Tips for planning an office relocation

Moving your office should be exciting! You’re expanding your business, reaching a new clientele and getting inspired by a change of scenery. What’s not to like? Oh, right. The whole process of actually moving your business! You have tons of bulky office furniture and fragile, difficult-to-pack computer equipment to move. And you have to do it quickly and without losing business too! Now that sounds like a nightmare. So what do you say to some moving help Oxford MS from experienced professionals in the form of a few useful tips? Planning an office relocation will be infinitely easier with this simple and straight-forward guide!

First, understand why planning an office relocation is so difficult

Just as there are many good reasons why you should move your office, there are many reasons why doing so is difficult. Let’s start with the obvious: packing an office is a total nightmare. Office desks and chairs may not be the heaviest pieces of furniture ever. But they are certainly clunky and difficult to maneuver. Then there are the near-literal thousands of small office supplies that couldn’t possibly be easier to lose. Finally, IT equipment which can regularly be found in an office is fragile, expensive, and difficult to move without damaging.

A large office.
Office furniture and equipment is not easy to pack.

And don’t forget that the tight schedule of office relocation is no joke. The more time you spend moving, the less time you spend actually working and earning money. So being prompt and quick with your move is absolutely vital. You must keep all this in mind when planning an office relocation!

Then, start actually planning an office relocation

When it comes to office moving, things going wrong will literally cost you money. So having a good plan of action is absolutely necessary to prevent things from going wrong. But how do you make a good plan for office relocation?

Start planning an office relocation as early as possible

Preparing a business for a move always takes time. Even if you’re only moving locally within Mississippi, you want to give your self at least a couple of weeks to get ready. If at all possible, you actually want to give yourself more time than you’re really going to need to avoid any rushing. Rushing leads to panic which leads to mistakes and you don’t want that. So start planning your office move as soon as you can. Even if all you can do on the first day of planning is put a few bullet points about the timeline and goals on a paper, it’ll be some progress!

The key questions to ask yourself

In the very beginning of planning your office move, you want to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. When would you like to move and by when do you need to be in your new office space latest?
  2. What is your moving budget?
  3. What is your new office space going to look like?
  4. How long will you have to prepare the new office before you absolutely must get back to work?

These key pieces of information will inform many of your decisions when moving, including when to move and which movers to hire. It is, therefore, paramount to have clear answers to them in the early stages of planning.

Time the relocation right

The timing of a business relocation is incredibly important. Because your office cannot function (at least not at full capacity) while it’s moving, your business will need to slow down or even close for a while during the relocation. In order to avoid loss of business, you would ideally want to plan your move for a weekend or off-hours when you’re not working anyway. When that’s not possible, try to time your relocation for a period of low business volumes. That way any business you do lose will be minimal.

A calendar.
Timing the relocation well is incredibly important.

Don’t go planning an office relocation on your own

Planning an office relocation is not really a one-person job. So don’t try to do everything yourself! Instead, make a moving team or committee of colleagues and employees who will help out. You can rely on them to take some of the load off of your shoulders! Delegate different tasks such as packing personal belongings off of desks, keeping track of file backup or staying in office to observe movers. If necessary, hold meetings periodically to check on everyone’s progress.

Hire movers to help you with your office relocation

Hiring commercial movers is an absolute must for an office move. No matter how good you and your team are, you won’t be as quick or efficient as professional office movers. So whether you are moving a small office of three or an entire corporate building, hire movers to help you with the relocation. Do a bit of research on local moving companies that specialize in office moving and have some experience with it to find the right fit for your office.

Don’t forget to prepare your new space

Moving out of one office is just the first half of the relocation. Settling into your new space is the other. So don’t forget to plan the layout of the new office in advance. This will help you set things up faster once you move there. Hiring professional movers for the packing and unpacking will also save you some time.

Empty office.
Design your new office in advance.

Inform people that you’re planning an office relocation

Moving your office doesn’t just concern you and your employees. Your utility providers, business partners, and customers should all know in advance about your relocation. So don’t forget to inform them that you’re planning on moving, when and where to.

Finally, execute the plan!

Of course, planning an office relocation is just the first step. Once you have a plan, you have to execute it too! Again, starting as soon as possible is going to be a good idea. Booking movers should be one of the first things you do because doing so well in advance will get you the best rates. Then you can slowly start packing what you can and preparing your business for the relocation. Good luck!

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