Top cities for retirees in Tennessee

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It may come as a surprise that there are top cities for retirees in Tennessee, but they are there. Many people would not consider this state as a good location for old folk. However, that is so far from the truth. With a reasonable living cost, there are many cities in Tennessee that can provide everything you need once you retire. Now, before we start our search for the best city, and best Mississippi long distance movers, it is important that you go over your budget. You should also put together a list of hobbies, tasks, and anything else that makes up your daily life. Once you complete this task, you will be all set for finding the best city to retire to.

What defines top cities for retirees in Tennessee?

Would you like to stay close to your family? Do you want to escape to the countryside and leave the city noise behind? Or perhaps you are looking for a retiree community. These are the types of questions that will have a big impact on your future decision. But, keep in mind that there are other factors to consider, too. Those factors include, for example:

  • The basic living costs and tax levels.
  • The available recreation and entertainment in the area.
  • Access to hospitals and medical care.
  • Yearly weather in the area.
  • Crime rates in the community.
  • The overall culture and whether or not it fits your interests.

The list above is a breakdown of the basic qualities you need to go over when going through top cities for retirees in Tennessee. Below, you will find a lost including some of the best places to retire to. It will include many popular towns, as well as hidden gems that will surprise you. Tennesee ranks very high in terms of affordability and weather, compared to other states.

an elderly couple dancing
No matter your age, it is important to stay young in heart.


Chattanooga, nature at  your doorstep

Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in the state, yet it is often overshadowed by Knoxville. However, when it comes to retirement, Chattanooga has a slight lead. The city is full of history, recreation, entertainment, and a diverse culinary scene. The Chattanooga Zoo is one of the biggest attractions, containing over 850 animals and receiving more than 150.000 visitors each year. For retirees who want to enjoy the outdoor life, this city is an obvious choice. Sitting on the banks of Tennessee river, hugged by the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga allows you to connect with nature like no other city. If you decide to go hiking on the Lookout Mountain, make sure to visit the caves and see the beautiful underground Ruby Falls.

two people relaxing in one of the top cities for retirees in Tennessee
Tennessee is full of beautiful nature for you to relax in

So, if you thought about moving to Mississippi, rethink that and give Tennessee a chance. Rated as the best city for retirees in Tennessee, back in 2018, Chattanooga has a very good cost of living. This gives people with a fixed income some budget freedom. It has a median home value of around $154.000, and the monthly rent is around $200 lower than the national standard. Because of this, retirees can live a good life here without worrying about their money.

Knoxville is surely one of the top cities for retirees in Tennessee

This vibrant city sits on the Tennessee River and it is not that far from the Great Smoky Mountains. It is known for being the home of the University of Tennessee, as well as being a great location to retire to. Residents consider Knoxville as the center of the Appalachian culture, as well as being the home of the Volunteers. Retirees who want to spend time in the natural beauty will love living in this town, all year round. The university plays a big part in providing the city with great art, sports, and other big events.

two seniors playing chess in a park
Knoxville is a great city to retire to and relax

Full of parks and nature areas, it gives active adults a chance to surround themselves with amazing green landscapes. If you are a fan of fine things, the Musem of Art provides a great collection, as well as concerts and classes. Moving with seniors to Knoxville makes sense on a financial level. The average home value is much lower than the national level, giving retirees a chance to invest in a home they can actually afford.

Nashville, the cool city

If you are a fan of music, this is the city for you. Known as the Music City, it has the famed Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Grand Ole Opry. If you want to visit amazing bars, restaurants, and shopping spots, head on down to Broadway. Retiring to one of the coolest cities in America won’t ruin your budget at all. The average home value and rent levels are on par with the national average, meaning you can retire in style and find good apartments in Tennessee. When it comes to the culture of the city, many old folks are driven away from it because of the big city lifestyle. If you want some peace and quiet, this may not be the town for you. But if you still feel young in heart, then come on down to Nashville!

sunset skyline of one of the top cities for retirees in Tennessee
The city of music is a lively place, perfect for seniors feeling lively and young

Murfreesboro, a quiet place

Murfreesboro is absolutely one of the best cities for retirees in Tennessee. This comfortable town is considered to be a suburb of Nashville, though it is still a separate city. It offers wonderful peace and quiet, but it still close enough to the action, should you decide to go for a night out. Murfreesboro offers unique historic charm, with sights such as Cannonsburgh Village and the Stones River National Battlefield. If you wish to explore nature and have a picnic with the family, Gateway Island is the perfect spot. The city has been home to the St. Clair Senior Center since 1980, which helps senior citizens live an active life with events that include cooking, dancing, fitness, arts, and more. The rent average is, again, on par with the national level, so you can retire in peace, not worrying about your life savings.