Top Colorado cities for large families to move to

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Colorado is a great place for families, especially large ones. It’s not just for those who love the outdoors; it’s also perfect for families wanting a friendly and supportive place to live. From Denver’s busy streets to the quiet towns in the Rockies, Colorado has many different places that are good for families. We’ll help you understand what makes these Colorado cities ideal for large families. We focus on important things like schools, parks, community activities, and suitable housing options. Whether you’re looking for a lively city or a peaceful town to move to with the help of professionals like Spyder Moving and Storage CO, there’s something here for every family. We’ll help you find out more about the best Colorado cities for large families and how they cater to the needs of their residents.

Criteria for choosing the best cities

When choosing the best cities for families to live in, there are a few key things to consider. First, education is crucial. Families need cities with great schools and strong educational programs. Safety is also very important. Parents want to make sure their kids can play outside without worry. The cost of living matters too, especially for bigger families who need to make their money go further. Space is another big factor. Families need enough room in their houses and neighborhoods to grow comfortably. 

Kids in class at school in one of the top Colorado cities for large families
One of the most important things to consider when choosing between these Colorado cities for large families is what kind of educational opportunities they offer.


Denver is at the heart of Colorado and is a great place for families. It has a lot to offer, with good schools, lots of parks, and plenty of things to do for both kids and parents. If you’re looking for a quieter place but still want to be close to everything Denver has to offer, suburbs like Cherry Creek and Highlands Ranch are great options. They have a more neighborhood-like feel while still giving you access to all of Denver’s amenities. If you’re considering a move here, movers in Denver can help make the process smoother. They know the area well and can handle everything from packing to transportation. Whether you choose to live in the city or a suburb, Denver provides a lively and supportive environment for families to thrive.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is located right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, making it a beautiful place for families to live. It offers a lot of space and scenic views that appeal to those who love nature. This city is also known for being safe, which is a big plus for families. There’s plenty of nature all around, giving kids a fun and healthy environment to grow up in. The low crime rates mean parents can feel more relaxed about their kids playing outside. If you’re thinking of moving to Colorado Springs, movers from Colorado Springs can help you get settled. They’re experienced with the area and can provide the support you need to make your move easy and stress-free. Colorado Springs offers both beauty and peace of mind for families looking for a new home.

A group of people on a hike after moving to one of the top Colorado cities for large families
If your family loves spending time in nature and taking in scenic views when hiking, Colorado Springs is one of the top Colorado cities for large families to consider.


Aurora, Colorado, is known for its diversity and a great environment for families. The city has a lot to offer, from a variety of cultural experiences to improving schools and plenty of parks. Families will find that Aurora is growing and changing in ways that make it a better place to live. Its schools are getting better each year, making education a big plus for families moving here. Also, there are many parks and community centers where events are held all year long, giving families lots to do together. These features make Aurora a welcoming place for new residents. If you’re planning to move here, moving companies from Aurora CO will help you find a community ready to welcome you.


Arvada is a great place for families because it feels like a small town but is still very close to Denver. This means you can enjoy a peaceful, quiet life while still having easy access to all the big-city benefits Denver offers, like shopping, dining, and entertainment. Arvada itself has a friendly, community-focused atmosphere that many families love. It’s a place where you can get to know your neighbors and feel at home. Plus, if you need help moving to or from Arvada, there are moving companies from Arvada CO that specialize in helping families relocate. These companies understand the area well and can make your move less stressful.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins, where Colorado State University is located, is a great place for families who love the outdoors and value education. The city offers many educational opportunities thanks to its university and has some of the best schools. Families will find a lot to do here, with a busy calendar of community events and various outdoor activities. Whether it’s hiking, biking, or just playing in the park, there’s always something to keep families active and engaged. If you’re thinking about moving to Fort Collins, movers from Fort Collins CO can help you settle in smoothly. They know the area well and can assist with everything from packing to moving day.

College students hanging out
Fort Collins is an amazing choice for families because it offers some of the best educational opportunities in the state.


Boulder is well-known for being focused on health, staying active, and providing excellent education. It’s a great city for families because there are many outdoor spaces to enjoy and schools that are among the best. These schools focus on teaching the whole student, both in academics and personal well-being. Families can spend their days exploring nature, hiking, biking, or enjoying park activities, all while knowing their kids are getting a top-notch education. If you’re planning a move to Boulder, moving companies from Boulder CO can help make your transition smoother. They have a lot of experience with the local area and can offer services to ensure your move is stress-free. Boulder offers a supportive and active community for families who value health and education.


