Tips for storing summer clothes

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Moving is a quite difficult undertaking. You have to pack up all of your belongings and move them to another place. And that includes everything, Christmas decorations, old books and also your summer clothes. If you are moving during winter with the help of Spyder Moving Services, at that time, your off-season clothes will be packed away. It’s time to take those clothes out of there and take a good look at them. Chances are high that after moving, you will be storing summer clothes again. We will teach you how to do it.

Where to start?

The best way to get started with storing your off-season garments is to take all of your summer clothes out of the closet and dresser drawers and place them on a bed or large table. By emptying your closet, you will be able to work more efficiently. You will see everything that you own and you will be able to make decisions. Movers Brandon MS advises you to first separate the clothes into categories like shirts, pants, and dresses. Maybe you used to be obsessed with overalls a few years ago, but now they are not your thing anymore, Making a pile of just these things will make it easier for you to get rid of them fast. And don’t forget the accessories. Even though mostly small, accessories can end up taking a lot more space than expected. Be ruthless when storing summer clothes and tackle each stack by sorting it into save, donate, and discard piles. Don’t think twice about a decision you made, because then you will probably change your mind and end up keeping something that you don’t need.

Picture of hanging clothes
Get rid of evereything that you don’t need

Preparation is key

For kids’ clothing that will be too small next year, set aside a bag of clothes to hand down, give to charity or sell. For the clothes, you intend to keep, carefully inspect each piece to make sure it is clean and stain-free. Try to wash or dry clean everything before your long distance movers MS pack up your summer clothes. You could have small stains that are not that visible but will become difficult to remove after the whole winter in storage. Don’t use starch when storing summer clothes because that can also attract insects that damage clothes.

  • If you dry clean your clothes, always remove them from the dry cleaner’s thin plastic bags before storing them. Plastic traps moisture that can lead to mildew and even discoloration. Mildew stains are close to impossible to wash, so take care.
  • It’s crucial to store your summer clothing in an adequate place so it will be ready to go when warm weather comes around again. Don’t put them somewhere that’s difficult to reach but try storing summer clothing in an easily accessible spot.

Basic rules for storing summer clothes

  1. Roll the clothing instead of folding it. Rolling will prevent hard creases from forming. The thing will be easier to find and you won’t make too big of a mess if you try to find a specific piece.
  2. Always label your boxes so that you can easily pull the correct container if you need an item.
  3. Use your suitcases for off-season storage. Just be sure to label the bag with what’s inside.

When that first warm day hits next spring, you’ll be glad you took some time now to store summer clothes correctly.

Gather the right supplies

Whether you plan to store off-season clothes in a closet or packed away, you must have adequate supplies:

  • If you plan to hang your garments for storage, choose sturdy hangers that will not rust or discolor fabrics. Hangers might not be the first thing you think about, but they are very important. If you choose this method, it will impact the way that your clothes will look next season.  Because of this, avoid the thin wire hangers. Especially your structured items like jackets need to be hung on shaped hangers to support the shoulders.
  • Hang your silky fabrics on padded or flocked hangers to prevent them from slipping off while they are in storage. More and more hangers nowadays are made especially to prevent this.
  • Fold your knits rather than hanging them. In case you have a handmade knitted clothing piece, you will feel quite sad finding that it stretched out on a hanger. If you are using plastic containers for storing summer clothes, they must be made of cast polypropylene. Line them with a clean 100 percent cotton sheet to keep your items from touching the plastic container.
Picture of hangers ready for storing summer clothes
Stay away from the thin, wire naggers

Pay attention to bathing suits

Bathing suits are notorious for coming out of storage different than they looked when put in. Salt, chlorine, sweat, and sunscreen can cause discoloration and deterioration. Chances are high that you will find at least one of these on your bathing suits, so do the following before you send them off with some residential movers Memphis. You will thank us.

Wash before storing

To remove all the above-mentioned possible buildup in your bathing suits, you have to wash them before storing or sending them to your new home with some moving companies Collierville TN. Kids’ and woman’s bathing suits need a gentle detergent and are best washed by hand. When it comes to drying, avoid putting them in the drier, as it can misshape them. Putting them to dry in the sun is both the best and most cheap option to do this. Men’s swimsuits are more durable, and therefore they can be washed in the laundry machine.

Picture of waterdrops on a surface
Mold and mildew give some nasty stains

Be careful with moisture

Store your bathing suits only once they are completely dry. Apart from starting to smell unpleasant after some time, wet clothes are a great environment for mold and mildew. This is especially true if you listen to some packing and unpacking services, as they will tell you to put clothes in a plastic bag. We already said it, plastic combined with moisture is a big no-no!

Conclusion on storing summer clothes

By following our tips on storing summer clothes, your clothes will look as good as new next season. It might take some time to make the proper preparations, but it will be well worth it