Tips on moving from Mississippi to Texas

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You decided on moving from Mississippi to Texas and you must prepare for a long journey ahead. As you already know, you must pack and find a capable Mississippi moving company. And there are many other moving-related steps we must cover together to ensure your relocation is safe and affordable. Therefore, let us dive into it and prepare you for the moving endeavor.

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Create your personalized moving plan and put it all on paper.

Moving from Mississippi to Texas with a perfect guide

Before you should contact your residential movers, you must know at least the very basic info about your moving situation. Therefore, start with a thorough home inspection. You want to know how many belongings and furniture you possess. Pay special attention to the robust pieces because you might need some additional moving services to move those. Those are usually a piano, pool table, or home safe. Now, once you inspect all your rooms, attic, basement, garage, and backyard, you’ll have a better picture. You’ll know what kind of budget you need and how many packing supplies to obtain.

Then simply find the moving company online and give them a call. Ask whatever questions you want and provide the info you obtained. With the details you gathered, they will easily create a safe, affordable, and successful relocation plan for you and your family.

Search for movers that can help you with moving from Mississippi to Texas

Ok, to find good local movers TN you must search for them online. Yes, you can check local papers as well but the main source nowadays is the internet. Therefore, start browsing. Within minutes you’ll be swarmed with hundreds of moving companies offering their deals. But to narrow your search down you must confirm they have the following:

  • Approval or permit to work in the moving industry
  • Equipment and all moving-related tools
  • Safety standards and protocols in place
  • Moving insurance
  • Viable moving services and affordable prices
A truck on the road
Ensure your movers have an appropriately sized moving vehicle.

Those are only the mandatory ones that you’ll find on any serious moving company. But to be sure 100% that they are not a fraudulent company, you must dig deeper. Let us show you how.

Inspect your company thoroughly

The best way to check on your movers is to dig through their website. They must have a company logo, physical address, and full contact info. Then, they must be registered and licensed on one of the moving websites. You can check FMCSA, the US Moving Association, and the Better Business Bureau. Check Yellow Pages as well if you have no time to spare on the research. Finally, read moving reviews all over the place. Read those on the moving website, find eternal sources on various blogs, and check social media groups. People share their experience and this is the way to confirm your company is legit.

It is time to pack all your belongings

Packing when moving from Mississippi to Texas can be a bit tricky if you do not have all the necessary supplies and a bit of help from your family members. If you do it alone, it will take some time. And for the packing supplies, you can order everything online and never think about it again. Although, you can purchase everything at the nearest hardware store as well or purchase packing and unpacking services. Your movers can bring everything you need, pack, and unpack. What an amazing service, right? Now, for regular everyday packing, you’ll need cardboard boxes. At least 30 of those depending on the size of your move. Then, you must obtain higher-quality packing tape as well. Finally, a nice cushion for all your boxes.

You can choose between blister packs, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. Although, some are more expensive than others so we recommend you to stick to blister packs. Or use all your blankets and clothing for this purpose. Lastly, purchase enough labels to mark each box with the content inside. It will help you when loading the truck and when you begin unpacking. Moreover, you can quickly inspect all the boxes labeled with the “FRAGILE” sign to confirm nothing is damaged.

people moving from Mississippi to Texas
Find movers with all the tools and knowledge to complete this task.

A moving quote and how to obtain one

All moving companies must provide a moving quote. You can obtain yours via the website, over the phone, or as a free onsite estimate. The last choice is obviously the best one because you will have a moving representative visiting your home and evaluating the situation. They will weigh your cargo, prepare a loading dock, measure hallways, check all the staircases, etc. Finally, they will provide you with the moving cost and offer any moving services that might help you. Or any services that might make your life ten times easier.

Therefore, schedule a visit and let your movers help you with moving from Mississippi to Texas. After they provide a moving quote, you’ll know what size of moving budget you should dedicate to your relocation project. More importantly, you’ll know where you can invest a bit more and where to save up a bit. And remember, decluttering is a good way to reduce the moving cost. Simply set aside all unused items and donate them before you leave.

The legal part of this story

Ok, now the last and probably the most important part of this story. Those are legalities and documents. So, you must approach this task in due time because most of the services and hard copies take a long time to be transferred and adequately updated. Therefore, cover all your legal documents such as passport, personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. As well as internet and cellphone services. And of course, do not forget to route your email properly by setting up a PO box on time.

Now you know everything there is to know about moving from Mississippi to Texas. There might be a few more pieces of info out there but those are customer-specific ones. If you have any special requests ask your movers and they will gladly respond. Good luck and have a safe journey.