Tips for storing summer clothes

The best way to get started with storing your off-season garments is to take all of your summer clothes out of the closet and dresser drawers and place them on a bed or large table. By emptying your closet, you will be able to work more efficiently. Movers Brandon MS advises you to first separate the clothes into categories like shirts, pants, and dresses. But don’t forget the accessories. Be ruthless when storing summer clothes and tackle each stack by sorting it into save, donate, and discard piles.

It’s important to store your summer clothing correctly so it will be ready to go when warm weather comes around again.

How to handle the decluttering process

For kids’ clothing that will be too small next year, set aside a bag of clothes to hand down, give to charity or sell.
For the clothes, you intend to keep, carefully inspect each piece to make sure it is clean and stain free. Try to wash or dry clean everything before your long distance movers MS pack up your summer clothes. You could have small stains that are not that visible but will become difficult to remove after the whole winter in storage. Don’t use starch when storing summer clothes because that can also attract insects that damage clothes.

  • If you dry clean your clothes, always remove them from the dry cleaner’s thin plastic bags before them. Plastic traps moisture that can lead to mildew and even discoloration.
  • It’s crucial to store your summer clothing in an adequate way so it will be ready to go when warm weather comes around again.

Basic rules for storing summer clothes

  1. Roll the clothing instead of folding it. Rolling will prevent hard creases from forming.
  2. Always label your boxes so that you can easily pull the correct container if you need an item.
  3. Use your suitcases for off-season storage. Just be sure to label the bag with what’s inside.
  4. When that first warm day hits next spring, you’ll be glad you took some time now to store summer clothes correctly.
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If you didn’t wear it during the last year, you won’t wear it next year. Have bags ready for the donation and discard piles so you can toss them out promptly.

Whether you plan to store off-season clothes in a closet or packed away, you must have adequate supplies:

  • If you plan to hang your garments for storage, choose sturdy hangers that will not rust or discolor fabrics. Avoid the thin wire hangers. Especially your structured items like jackets need to be hung on shaped hangers to support the shoulders.
  • Hang your silky fabrics on padded or flocked hangers to prevent them from slipping off while they are in storage.
  • Fold your knits rather than hanging them. If you are using plastic containers for storing summer clothes, they must be made of cast polypropylene. Line them with a clean 100 percent cotton sheet to keep your items from touching the plastic container.
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