Tips for students settling in Tennessee

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You’re about to enter what many people call “the best years of your life”, isn’t that exciting? Many people often talk about their student years with smiles on their faces and they love remembering those times. If you’ve been around your family and childhood friends throughout your education, this might be the first time that you’re separating. This is a big step and many students settling in Tennessee take time to adapt and get over homesickness. A number of cities in this state offer great student life. We will talk about the best ways to get used to this new chapter and how to make the most of it.

How to move to Tennessee

You are moving to a very exciting place! If you love music and art, this is the place to be. Tennessee has been growing so fast in the past few decades. This place offers so many different options. If you like crowd, you can find many events such as festivals and concerts. If you prefer peace and quiet, you’ll find great hiking or camping spots where you can relax and clear your mind. There are also many great options for nature lovers and people who enjoy road trips. But, before you do all that, let’s see what students settling in Tennessee should do first.

When moving to Tennessee, it’s important that you plan ahead of time and do it efficiently. You want to reduce stress as much as possible for both yourself and your family. Since this will be a “crazy” period, planning and having a checklist can save everyone’s time and nerves. Last thing you want to happen is you realizing you forgot something important when it’s already late. So let’s make sure that does not happen.

Girl making the checklist for her move
Most students settling in Tennessee create a checklist before they start their move.

Hiring professional movers will make this a lot easier. If you decide to negotiate with moving companies in Bartlett, they will provide you with all the details about the moving process and the time it takes. Having movers move your belongings gives you time to do other important things. That could mean you organizing needed documentation, taking care of paperwork, contacting your university to get more information about your room or dorm, etc.

Preparing for the move

You are probably having mixed feelings about this move. You are scared to pack your whole life and move away from a familiar space with familiar faces. Leaving our nest and comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do. Also, this is one of the bravest things you can do and the first step to becoming independent and grown. It’s important that you get familiar with the place you’re going to. You have probably researched your future university enough, but students settling in Tennessee need to learn more than that. It’s important that you learn about the city you’re going to live in, about its people, culture and food. Get familiar with their lifestyle, because it could be much different from the one in your community.

It’s possible that you are overwhelmed with some things that you may not understand. Packing and marking boxes is one thing but discussing moving quotes with movers and arranging the move is something else. This is probably something that your parents will deal with, but you can always jump in and help. If you are settling in Memphis, affordable movers Memphis TN offer different deals and discounts. Talk to us and see if there is a student discount you could be offered and possibly save a few bucks.

Student life in Tennessee

Tennessee long distance moving companies can relocate you anywhere, you should just be ready to start living “on your own”. For many, living as a student is their first time living alone. By living alone, we mean – living away from your family. However, you will most likely share your dorm room with at least one roommate. What you could do is ask your university to tell you who your roommate is and maybe provide you with some sort of contact so you can get in touch.

This is a good way to discuss the room sharing situation, maybe establish some rules and just get familiar with each other. However, don’t just talk about the rules and boundaries. Ask your future roommate about their life, hobbies, interests, etc. This will be the closest person to you, the best thing that can happen is you becoming good friends and live in a relaxes atmosphere. This way you will be more positive and motivated to do school work and other activities.

Group of students settling in Tennessee
What most students settling in Tennessee do is join school clubs and other student groups where they can make friends.

If you’re one of the students settling in Tennessee alone, meaning that you did not “bring” your best friend with you to the same school, don’t worry. Thousands of freshmen come to universities nationwide each year looking to start their student life and find new friends. Make sure you mingle around and socialize. This will help you beat homesickness and the feeling of loneliness and confusion. Make sure you join school clubs that attract your attention or join a gym or an art class outside of school where you can meet more locals and other people. This is the time to be as outgoing as possible because it will help you adapt to all of this much faster. Don’t stay in your room looking at your photos from back home or spend hours talking to your family and friends on FaceTime. This can be very counterproductive at this time.

Students settling in Tennessee Universities

There are a lot of good universities in Tennessee. However, we have picked out our top three that we think you should consider if you are still looking into schools to apply to. Here is our list:

  • Vanderbilt university – Also known as Vand or Vu, this is a private research university located in Nashville with 13,000 students.
  • University of Tennessee – University of Tennessee is a public research university located in Knoxville with around 23,000 students.
  • Belton University – There are a lot of students settling in Tennessee with the goal of enrolling in the student-centered Christian community with 8,200 enrolments and 14 to 1 student to faculty ratio known as Belton university.

Remember, when picking your university, you have to establish priorities. Some future university students already know what their major will be. Some of them already have their careers planned out. For them, it’s usually important what university can offer the best education in the particular field. There are a lot of others who are still wandering. And that is ok. If you have not yet picked your path, make sure you go to a place that can offer diverse programs where you can explore and look for your passion. Don’t just go for a place that’s “popular” or has a huge student population, because you might get distracted from finding your path. Try to look for a place where you can pick from a variety of programs. 

Students picking a book in the library
Make sure you check out different programs and courses and pick wisely.

How to find good movers for your move to Tennessee

When the time comes for you to move to Tennessee for studies, you will need good movers in Tennessee. However, this is probably your first independent relocation, so you will most likely need some help in finding the right movers to work with. Here are three main tips to help you: First, use only licensed movers. Anything else should not be acceptable since you might fall for fraud, especially if you’re doing this without the help from your family. Furthermore, be sure to hire good, reliable movers by looking at their Yelp reviews, or reviews on any other platform. Finally, make sure to ask for a moving estimate so you can determine which one offers the best price.

If you are already in TN and you’re with your family, you might want to go to the movers’ office and talk to them face to face. When parents are “letting go” of their child, they like the human interaction and making sure everything will be taken care of properly. Moving companies Jackson TN offer you this option and we can welcome you into our space and walk you through the moving process.

What we’ve concluded about students settling in Tennessee

Hopefully, this guide has helped you with most  matters regarding students settling in Tennessee. As you now know, Tennessee is a great place to study and to live as a student, and we wish you a lot of success in your upcoming studies!