Top cities in CO for moving with teenagers

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There is hardly any country in the world where residents relocate so often as the US. Average American citizen movers approximately 11 times in their lifetime. There are various reasons why people decide to relocate. It can either be a better job position, great education for kids, or lovely weather. If you consider moving to Colorado with your teenagers, you need to know that this state has it all. Picturesque nature, hip urban centers, and plenty of fun activities are the reason to contact Spyder Moving and Storage CO to help you with the relocation. However, not every city or town will be equally interesting for your teenager. For this reason, you have to do thorough research and discover the place that would be one of the best replication fits. Discover in this article what are the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers.

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Explore Colorado to find the best place for your relocation

Get to know Colorado

In case you ask yourself if it is wise to move to Colorado, the answer is positive. In the past decade, this has been one of the fastest-growing states in the US. Its current population is more than 5,5 million people. One-fifth of the whole population moved here in 2020. Among the most important reasons for population growth are affordable costs of living, plenty of job opportunities, and year-round activities for all ages. Hire movers in Colorado, so you can buy a house for relatively reasonable prices. Also, your children will get a great education. And most importantly for them, they will enjoy plenty of fun activities in various ski resorts, outdoor events, sports events, and amazing cities to explore.

Denver is among the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers

Local residents say that it is hard to be bored in Denver. This city in Colorado has plenty of outdoor spaces that can be fun for teenagers. In addition, it is full of culture and alive with activities. Contact one of the moving companies in Denver CO, and provide your teenager with plenty of action. Whether your teen is into outdoor, sports, or art activities they can experience it all in Denver. Among the most popular activities near Downtown, you can hike or bike the Cherry Creek Trail. If your teen likes long biking, you can rent a bike at Wheel Fun Rentals in Washington park, and enjoy a 4-hour ride. In case you wish to practice rocket climbing, you can do it together in various climbing resorts such as Earth Treks Climbing and Movement Climbing and Fitness.

Popular amusement activities in Denver

Among the most popular amusement activities that teenagers love are amusement parks. Your teenager will love to see some of the most popular parks such as Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park or Lakeside Amusement Park. From roller coaster tracks to carnivals and tasty carnival food, they would enjoy every moment of it. In The Denver Zoo, they will have the opportunity to see more than 4,000 animal species. You can also catch a game of sports with your teen. There are several professional sports teams in Denver such as The Denver Broncos football team, or The Denver Nuggets basketball team.

a roller coaster
There are many popular amusement activities in Denver

Denver offers great schools and job opportunities for young people

This is among the most populous and fastest-growing cities in Colorado. Some of the most popular schools in the city are D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School, Denver School of the Arts, and Denver School of the Arts. Before you pair up with residential movers in Colorado, you need to know that the great majority of the population in Denver make young people. According to recent statistics, there is 32% of young adults live in Denver. After your teen graduates, there will be plenty of job opportunities. The average salary in Denver is $3,907.17. With low costs of living and lots of fun amenities, this is one of the best choices for relocation with teenagers.

Lakewood is another of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers

Lakewood is in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It has stunning views all over the city with more than 100 parks that you can visit with your teen. The city has a population of more than 160,000 people and got a ranking as one of the safest cities to live in Colorado. It is on the list of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers. Great transportation options, plenty of outdoor activities, and the closeness to Denver metro area culture make this an interesting place for living. Lakewood schools strive for excellence. Your teen can attend one of the Jefferson County Public Schools. These schools got the ranking A+. In 2019, Lakewood High School and Green Mountain High School got the ranking as the best high schools in the country. Colorado Christian University is among the most popular to study in the area.

Year-Round Outdoor Activities in Lakewood

Just like the rest of the state, Lakewood has stunning views and scenic nature all around the city. In more than 100 parks, you will have the opportunity to enjoy baseball fields, barbeque grills, and tennis courts. Hire movers Lakewood CO offers and visit Belmar Park or Bear Creek Lake Park. Your entire family can enjoy biking and hiking, or you can teach your teen some fishing. There are more than 45 campsites where you can spend a night with your teen and try some horse riding as well. If your teen loves music you can take them to Red Rocks Amphitheater. There you can enjoy various live performances in the beautiful surrounding. Some of the most popular musicians such as Sting or U2 performed there. Take your team around Lakewood to try some tasty cuisine from Tex-Mex to pasta, pizza, tuna, and chicken in Abruschi’s Fire & Vine.

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There are plenty of top cities in CO for moving with teenagers and having fun

Why do families with teens love Aurora?

