Top cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget

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When considering a move, affordability is often a top concern. Colorado offers several cities that balance beauty with budget-friendly living. This article explores cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget. These places have reasonable living costs, making them perfect for anyone looking to relocate without financial strain. Whether you’re a family, a young professional, or a retiree, you’ll find Colorado’s affordable cities meet a wide range of needs and preferences. Moving to one of these cities with the help of Spyder Moving and Storage CO can be a good idea both for your lifestyle and budget. 

Living on a budget in Colorado

Living in Colorado on a budget is possible if you know how to manage your money well.  First, picking the right city is crucial. Some cities in Colorado are more affordable than others, so it’s important to choose a place where you won’t overspend on housing. Once you’ve chosen a city, look for housing that fits your budget. Don’t just go for the first place you see; take the time to find a good deal. Also, think about ways to cut daily expenses. This can mean using public transportation instead of a car, shopping at cheaper stores, or cutting down on eating out. By following these tips, you can enjoy living in Colorado without spending too much.

Why choose cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget?

Colorado is attractive not only for its mountains and recreational options but also because it offers good economic opportunities and a variety of lifestyles. This makes it a great choice for people and families who want a high-quality life without high costs. For those watching their budget, Colorado provides many cities where you can live on a budget. These cities offer affordable living while still providing access to great amenities. Whether you’re starting a career, raising a family, or entering retirement, Colorado has places that make it easy to manage your expenses while enjoying the benefits of a vibrant state. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, the cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget do not compromise on the quality of life, making it a top choice for many looking to relocate.

A real estate agent giving a couple the keys to a home in one of the top cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget
One of the best aspects of these cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget is the affordable housing they offer.

Castle Rock

Located just south of Denver, Castle Rock is known for its affordable housing and community-focused atmosphere. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities and excellent schools, making it a prime choice for families. The cost of living in Castle Rock is competitive, with housing prices below the national average, which means new residents can find great value. This affordability, combined with a strong sense of community and easy access to nature, makes Castle Rock attractive to both young professionals and families looking to settle down. If you’re planning a move, consider using one of the moving companies Castle Rock CO has to offer, as they can provide a smooth transition to this welcoming city. 


Evergreen offers a peaceful, nature-filled lifestyle at affordable prices. The town has a variety of homes from simple, modest ones to larger properties, all cheaper than many city areas. This affordability makes Evergreen ideal for those looking for a quieter, cost-effective place to live. Local shops, cafes, and plenty of outdoor activities add to the town’s charm. This makes it appealing to families and individuals who prefer a close-knit community vibe. For those planning to move here, it’s wise to look into movers Evergreen CO residents recommend to ensure a smooth relocation. Evergreen’s mix of affordable living, community amenities, and beautiful surroundings make it a standout choice for anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

A parent and child on a nature walk after moving to one of the best cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget
Evergreen is a great choice when it comes to cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget if you enjoy spending time surrounded by nature.

Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village provides a suburban lifestyle with easy access to the amenities of Denver. Known for its solid local economy and low unemployment rates, the city attracts many professionals. Although it’s close to Denver, Greenwood Village is more affordable, with a variety of housing options available for those mindful of their budgets. This combination of affordability, job opportunities, and proximity to a major city makes Greenwood Village a smart choice for individuals and families looking to relocate. For those moving here, the movers Greenwood Village CO locals turn to are known for their reliability and good service, making the transition smoother. Whether you’re a young professional or part of a growing family, Greenwood Village offers the benefits of city living without the high cost, making it an attractive place to settle.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a well-planned community that blends residential living with natural surroundings. It’s popular among those seeking a community-focused lifestyle. The area is known for its affordability, top-notch schools, and a wealth of parks and recreational options, making it an excellent choice for families. This combination of features attracts residents who appreciate both outdoor activities and community connections. The cost of living here is reasonable, and there are many opportunities for community involvement and family-friendly entertainment. If you’re considering moving to this vibrant community, the movers Highlands Ranch CO has to offer are reliable and well-regarded, helping new residents settle in comfortably. Highlands Ranch provides a balance of quality life and affordability, ideal for families looking for a supportive and active community.

An areal shot of a planned neighborhood
If you like the lifestyle that planned neighborhoods and the suburbs have to offer, you are going to enjoy living in Highlands Ranch.


