Top CO places for pet owners

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While moving can be overwhelming no matter your situation, relocation with pets can be additionally tough. The first thing you’ll wonder, naturally, is how your pet will adapt to the new place. Especially if you are moving from a place with a lot of activities and locations available for your pet to play, it can be hard to establish the same routine someplace else. While looking for your next home, make sure that there are locations where your fur baby will be happy. In Colorado, there are many locations you can choose from. Spyder Moving and Storage CO will gladly help you make a smooth move that both you and your pet will enjoy. We’ve made a list of the top CO places for pet owners and some spots you’ll love there to make your decision easier.

What does a location need to be one of the top CO places for pet owners?

In order for a place to make it on our list of top CO places for pet parents, it needs to fulfill some requirements. Here we are looking for cities, towns, and communities that have a big number of pets, pet parks, a large number of restaurants and cafes that are pet friendly, etc. So without a doubt whatever place from the list interests you, be it a smaller town or a big city, your pet will surely like it. Since Colorado is the 21st most populated state in the US, your pet will get to relish in as many playdates as they wish. Keep in mind this is also a great way to meet new people after you’ve moved.

A woman petting a horse
The state of Colorado is a perfect place for people that have horses as pets, as well as people interested in cattle!

Here, there are many mountains, foothills, high plains, and desert lands which you can explore with your four-legged friend. People who like winters with snow, beautiful warm summers, fall bathed in red and oranges, and springs with neverending flower fields, will find this state a dream. Which one of the top CO places for pet owners you choose will depend on your and your pet’s particular preferences and needs. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.


Denver is the most populated city in the state of Colorado. It is also the state’s capital city. Why is it our top pick among all top Colorado places for pet owners? Well, this is a city packed with pet owners! It’s home to many pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. There are also many dog parks, and stores open to your pets. With vets everywhere, in case your pets need medical help or special care. You will also find pet-friendly apartments and homes with ease, so you won’t need to sacrifice any of your needs in the process. If you decide to relocate here, you can move with ease by using the trustworthy movers Denver CO has to offer.

Three dog bakery

If your dog is a fan of pupcakes and biscuits as well as bulk treats and everyday kibble! Then this is the bakery you must visit. It is not your classic place for people, it is literally made for dogs. You won’t find any cakes or cookies made for your taste buds here. But what you will find is a wide selection of high-quality baked goods made for your pet. All of the treats and goods are made out of natural ingredients such as apples, cranberries, molasses, and the chocolate substitute made for pet consumption.

A haooy corgy after moving to one of the top CO places for pet owners
Top CO places for pet owners are everywhere! Your pet will have many activities available for them in Colorado.

Red Rocks State Park

This is a park famous for its beautiful scenery! It also offers many chances for you to experience epic hiking and iconic live concert series. Red Rocks State Park is a place where you and your pet must go at least once even if you don’t live in Denver. It has many pet-friendly trails, where you and your pet can walk and explore. But keep in mind that your pet must be leashed at all times. It is located only 10 miles west of downtown, meaning it’s easy to access. It’s exactly places like these that make Denver one of the top Colorado places for pet owners.

Bigsby’s Folly

Denver winery and bar got its name from Bigsby the Golden retriever. His beautiful fury appearance can be seen everywhere through the binary. From wine glasses and wine labels all the way to the glowing neon sign. So it comes as no surprise that this Denver tasting room is dog-friendly. You can bring your pet and enjoy the different kinds of vines, talk about an amazing way to spend time.


This beautiful city is the 5th most populated city in Colorado. Home to more than 155,984 by the 2020 U.S. Census. Along with people, this is also the home to many pets! And as such it’s also one of the top CO cities for pet owners. You will be surprised by the number of people and pets movers Lakewood CO help move here during a period of a year. As such there are many nice places you and your pooch can enjoy!

A girl with her per rabbit
Different kinds of pets have different needs. Make sure your local vet can take care of them.

Piggin’ Out Smokehouse

If you like great food and a good atmosphere, then this is a place for you. There are a few outdoor tables where you will also find pet-friendly seats.


Although it is not as big as the previously mentioned cities it is still the 2oth in size in Colorado state. It also makes the list of the top CO places for pet owners for many reasons, one of which is its beautiful nature in which your pet will thrive. Movers Littleton CO are the best witnesses to the growth of the city, as they help many people and their pets move here.

