Tips for storing musical instruments

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Musical instruments are precious to everybody who knows how to use them. They are also a major financial investment. However, if maintained and stored properly, they can provide you with years and even generations of service. However dear they are to you, the time will come when you will need to put them in a storage unit for some time. This is the place where serious damage can occur. The Mississippi moving company will take good care of your things, but you can do additional things to ensure their safety. These are our top tips for storing musical instruments.

Take your instruments apart before putting them into storage

If you can take your instruments apart, that’s the way that you should store them. Remove reeds, detach straps and take off mouthpieces. Make sure to loosen the string on string instruments if you happen to own any. The pressure of the tight strings can warp the instrument for a long time. Strings of pianos don’t need to be loosened, but we recommend hiring piano movers to help you move it to storage.

Brass drums
If you can take the instrument apart, make sure to do it before putting it in storage

Clean before storing musical instruments

A thorough clean is needed before giving the instruments to one of the movers Holly Spring MS to transport them to the storage. Doing this will help prevent dirt and moisture buildup during the time in storage. Use the appropriate cloths and cleaning solutions that are designed for the instrument that you have. For instruments with padded keys, put tissue paper between the pads and the body of the instrument. This will prevent the keys from sticking a getting damaged.

Use the instrument original case

If it is possible, it is always recommended to store your musical instrument in its original case. This is due to the fact that their cases are built to hold the instrument safely and securely. On the condition that you don’t have the original case, find a replacement rather than using any box or bin. By doing this you will greatly decrease the chances of damage while moving to Mississippi, for example. Hard cases are ideal, but if your instrument came in a softer case, opt to find one similar to the original one. The one characteristic that they all need to have in common is being waterproof.

Couple thinking about storing musical instruments
A replacement case is better than using any regular box or bin

Packing the instrument

When moving your valuables, like instruments, it’s important to pack them carefully. Once they are clean and dry, put them in the previously mentioned case. If there is wiggle room, put cotton batting to keep them in place. Then place a clean cloth over the instrument and close the case securely.

Storing musical instruments – conclusion

Now that you know the basics of storing musical instruments properly, we hope that you feel more confident about putting them into storage for some time. If you did everything properly, they will just need tuning and cleaning in order to be able to make beautiful music once again. We wish you luck!