Tips for storing comic books

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With the growing popularity of superheroes movies in the last decade, comic books are now back in fashion. Many young people are starting to collect and enjoy comic books. However, true comic enthusiasts know that comics are way better than any movie. For this reason, when you are preparing relocation with movers Holly Springs MS, the comic books are naturally coming with you. However, as comic books have sentimental and some even monetary value, you need to know the proper way of storing comic books. You can also use these tactics to store your precious comic books later in your home. As comic books can be easily ripped, you need to be very careful when you are storing them. Your goal is to preserve comics in the perfect conditions for a long time.  

What is the best way for storing comic books during the move and in your home?  

Comic books are way more fragile than other books. They don’t have the hardcover and because of that they can be ripped more easily or sustain more damage from water and dust. For this reason, keeping your comics just on the self is not the proper way of storing them. This is why you need to first get proper storage supplies for your comics. It’s almost the same way as you need to get moving supplies from a Mississippi moving company for your move.  

storing comic books in the box
Get cardboard boxes for your comic books

For this reason, when you are moving to Mississippi and getting your moving supplies, you should also get storing supplies for your comic books. Luckily, comic books need just a couple of simple supplies to be stored properly. You need to get the following.

  • Bags  
  • Hardshell cases  
  • Boards  
  • Cardboard box  

Why is important to put keep them in bags or hard-shell cases?  

When you are preparing for a move, there are items that you can relocate on your own. Comic books belong in that category. Movers might not understand the value of your comics and they might not be gentle during the packing. For this reason, it’s better that you do the packing. First, you should put your comics in zip bags. Then, you can put backing boards behind the comic to keep it flat and rigid.   

If you want more protections for your comic books then you can put them in hardshell cases for comic books. These cases are more expensive than zip bags. If you own hundreds of comics, getting hardshell cases for every comic will be too much of an investment.   

person reading a comic book
Protect your comic books properly

Where to keep your comic books?  

After you have put comics in zip bags with a board or in hardshell cases, the last step in storing comic books is finding the ideal place for them. If you are moving, you can store them temporarily in a cardboard box. You can either get a short box where you can keep around 200 comics or a long box for about 250 comics. Just be careful not to put this box somewhere wet and humid. However, you should use a filing cabinet for long term storing of your comic books.