Tips for unpacking and organizing clothes

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Before you begin to unpack your boxes full of clothes after moving, you should assess your stuff. You need to stop and take a long, hard look in your closet. In order to fully assess what you have and effectively unpack clothes after moving like professional movers Jackson MS would do, read on for our tips for unpacking and organizing clothes. The first thing you can do is hang all the clothes on hangers in front of you. Take folded clothes out of boxes or storage containers and put them on your bed. This will give you a better picture of what you own and how to approach organizing.

Purging your closet of unused and unnecessary clothing items is the first step towards moving clothes.

We suggest you unpack for function first, and decoration next

If you are not sure as to which rooms you should unpack first? Our advice is to first cover the basics of your home. Hire our packing and unpacking services so you can properly eat, sleep and bathe as soon as possible. That means before you proceed to unpack and organizing clothes, you should unpack your kitchen, bedroom, and bath first.

Once you have these rooms ready, you will be relaxed and able to fully focus on working on other rooms of the house. Start by first unpacking functional items or those items you’ll use on a daily basis. And that, of course, includes your garments! Then, after you have all these functional items in place, you can focus on accessorizing, and feathering the rest of your best.

Assess your closet, take a good look at your pieces. Which items will be worth packing and which items you don’t really want or need anymore?

When unpacking and organizing clothes, divide them into groups

Since you’ve pared down your wardrobe while packing before the move, you have made your job of unpacking and organizing clothes after the move easier. Because it’s time to flex those organizational muscles on the clothes you have kept. Since you were good at sorting through your clothing before you moved them, that will save you time and frustration now that you are at your new place. You’ll know exactly where your favourite clothes are and how to separate them. And if you are unsure about the best way to store and keep your garment, try unpacking and organizing them by one of the ways below.

  • Seasonal – Assess your closet by taking a good look at your clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other accessories. Which items will be worth packing and which items you might no longer want or need? A perfect way to organize your clothes is by season so that, once you’re at your new home, you can put away those clothes that you won’t be using for months. For example winter and summer.
  • StyleOrganize your garments by the style of the item. Such as sweaters, button-ups, pants, dresses, jackets, etc…
  • Function – You can go about unpacking and organizing clothes by why you wear it. For example work clothes, weekend clothes, fitness clothes, etc.