To-do checklist before movers arrive

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Waiting for your movers to show up can be nerve-racking. Have I done everything correctly? Have I forgotten something? Is everything going to be alright? Are just some of the questions that might go through your mind while sitting idly, waiting for movers to arrive. Sure, with all of the Spyder Moving Services Hattiesburg residents love and recommend, some of that pressure and stress might subside. However, you’ll still likely be very nervous. But what if we told you that there’s a way to reduce that level of stress? With a checklist before movers arrive, you can most certainly ensure everything is in the best order and have your mind at ease at the same time. But what should be on your to-do checklist? What even is important to do the morning of? Here are some of the basics that should absolutely find their way onto your moving day checklist.

A successful moving day always starts with a thorough check-up

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving with the best movers Brandon MS has to offer or by yourself, having a moving day checklist is a must! Of course, with a bit of sheer luck, you might manage even without the said checklist. However, there’s no denying the fact that with a checklist, everything is much easier. And, of course, much more certain. But remembering all the things you should put on your checklist can be quite difficult. So today, we’ll help you create the backbone of your moving day checklist.

A woman smiling next to a moving box.
Making sure your moving boxes are properly sealed is very important!

Your checklist for before movers arrive should include checking that belongings are ready to go in the moving truck

Leaving a box or two open until the morning of the move is quite common, especially if you packed a few dedicated moving day boxes. And even if you think all of your boxes are neatly sealed and ready to go, you might be wrong. Re-checking all of the boxes is one of the smartest things you can do while you wait for your movers to arrive. Does a box seem sus to you? Does it seem like it might pop open or fall apart? Slap another layer or two of duct tape on there just to be sure. There’s literally never too much duct tape. Just make sure not to cover the labels.

Make sure your moving schedule is correct

We can’t stress enough how important having a moving day schedule is. However, if your schedule is incorrect, your whole moving day might get ruined, especially if you had to plan around your residential movers‘ times, traffic, or the weather. That’s why it’s very important to check your schedule before the start of the moving process. Make sure you wrote down everything correctly. It’s not that uncommon to make a mistake while creating a schedule, especially if you’re relying on your good ol’ companion cellphone. It’s enough to forget to put your glasses on when setting timers and you’re in for a ride. So make sure checking the moving day schedule is on your to-do list.

A person checking a checklist before movers arrive.
An improper schedule can make a move a lot more complicated!

Checking your moving day bag should be one of your top priorities

Not having an important document or a power bank for your phone during a move can be absolutely devastating. That’s why your moving day bag should be packed to the brim with all of the goodies you might need during a move. Of course, you should pack your bag at least the night before. However, it’s good practice to check everything is in there on the day of moving. Plus, it’s highly likely that you’d need to add a thing or two to the bag in the morning. So making sure your moving day bag is ready should definitely be on your before-movers-arrive checklist.

Checking the weather and the roads is a must

Just like there are some common mistakes when looking for movers, there are also some common mistakes people make when creating moving day checklists. One such mistake is forgetting about those not-so-obvious things. Of course, you’ll likely remember to take your keys with you, but will you remember to check the weather forecast? Checking the weather and the roads is something people often forget to do. And, unfortunately, this alone can make moving so much more uncomfortable. Preparing yourself for the move in every way possible is very important. And knowing or not knowing what’s happening in traffic and what the weather is like can completely change your moving experience. That’s why it’s necessary to check what’s going on before your movers get to your place.

Ensuring you’re ready to go should definitely be on your before-movers-arrive checklist

Getting caught up in moving tasks and forgetting about yourself is a real struggle. For example, many people forget to eat before the move. And we all know what can happen to your body if you skip meals! That said, even though taking care of moving tasks may seem more important to you, it’s important to remember that if you’re feeling unwell or energyless, you won’t be able to handle the move properly. So before you start chaotically running around and making sure everything is ready for the move, first make sure that you, yourself, are ready for the move. Nourish your body with tasty and nutritious food, drink a tall glass of water, and make sure you’re well-rested. If you do so, even the moving itself will be much easier.

A person holding a bowl of cereal.
Eating a nutritious meal should be on your checklist before movers arrive!

A to-do checklist for before movers arrive is one of the best ways to ensure your move goes smoothly

Having a moving day to-do list is one of the most useful things you can do to ensure a pleasant moving day. With all the running around it’s easy to forget things. Heck, even forgetting to do the most basic and very important things can be an issue on a moving day. But, with a checklist before movers arrive, your moving prep, as well as the move, can be stress-less and smooth if you do it correctly. So create your moving day to-do list, but make sure it includes all of the basics, as well as the things that are important to you, personally.