Living The Dream Brewing

Living The Dream Brewing is a dog-friendly place located in Littleton, CO. Here your pet is welcome to join you for a drink inside the taproom or if the weather is nice at one of the outdoor tables. They have a wide warranty of beers,  that are gluten-reduced(with a couple of exceptions).

Small cat on a soffa
Some pets are not meant for the outside, but you can still bring them in special carriers.

Chatfield Dog Park

Experience 70 acres of fun within Chatfield State Park where your pets can be off-leash. But keep in mind that you will need the annual DOLA Pass or the daily DOLA Pass in order to enter. But don’t worry, you will find that both are available at the Entrance Stations or the Park Office. The park has various terrains your pet can explore, multiple trails, as well as many ponds where your dogs can go for a swim. But although there are many ponds you are required to bring your own drinking water for your pets.


This is a “self-proclaimed” town in Colorado state. It is also the 19th most populated town in the state and it is still growing. The movers Parker CO residents trust are constantly helping pets and their families relocate here boosting the town’s population! Due to its many pet-friendly places and landscapes around it, it is one of the top CO places for pet owners to live in.

Takoda Tavern

This is a casual bar and eatery that offers a variety of delicious food. Wings, salads, burgers, chicken, steak, sandwiches, seafood, barbecue, as well as many different options for piazza are only some of the things you can choose from their menu. And if you have a pet don’t worry! They are always welcome to join you at one of the many outdoor tables.

Brick House Tavern + Tap

Brick House Tavern + Tap is a dog-friendly spot. Here you will be able to find many different dishes and drinks that can tingle anyone’s taste buds. Although you will be required to sit at one of the outdoor tables if you bring your pet it is still a nice experience.

Cat paw on a keyboard
You can always find more pet-friendly places online, or by asking locals!


If you are considering moving here with the help of movers Westminster CO offers then you already know it’s one of the bigger cities in CO. But if you are worried about your pet, rest assured there’s no need. This is home to many happy and satisfied pets, with many opportunities and places made for them. It is definitely not a fluke that this place is one of the top CO places for pet-owners! There are many restaurants, cafes, and dog parks for your pets to enjoy!


The 15th most populated place in CO is a good home for pet owners. Why? It’s a city constantly growing, which means many new and modern opportunities for your pets! People all over the US contact moving companies Broomfield CO asking for estimates before moving here daily. Since it’s home to many pet owners, you will, without a doubt, find many places that your fur baby can enjoy with you. The fact that this is one of the top CO places for pet owners is easy to see if you merely visit it, let alone move here! You and your pet will make many new friends quickly!

Colorado springs

Making its way on the list of the best CO places for pet owners in Colorado Springs! This is the second most populated city in Co state. And that’s not all, it is constantly growing! Movers Colorado Springs CO are working constantly to help everyone interested to make this city their home. And when it comes to pets there are many places worth mentioning.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum

Here you will notice that your pet is a welcomed quest! With the exception of the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum. But if you exclude that one place you will notice that there are many other things you and your pet can do here together! See the Ancient Puebloan architecture, and explore other attractions with your pet. The nature walk for example has a well-labeled horticulture you can explore.

An owner and pet hiking in one of the top CO places for pet owners
Go exploring the outdoors with your pet, from time to time, and relax in nature.

Seven Falls

Are you someone that enjoys nice scenery? Here you will find a mile of scenery worth seeing as well as a series of waterfalls within a box canyon, both you and your pet can explore. The steps to scale the highest of the falls are pretty steep and slippery, so we don’t recommend racing with your pets! And they might be a slight obstacle to your dog. But after climbing to the top the food at the dog-friendly restaurant on-site is worth all the effort!


The 11th most populated city in CO as well as one of the top CO cities for pet owners is Centennial. This gorgeous city is a place where moving companies Centennial CO, help different kinds of families and pets move! Making it a welcoming and warm community with a lot of places and opportunities for both you and your pets.

Paw Prints Boutique & Spa

Here you will find different kinds of carefully chosen premium foods, treats, and supplements for your lovely companions!  As well as all kinds of perfect nutrition required for a long and healthy life for your pet. Next to food, you will also find a variety of different accessories for cats and dogs.

Conclusion on top CO places for pet owners

When talking about the top CO places for pet owners there are many different types of places you can choose from. Keep in mind that the best way to pick is to consider your and your pet’s needs, as well as likes! Wherever you go, you will be welcomed by other pet owners and given chances to explore and make new friends. The possibilities are limitless. With the never-ending attractions, restaurants, diners, cafes, breweries, and so on whatever you pick you will be happy.