Tips on enjoying Memphis as a musician

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We can say that Memphis is the city of music. It is home to famous musicians like Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, and many more. Whether you are new to music or you are looking to expand your career, Memphis is just the place. Long distance movers Memphis may have brought you here, but the local music scene will definitely convince you to stay. Here listed are some tips on enjoying Memphis as a musician.

The structure of the Memphis music scene

Memphis is not only a cradle for numerous music genres of previous centuries, but it constantly keeps bringing fresh content. Full of music events and possibilities, it is a perfect place to grow in the field. So, hire affordable movers Memphis as soon as possible, and become a part of this.

Elvis was enjoying Memphis as a musician
Memphis is home-town to many worldwide famous musicians

Mixing and blending of music are ever-present. And new genres are being created daily. Still, we can point out some of the main currents:

  • Memphis blues– evolved from folk and fieldwork music at the beginning of the 20th century, remains a base for all the Memphis music.
  • Gospel music– brought to life and nourished in Tenessee churches mid-century, has made a major contribution to the awakening of Rock n’ Roll.
  • Rock n’ Roll– enjoying Memphis as a musician means rock n’ roll. More than music, it became a way of life for those who grew together with the city.
  • Memphis soul and Funk– brought around in the ’60s and ’70s, they portrait the soul and the heart of Memphis people. To this day soul and funk remain the signature music of the area. Some even refer to it as the Memphis Sound.
  • Hip Hop and R&B– The last few decades transformed the music with faster rhythms and free verses. Generally, modern music is leaning towards openness to experimental and uniqueness.

The best ways of enjoying Memphis as a musician

Local movers Memphis TN will help you instantly feel at home in Memphis. One thing is for sure, in Memphis, as a musician you can always learn something new. The more you go out and explore, the more your perception will widen. Besides the individual artist concerts that the city hosts now and then, there are regular music venues that can become a part of your Sunday routine.These are some of them:

Bar DKDC, a great way for enjoying Memphis as a musician

Great food and even better music performances are what defines this place. Aside from the great artists visiting, the local chef Karen Carrier will make your experience even more memorable.

Lafayette’s Music Room

Satisfy your weekly need for live music at Lafayette’s. Regardlessly of the day of a week, the live party never stops. Food and drinks are also available on the site. Let the movers in Tennessee unpack you while you enjoy the live sounds.

a live concert at night
For example, going to a live concert is a great way to enjoy Memphis as a Musician

Center for Southern folklore

As you can already guess by its name, this venue offers more traditional art. Here you can enjoy the signature blues, soul, jazz, gospel music, and more. If you are lucky enough, occasionally you can even catch poetry-reading night or a dance performance.

These are only some of your options, of course. For a detailed list of events and their schedule, you can visit one of the many official online sites. Truth be told, the moment you move to this area, you will realize that it is full of opportunities for enjoying Memphis as a musician.