Top 5 alternative bars in Memphis to explore

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When you are looking for a way to spend your time after the move to Memphis, it is always for the best if you know where you can go, and what to visit. That is why you need to know more about the top 5 alternative bars in Memphis. Here, you will surely have a great time and lose all the stress that got piled up during the moving preparation. The easiest way to avoid a bit of stress is to call Movers TN to help you move. That will help you with the settling-in process. Here is our top 5 list now.

One of the best alternative bars in Memphis is Blind Bear Speak Easy

Do you want to experience the ambient of the 1920s? Want to see how small speakeasies looked and feel like? Then this is the place just for you. You can enjoy a lot of different cocktails, as well as some great BBQ burgers. The atmosphere feels causal, and there are a lot of live performances. And once your local movers Memphis TN finish up your move, you can visit this place. It’s a good way to relax after a move.

people hanging out in one of the best alternative bars in Memphis
Blind Bear Speak Easy bar is one of the best alternative bars in Memphis

Visit Mollie Fontaine Lounge

If you are moving long distances, then the best way to rest and get ready for what’s to come is to visit Mollie Fontaine Lounge. With the help of long distance movers Memphis, you will surely finish your relocation fast. But the thing is, the post-moving process is on you. And to get ready for it, you need to relax. This wonderful place will offer you a lot of attractions, music, and food. Feel free to come on in.

Earnestine and Hazel’s

Places in a building with a lot of history behind it, you can enjoy many different drinks and foods here. Also, there is occasional live music, and when there is not, you can use the amazing jukebox. This is a great idea to do if you want to plan your budget for the rest of your staying in Memphis. Just like hiring affordable movers Memphis is. And you can listen to many great artists here as well.

It’s always great in Rum Boogie Café

Just like it is said, this café is dedicated to music! Guitar decorations are hanging on the walls, there are performers and local bands. You can also enjoy great southern food.  And also, there are some great beers too. And if you wish to know more about beers, check out some interesting guides. They will help you choose the best ones for you.

guitar hanging on the walls
Guitar decorations here are amazing

Come in The Brass Door

If you are looking for an authentic Irish Pub then this is just the place you need to go to. Enjoying some of the legendary beers and food, you will feel relaxed and without any stress. And that is exactly what makes this place a great bar to visit. And you will enjoy that Irish spirit of the place that will make you feel relaxed and happy.

These are our top 5 alternative bars in Memphis you just have to visit after the move. We know you will enjoy them to the fullest. Also, if you haven’t moved yet, but are planning, feel free to contact us, so we can guide you through the process. It is always easier if you have professionals helping you.