broomfield CO has helped the new residents greatly! It has grown to become one of the top Colorado places for first time buyers. Now it has a population of 70,465 residents. Located on over 33 miles! With a population density of nearly 2,100 individuals per square mile. The average age of residents here is 38.9. Making it just a little bit older than the state average of 37.1. The average household revenue in Broomfield is $111,400, which is about 1.4 times more than the household average income of the state($77,127).

Broomfield is wealthy. It actually is among the most affluent communities. And naturally, the prices are generally higher than the average. And you can see that clearly! The expense of living here is 20% higher than in most places in the US. Buying a home in Broomfield will set you back almost $481,000, which is roughly 25% more than the average Colorado home price($394,600). But that also means that after buying a home here you won’t have any as big expenses left. After moving here you will notice that the most expensive part is not buying groceries and utilities, but the transportation.


If you take a 25-minute drive from Denver you will arrive at Aurora.  This smaller city is a far cry from the crowds and traffic jams of Denver. Having a population of almost 400,000, Aurora is known for other things. Some of them are great schools, amazing health care, outdoor activities, and a soothing feel. Aurora is actually Colorado’s third-largest city! Due to the resident’s love for their community, it is also one of the top Colorado places for first time buyers. Aurora is furthermore less than one hour drive away from the Rocky Mountains.

And for active people that means there are many possibilities for a hike, snowboarding, or skiing during the weekends. That’s why Aurora’s got its nickname “Gateway to the Rockies.” The city is evolving more and more over the years because of the influence of new residents moving there. Many residents will recommend moving companies Aurora CO has to offer to people interested in moving there.

A woman enjoying snow in one of the top Colorado places for first time buyers
If you like snow then you will love some Colorado areas during winter!

Castle Rock

Among the many places on our list of the Top Colorado places for first time buyers, Castle Rock is on the smaller side. It is a mid-sized town located in Douglas County. It is situated about 30-45 minutes south of Denver and 30-45 minutes north of Colorado Springs. Due to the hard work of many moving companies Castle Rock boasts about, over the last couple of years the town has grown rapidly! So much in fact it became one of the best places in Colorado for new homeowners. Stunning outdoor sites are what you can anticipate finding in Castle Rock.

Even the locals love spending here! Either exploring its 50 beautiful parks, 88 miles of paths, and 5,700 acres of open area. Even more than that the town itself has many more parks and trails. It is a perfect space for active families or nature lovers. It’s effortless to find amazing places to eat or meet friends for a drink. It has numerous restaurants, eateries, drive thus, cafes, bars and so much more! Giving people more than they can choose from when it comes to going out during the day as well as nightlife.

Colorado Springs

When talking about the top Colorado spots for first time buyers we also have to mention Colorado Springs. Along with the hardworking moving companies Colorado Springs CO offers there are many more reasons why you should make this place your new home. Colorado Springs is a mellow city. You will be able to notice that when you’re out and about. You can always wear an outfit that is like you just finished a workout or a hike! Actually, a fun fact is that Colorado Springs has been ranked among the top of the Worst Dressed Cities! The residents care more for comfort than to show off.

But sometimes when you have a bad day and notice some combinations of clothes people wear at least you will have a nice laugh. Many residents dont own any form of formal attire, unless their work requires them to. Witch is a far cry from Denver. The houses here are affordable and nicely built. But because of that and the good job market, many new people are coming here! Making the available homes for sale plummet! That means that if you are interested you will need to hurry.

A street in one of the top Colorado places for first time buyers
Colorado has some very beautiful cities. With many stores and things to do.

Weather in Colorado

What all of these places have in common is the climate! Most of the state area is made out of mountains, foothills, and high plains. Most places in the country have low humidity and not much rainfall. But it does have a lot of sunshine and cool nights with a star-filled sky. Although you can find some other climates depending on the altitude of your home. But that’s a big plus! It gives people the opportunity to find a suitable climate for them! For example, Denver usually has about 300 days of sunshine during one year! And even winters are relatively warm! At the same time, there are areas that have snow, and mountains where you can ski or snowboard! You can have beautiful holidays in the same state you live in!

Final words on the top Colorado places for first time buyers

The state of Colorado has many beautiful cities. Which, most are going through rapid growth. Boosting many big job opportunities as well as affordable housing and nice weather. Is there really any need for us to tell you more? What you should consider are your personal preferences. Such as weather, height, community, and so on. There is certainly a city among the top Colorado places for first time buyers that you will like. The schooling is good in every one of them. And other residents are warm and welcoming. What more can you ask for?