Top 10 parks in Memphis to explore

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The biggest advantages one city can have are beautiful parks and nature. Memphis certainly doesn’t lack in this category. However, if you are moving to Memphis, it can be stressful and exhausting, and sometimes it could last for months. First, you need to plan every detail, find local movers Memphis TN, and put everything planned into motion. It’s not easy to constantly worry about how moving is going or if everything is going according to the plan. Finally, when you settled into a new home, you need to find ways to relax and make up for the lost energy. For this reason, a city needs to have beautiful parks where you can take relaxing walks and enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore, every park is a good park, but here are the top 10 parks in Memphis to explore after the move. 

What are the top 10 parks in Memphis that you need to explore? 

When you get tired of unpacking all moving boxes that affordable movers Memphis have packed for you, you can find solace in one of many beautiful parks in Memphis. These parks are not just trails surrounded with grass and few flowers and maybe some trees in the distance. Furthermore, many of these parks have interactive playgrounds, animals, and different types of outdoor recreations. Therefore, you will have a chance to do something you love and try something new. Here are the parks that are worth checking.  

Top 10 parks in Memphis next to Mississippi
There are many parks close to the Mississippi river
  • Shelby Farms Park 
  • Overton Park 
  • Tom Lee Park 
  • Mississippi Greenbelt Park 
  • Wolf River Greenway 
  • Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park 
  • Riverdale Park 
  • Peabody Park 
  • Martyrs Park 
  • Memphis Botanic Garden 

As you can see, there are more than enough parks to explore. For this reason, when your contract with moving companies Tennessee comes to end, you should start visiting these amazing parks. 

Should you start first with Shelby Farms Parks or Memphis Botanic Garden? 

You are probably craving fresh air and physical activity after long hours on the road to your new home. Luckily, you didn’t need to worry about your belongings as they were in the safe hands of long distance movers Memphis. Your only concern will be about your first destination in Memphis to visit. You have two really strong contenders in this category. Firstly, Shelby Farms Parks is one of the largest parks in Memphis with 4,500 acres of beautiful nature. In this park, you can enjoy fishing, hiking, horse riding, or just simply walking. You can spot a buffalo herd that roams freely in this park during one of your walks.

botanical garden
You can also visit Memphis Botanic Garden

In addition to this, Memphis Botanic Garden is the heaven on the Earth for plant lovers. You can find at least 750 different plant species that are divided into 30 specialty gardens.  

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park 

The list of top 10 parks in Memphis can’t be complete without Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. This Park is just 13 miles north of Memphis and it’s one of the most stunning parks in this area. This Park is just made for weekend gateways. One day is simply not enough to experience and enjoy all the wonders that this park has. For this reason, you can rent two-bedroom vacation cabins, so you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, golfing, and even birding walks with a guide.