Pueblo is a standout choice among Colorado cities for large families looking for an affordable place to live. It’s cheaper to live in Pueblo compared to many other cities, but you still get access to good community programs and schools. For example, while a family needs between $100K and $200K annually for a comfortable lifestyle in a city like Denver or Boulder, in Pueblo that number goes down to about $55K. This makes it a great option for families who need to watch their budget. In Pueblo, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost; the city ensures that families have what they need, from educational opportunities to recreational activities. Whether it’s joining local events or participating in school functions, there’s always something to do. 


Lakewood is ideal for families because it’s very close to Denver but still peaceful and quiet. It’s the best of both worlds—you have easy access to the big city and all its services without the constant noise and hustle. Lakewood has lots of parks and calm neighborhoods, making it a great place for families who want a quieter life but still need to be near a city. The parks are perfect for kids to play and for family outings. Whether you’re commuting to Denver for work or heading out for a weekend activity, everything is convenient from Lakewood. This city gives families space to relax while keeping city benefits within easy reach. 

A suburban neighborhood
Lakewood offers a calm suburban-style neighborhood vibe, while still giving you access to Denver’s city amenities.


Centennial is one of the top Colorado cities for large families, especially those who value education and outdoor activities. The city is known for its excellent schools, which are some of the best in the area. This makes it a great choice for parents who want to ensure their children receive a top-notch education. Additionally, Centennial has many parks that are perfect for family outings and letting kids play outside. The community in Centennial is very welcoming and connected, which helps improve the quality of life for everyone living there. Families will find a lot of support and opportunities to get involved with local events and activities.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a well-organized area that puts a lot of focus on safety and providing great resources for families. This community has many parks and places for recreation, making it perfect for kids and parents who enjoy active lifestyles. There’s a strong sense of togetherness here, with lots of chances for residents to get involved in community events and activities. Highlands Ranch is made to create a friendly neighborhood feel, which is excellent for raising children. The community’s design helps everyone feel connected and secure. If you’re planning to move here, moving companies from Highlands Ranch CO can help make your relocation easier. These companies know the community well and can help make your move smooth and stress-free.


Longmont is one of the top Colorado cities for large families, thanks to its lively community, growing job market, and focus on cultural activities. Families are drawn to this city because of its excellent schools and the importance placed on getting involved in the community. Longmont has policies that are designed to help families thrive, making it a friendly and supportive place to live. There are plenty of activities and events that encourage families to come together and celebrate, enhancing the strong community spirit. The city’s commitment to growth and development means there are always new opportunities for residents. 

A person at a job interview
Longmont offers parents a growing job market and good schools for kids. This means you’ll be able to advance in your career while still providing your kids with a safe neighborhood and high-quality education.

Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hills Village is known as one of Colorado’s most exclusive places to live. It offers luxurious homes with lots of space, perfect for large families. The area is very private and safe, with some of the best schools around, making it a preferred choice for those looking for a quiet, upscale place to live. Residents have access to well-kept parks and top-notch amenities while enjoying a peaceful environment. Even though it feels secluded, it’s still close to Denver, so you can easily enjoy city life when you want to. If you’re considering moving to Cherry Hills Village, movers from Cherry Hills Village CO can help you settle in smoothly. They are experts in handling moves to this exclusive area.


Greeley is one of the top Colorado cities for large families, thanks to its rich culture and strong focus on education. The University of Northern Colorado adds a lot to the city by offering various educational programs and cultural events that families can enjoy. This makes Greeley a place where both children and adults can learn and grow in a dynamic environment. The city is well-known for its variety of cultural activities, which create an exciting community atmosphere that’s great for family life. With such a strong educational foundation, parents can feel confident about the learning opportunities available for their kids.

Comparing housing costs in top Colorado cities for large families

Denver and Boulder are more expensive, but they also offer a lot of amenities and benefits. On the other hand, cities like Pueblo and Greeley are more budget-friendly. These more affordable cities still provide a good quality of life and strong community support. This means families can find a place that meets their financial needs without missing out on important features like safe neighborhoods, good schools, and community activities. The state’s average home price is $552,622 but you can find homes that are much more expensive in certain areas, as well as homes that are a lot cheaper in other places. Some examples would be Cherry Hills Village which has an average home price of about $3,100,000 on one end of the spectrum and Greeley with $422,500 on the other. 

A person budgeting
When deciding which Colorado city you want to move to, make sure to consider your budget and where you can realistically afford to live.

Take your time choosing between these Colorado cities for large families

Colorado is home to a variety of cities perfect for large families. Each city has its own set of benefits, whether it’s top-notch schools, lots of outdoor activities, cultural diversity, or cost-effective living. If your family is thinking about moving, you should consider the different Colorado cities for large families. Whether you prefer the busy life in Denver with its many amenities or the peaceful surroundings of Colorado Springs, there’s something here for everyone. Families can find communities that support their lifestyle and meet their specific needs, making it easier to choose a place that feels like home. Exploring these cities will help you discover the ideal spot where your family can grow, learn, and thrive in Colorado.