If you prefer living in a smaller city than Denver without so much traffic and crowd, then Aurora is a perfect spot for you and your family. Around 400,00 residents live in Aurora. The city is famous for its great educational system, excellent healthcare, and plenty of outdoor activities. It has easy access to cities such as Denver, Greenwood Village, and Centennial. If your teen likes hiking and outdoor activities, it is good to know that the Rocky Mountains are just an hour away from Aurora. In 2015, the city got a ranking as “The Most Active City in America”. In more than 100 parks and other outdoor spaces, you can enjoy walking, hiking, jogging, and biking with your teen. Cherry Creek State Park is one of the most popular places where you can go swimming or camping.

This is one of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers that care about education

Good education is among the most important reasons that parents consider when moving to a certain city. Aurora provides great schooling options for young children in higher institutions such as local high schools and colleges. Book your movers in Aurora CO and your teen will have the opportunity to attend some of the US best schools. There are five school districts that serve the area. Among the most popular schools in this region are Aurora Frontier, Murphy Creek K-8 School, Grandview High School, and Cherokee Trail High School. If your teen would like to meet diverse students, they can achieve this by attending Aurora Public Schools. Students come from 130 different countries and they speak more than 160 languages. There is a selection of colleges nearby Aurora.

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In Aurora, there is a large diversity of students

Living in Englewood, Colorado

This is another small city in Colorado, yet very lively. With a population of around 40,000 residents, this is a family-friendly area. There has not been a large increase in population. however, there is a stable number of people moving to this place which provides a more suburban feel. This is also one of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers due to its low crime rate, excellent healthcare system, and number of activities. Among the most important reasons parents choose this city are the low costs of living and great livable options. In addition, both the government and locals invest a lot in the education system. For this reason, high school graduation is higher than state averages. Also, college enrollment in the city is higher than the national average. Among  A+/A rated public middle schools in the district are Byers Middle School, and Littleton Prep Charter School.

What teens like about Englewood

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in Englewood. For this reason, your teen will never be bored in this little city. If your teenager is into arts, then visiting the Museum of Outdoor Arts is a great choice. Here they can see both indoor and outdoor exhibits of local artists. Book your movers in Englewood CO, and check out another great museum Wings over the Rockies Exploration of Flight. Here your teen can learn all about aviation and also jump into a flight simulator. For a thrilling outdoor day, you can head to Unser Karting & Events. Together with your teen participate in go-karting at various racing levels. If your teen wishes to practice for climbing the Rockies, they can visit Earth Treks Climbing Fitness Englewood. This is one of the largest indoor climbing centers. Bouldering and high-tech climbing walls are available in this center.

a multi colored museum sign in one of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers
Englewood has plenty of interesting museums

Why is Centennial among the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers?

Centennial got the name in honor of Colorado’s admission into the United States during the country’s centennial year in 1876. This is the tenth most populous place in Colorado. In addition, it got the ranking as one of the safest communities in the US. For this and many other reasons, families with teens choose this city to be their home. The city offers a large number of recreational parks, including the award-winning Centennial Center Park. Once the movers Centennial CO has help you out with the relocation, you should come to see this 11-acre public park. Your teens will enjoy swimming, wall climbing, and also some live music performances that take action throughout the year. The Clue Room is the first escape room in Colorado, where you can participate in solving clues and figuring out how to escape rooms. In addition, you can find dozens of escape games.

Centennial has great potential for young people

When moving with teenagers, most parents think about investing in their education, future jobs, and general well-being. For this reason, choosing Centennial as your home is a good decision on many levels. In 2015, Centennial was in USA Today’s 50 Best Places to Live in America. With more than 300 sunny days a year, closeness to the Rocky Mountains, various trails, and top-notch schools, this place is definitely worth considering for living. Your local movers in Colorado can help you move to this city with great job options for young people. There are more than 60,000 positions for graduates including high-income positions. The annual income in this city is more than $100,000. In addition, in 2022 Centennial got the ranking as the 15th Safest City in America. Its residents say this is one of the best places to live in Colorado.

a wodden boaard saying Welcome to colorful Colorado, one of the top cities in CO for moving with teenagers
You can find numbers of top cities in CO for moving with teenagers

Other top cities in CO for moving with teenagers

There are plenty of living options for families with teenagers. Thanks to its great weather and beautiful nature, there are many recreational outdoor activities all over Colorado. This is particularly convenient for raising children in a healthy way. Other top cities in CO for moving with teenagers that provide great livability options are:

  • Fort Collins- a city with excellent public schools and popular universities with a laidback lifestyle
  • Colorado Springs– a big booming city with plenty of cultural events and outdoor activities
  • Boulder- is a small town, with yet plenty of hiking trails that your entire family will love

Final words

As a parent with a teenager, you are aware of how important is to choose a city that you will relocate to with your family. Luckily, there are plenty of top cities in CO for moving with teenagers. In general, Colorado offers an excellent education system, safe cities, and lots of indoor and outdoor fun activities. Whichever city you choose, you will certainly find something for yourself and your teen.