Golden is known for its historic downtown and being home to the Coors Brewery. It’s also affordable to live in. The city has a strong local economy and is close to places for outdoor fun, which attracts both young professionals and families. Living here is cheaper compared to Denver, making it a good option for those looking to save money. If you’re planning to move to Golden, the movers Golden CO residents usually work with are known for their good service. This makes the moving process easier for newcomers. Golden offers a mix of small-town charm and affordability, with plenty of opportunities for work and play, making it a great choice for anyone looking to live in Colorado.


Brighton has been growing thanks to its affordable homes and expanding local businesses. It’s close to Denver International Airport and several big highways, making it a good spot for people who travel to work. Brighton is also budget-friendly and known for its community events and programs that bring people together. This makes the city a great place for both families and individuals. The cost of living is reasonable, and there are plenty of activities to keep residents engaged. If you’re planning to move to Brighton, the movers Brighton CO offers are known for being helpful and efficient. 

People at work in an office
Brighton is a great choice for those who travel for work and want to build their careers while living on a budget.

Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge offers the feel of a small town along with easy access to Denver. The city has been growing in both homes and businesses, yet it keeps its living costs low. It’s a good choice for people who want to save money because housing is affordable and there are more and more services and activities available. Whether you’re moving alone or with a family, you’ll find Wheat Ridge to be welcoming and budget-friendly. For those planning to move, the movers Wheat Ridge CO locals recommend can help make the transition smooth and stress-free. This city combines the quiet of a smaller town with the benefits of living near a big city. This makes it a smart option for anyone looking to balance affordability with a good quality of life. 


Pueblo is one of the cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget. It’s affordable, especially in terms of housing and overall living costs, which appeals to retirees and families alike. Pueblo has a lot of culture to offer, with many museums, galleries, and theaters. This adds to the city’s appeal, giving residents the chance to enjoy a variety of activities without spending a lot of money. The low cost of living does not mean a compromise on lifestyle. Instead, it makes Pueblo a practical choice for those looking to stretch their dollars further. Whether you’re looking to retire comfortably or raise a family affordably, Pueblo provides an enriching environment with all the necessary amenities at a cost that is hard to beat.

People at a bar
In Pueblo, you’ll still be able to enjoy an engaging lifestyle without breaking the bank.


Fountain is growing fast and is one of the best cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget. It’s close to Colorado Springs but has cheaper housing. This makes it a good choice for people who want to save money but still live near a big city. Fountain’s economy is getting stronger, which means more jobs and better opportunities for everyone. Because it’s more affordable, many people who care about their budget are moving here. If you want to live in a place where you can get a good deal on a house and still be close to the action, Fountain is worth considering. It offers the convenience of city life without the high cost, making it an appealing option for both families and individuals looking to stretch their budgets.


Montrose is a great spot for people who love the outdoors. It’s affordable, especially when it comes to housing, and the lifestyle is relaxed. This makes it attractive to those who enjoy outdoor activities and retirees looking for a peaceful place to live. Montrose is like a door to adventure, with easy access to hiking, biking, and fishing, but it’s still one of the cheaper places to live in Colorado. If you’re into nature and want a low-cost living option, the city of Montrose could be perfect. It offers the benefits of living close to nature without the high prices often found in more popular outdoor destinations. This balance of affordability and access to the outdoors makes Montrose an excellent choice for anyone wanting to enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty without breaking the bank.

Comparative analysis of these cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget

When you compare different cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget, you’ll find a variety of options. Each city, from places like Highlands Ranch with its suburban feel to historic towns like Golden, offers its benefits. These cities keep living costs low while providing good amenities and easy access to other areas. This diversity means whether you’re looking for a quiet town or a bustling suburb, there’s likely a budget-friendly option in Colorado that fits your needs. Each of these cities has its charm and advantages, making them appealing to people with different preferences and lifestyles. If you’re planning to move and want to keep your expenses down, exploring these cities can help you find a great place to live without spending too much.

A person using their laptop
A great technique to ensure you’re making the right choice is to create a spreadsheet on your computer and list out what factors are most important to you and compare how each city accommodates those needs.

Take your time choosing between cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget

There are many cities in Colorado where you can live on a budget. These places are affordable and still offer good living conditions and things to do. This makes them great for anyone thinking about moving to Colorado without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re looking for city life or a quieter town, Colorado’s affordable cities can meet your needs. They offer a good mix of low-cost housing, services like schools and parks, and easy access to other parts of the state. If you want to live well but keep your expenses down, consider these cities in Colorado. They prove that you don’t have to sacrifice quality of life to live affordably. Each city has its charm and benefits, making Colorado a lively and diverse state to call home.